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Gourmet Food Supplier Chapter 8: The 2nd Mission

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Chapter 8: The 2nd Mission

Translator: Xiong Guoqi Editor: DesTheSloth

“No, I dont.”

For this kind of Egg Fried Rice, Yuan Zhou wanted to eat at least another ten plates. After all, this taste was worth far more than a measly 188 RMB.

In contrast, the cooking oil was slightly more ordinary, but even then, the price was still hundreds of RMB per kilogram. Although a little expensive, it was not worth mentioning compared with the other main ingredients-Xiangshui rice and the Kobe egg. They couldnt be bought with just money.

It was felt sinful to cook Egg Fried Rice using such precious food materials.

He meekly put 200RMB in the cash box. The money disappeared in an instant and the change of 12 RMB was left there. Though uncomfortable at the start with the money he had paid, Yuan Zhou felt a little better when he thought of the ingredients he had consumed, precious things like specially supplied Xiangshui rice and Kobe eggs.

“I cant be someone stingy, after all, Im able to eat such luxurious food.” He muttered to himself.

“System, I feel that the price is too cheap. Shouldnt we increase the price a little bit”

Thinking that he could only get 10%, 18.8 RMB per serving and yet these materials were so precious, Yuan Zhou felt as if his heart was dripping blood. Therefore, he suggested his idea to the system immediately.

The system read, “Host is currently too low leveled and is unable to alter the price by himself.”


“How many levels are there for the Master Chef Do I get a higher cut if I attain a higher level” When Yuan Zhou saw the level mentioned by the system, the thought of his share of profits suddenly struck him.

The system read, “Host level is currently too low thus does not have the authorization to receive an answer. Details can only be unlocked when you reach the first level.”

“Ok. Fine. Never mind. I dont have to pay for the materials nor the house rent. The 18.8 is pure profit.” Yuan Zhou thought optimistically as he was looking at the main hall outside.

“Wait, wait. Why are there only 8 chairs, System Are we short of chairs” Yuan Zhou found the main hall of the restaurant was all occupied by the flower racks except for the chairs along the curved long table.

How could he accept that since he had intended to arrange more tables and chairs to serve more guests and improve his business

The system read, “Host level is currently too low leveled. At the moment, host can only unlock 8 chairs.”

The system may have explained very directly and without any hesitation, but Yuan Zhou really wanted to beat someone up.

“Can I at least buy more chairs I think we can add two more chairs over there” Yuan Zhou looked at the long table with only 4 chairs seated, feeling pain in his heart.

The system read, “The system will not serve any food for guests on the tables and chairs not provided by the system.”

“Ok, fine. Youre the boss.”

Yuan Zhou complained about the system frankly and directly. At the instant, a new mission emerged in his mind.

[Mission 1]: Host ought to sell 100 bowls of God Tier Egg Fried Rice within 7 days. The countdown begins now. (As a junior Master Chef, it should be a piece of cake to sell 100 bowls of Egg Fried Rice.)

[Reward]: A God level Egg Fried Rice Package

“What does the package include”Yuan Zhou asked straight to the point.

The system read, “God level Egg Fried Rice, 1 bowl; pickled radish, 1 small plate and laver soup, 1 bowl.”

Generally, any restaurant would serve pickled radish and laver soup for free. Yet, the system dared to call it a package with only these two things included. Yuan Zhou asked curiously, “So how much is the price for the package”

The system read, “Please complete your current task, host.”

Once the words appeared, Yuan Zhou found the countdown for Task 1 had started.

“Does the restaurant open today I havent gotten the signboard prepared.” Yuan Zhou said in a surprise when he saw the countdown of the system working.

The system read, “As a 0 level, you are not qualified to hang a signboard.”

“How do people know what Im serving, if I dont hang the signboard” Yuan Zhou was tired of complaining, all the system replied was concerning his low level.

The system no longer responded to his query this time, but the remaining time, nevertheless, ticked away. Therefore, Yuan Zhou had a sense of urgency.

Looking down at his short-sleeve T-shirt and dark blue casual pants, he muttered, “I may need to change my clothes.”

He went upstairs and started looking for suitable attire in his wardrobe. A white chef uniform was not his style, not to mention it even had characters of “Golden Unicorn Hotel” printed on it. Definitely not suitable.

Eventually he found traditional Han attire at the bottom of his wardrobe. It was tailored when he had been fascinated by the traditional clothes around the time he graduated from university. It had a simple design, with only an upper and lower piece, the sleeves were also narrow. Hence it was suitable for everyday use. The color was a mix of dark green and dark blue. Furthermore, it was not easily dirtied and also easy to wash.

Dressed in the traditional Han clothing, Yuan Zhou felt completely spirited. He stood in front of the mirror and took a look at himself, he could even feel some manner of elegance on himself.

“Du Du Du”

He went downstairs in quick steps.

Yuan Zhou took a deep breath. He looked at the kitchen filled with advanced technology and the simple, yet high-end main hall. Then he went and opened the door.

There were little people in the street outside. He sighed and muttered to himself, “Ok. It seems that I have to use another way.”

The warm sunlight scattered through the tall buildings and into the main hall. It was 9 oclock in the morning.

“Hi, Yuan Zhou. Youre opened for business today, arent you You are dressed so well. Where are you going” Boss Tong next door saw Yuan Zhou first the moment he opened the door. She stretched out her head and took a look at him. Then she asked with a smile on her skinny face.

“Good morning, Aunt Tong. The restaurant is going to be opened for business today.” Yuan Zhou replied politely. A smile emerged at the corner of his mouth.

Boss Tong was surprised for a while, she then suggested, “The restaurants opening will look more conspicuous if you put two decorative flower baskets at the door.”

“Yes, Aunt Tong. I have already made the call before I opened. The baskets will be here in a moment.”Staring closely at the people on the street, Yuan Zhou was thinking how to sell out the 100 bowls of Egg Fried Rice.

“What food are you going to sell You know I havent had my breakfast.” Boss Tong knew from his appearance that Yuan Zhou was worrying about his business. Considering they were neighbors, she asked.

“I only serve Egg Fried Rice.” Having hesitated a little bit, Yuan Zhou still didnt mention the price to avoid more explanations.

“Never mind. I like Egg Fried Rice. Please cook one serving and send to my store.”Boss Tong placed an order directly. She thought that as Yuan Zhou was doing business for the first time, he must feel ashamed of selling food to her.

Certainly, she didnt ask about the price. In her mind, one serving of Egg Fried Rice was worth no more than 10 RMB in a street like theirs.

The system read, “As host is currently too low level, delivery services are not available. All meals have to be consumed in the restaurant.”

“System, cant we play happily together How can I do business with all your requirements” Yuan Zhous formerly calm face twisted in an instant.

The system read, “Please try your best to complete the task, host. Afterwards, you can unlock the restrictions.”

“I dont believe I will fail to sell out the delicious Egg Fried Rice.” Thinking of all the precious ingredients in his Egg Fried Rice, Yuan Zhou suddenly got back his confidence.

“I am sorry, Aunt Tong. I dont provide take-away service. Nor did I prepare any containers.” Looking at her, Yuan Zhou explained to Boss Tong apologetically.

“It seems like the boy is ashamed of selling it to me. Maybe it isnt so good.” Boss Tong thought.

She smiled and answered, “Ok, never mind. I will visit your restaurant and try your cooking when Im free.”

“Thats fine. Then thank you in advance for your patronage.” Yuan Zhou responded with a smile. He didnt doubt her words at all.

“Di Di”

“Is this No. 14 of Taoxi Road” A young man came up to Yuan Zhou and asked. He was riding an electric scooter with two flower-baskets hanging at the rear of the bicycle.

“Are you from XinXin Florist Shop Yes, its here.”

Yuan Zhou went and checked the flower-baskets. The flowers were all ordinary and fresh as well. He then helped the young man to unload the baskets.

The flower-baskets that Yuan Zhou had ordered were the kind that could be recycled. If you asked him if he had bought this kind because the price was only half of normal baskets, he definitely wouldnt admit that. The true reason was, of course, that this kind of baskets was more environmentally friendly. Its everybodys responsibility to care about the environment after all.

“I will pick up the baskets after 5 days. Just make sure not to break it.” The young delivery man told him that and then disappeared quickly with his electric scooter.

Though there was no shop sign, the small store now had an appearance of a newly-opened restaurant. Looking at the restaurant, Yuan Zhou started to long for the great scene where crowds of guests flocked in.

However, Yuan Zhou didnt start any business before, and he didnt know how difficult it was to begin. Moreover, it was a much more difficult beginning than other business. After all, who would spend nearly 200 RMB to come to a tiny restaurant like this one and eat a serving of Egg Fried Rice


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