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Chapter 7: Most Austere Most delicious and Most...Expensive

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The system read, “Egg Fried Rice, priced at 188 RMB.”

“Are you freaking serious”

Yuan Zhou felt that even if he was a money monger, he would still strive to earn it in a proper and just way, but it seems that the system was far superior to him in that sense. It made sense if five-star hotels charged 188 RMB for an Egg Fried Rice due to their superior environment and excellent service which they provided. Just what kind of services could his small restaurant provide

The system reads, “The host can try his own cooking first.”

The system rarely gave suggestions, furthermore, Yuan Zhou was anxious to try the Egg Fried Rice dish rewarded by the system.

He found the rice cooker next to the hand sink and made the necessary preparations to start. The cooker was really strange.

For ordinary cookers, there would be nothing else but the Cook and Heat Preservation selections. Better ones may have Stewed Soup and Steamed Dishes selections. But the cooker rewarded by the system even had Rice Used for Egg Fried Rice and Temperature options.

Yuan Zhou took out rice from the cabinet and washed them. Then he chose the option, Rice Used for Egg Fried Rice. He felt that the rice was different from what he usually used. Therefore, he couldnt help but picked handful to have a closer look.

The rice glowed with a bright luster and each grain was approximately the same size. Tempted by the clean rice fragrance, one couldnt help but give in to the urge to sample those grains.

“It seems the system really does provide the best materials.”


In less than half a minute, the rice was done.

“So quickly What kind of science fiction technology is this” Yuan Zhou was shocked. He went to open the cooker, surprisingly, there wasnt any heat emitting from it, only the fragrance of cooked rice tickled his nose.

“Its actually cooled.” Yuan Zhou had never seen freshly cooked rice that was cooled before. This technology was really astonishing.

Yuan Zhou wasnt an idiot. He realized at once, “This technology provided helps me prepare the dishes, such as Egg Fried Rice, as soon as possible.”

Taking a deep breath, Yuan Zhou took out two eggs and started to beat them in the snow- white bowl. The egg yolk was a golden yellow, giving a stark contrast compared to the clear and bright egg white. There was also a slight aroma instead of the usual offensive smell.

Both the eggs and the rice were top graded materials. Neither of them could be said to be ordinary.

“Ping Ping Pang Pang”

At the instant, Yuan Zhous actions were natural and smooth, just like floating clouds and flowing water. It was as if he had been possessed by a Cooking God. There were no wasted movements at all and the actions were all textbook worthy. His mature face revealed the typical charm of an earnest man, hard at work.

How long does it take to cook Egg Fried Rice

In less than 3 minutes, under Yuan Zhous whole-hearted endeavor, a plate of piping hot Egg Fried Rice had been made. Not a single grain was wasted and the rice was a bright gold, carefully piled up on the white plate.

What do you call a fantastic, superb, delicious dish

THIS is what you call a fantastic, superb, delicious dish!

The size of this Egg Fried Rice was 8 times smaller than the ordinary ones served outside. However, they were definitely not on the same level judging by its luster and fragrance.

The scent of the egg blended perfectly with the rice fragrance which had gotten stronger after frying. Furthermore, the egg was wrapped beautifully around each grain of rice, each one a luxurious gold. They were loosely piled up just like the golden wheat harvested in the autumn.

This was the highest level of Egg Fried Rice, the Golden Fried Rice. It didnt look any different from the Golden Fried Rice in the movie of Cooking Master Boy, except that his Golden Fried Rice couldnt glitter. Never had he expected that one day, he would be able to produce the exaggerated delicacy from that movie.

It was not only the smell that aroused ones appetite, but also the appearance that made people want to dig in immediately. Yuan Zhous spoon was like a whirlwind as he immersed himself in eating. With only one bite, he couldnt believe that such a taste came from his own cooking. He never imagined that a simple Egg Fried Rice could be so delicious. Not until then did Yuan Zhou understood the phrase “Food Fit for Kings”.

Once, when he was working in the kitchen of a Three-Star Hotel, the head chef had developed a new dish. Afterwards he invited the workers to taste and give suggestions. It was a Chrysanthemum Sea Cucumber, combining the fragrance of the flower and the good taste of the sea cucumber. Yuan Zhou could only concentrate on eating and had almost forgotten to give his suggestions. At that time, he felt that that was the perfect combination between color, fragrance and taste.

But compared to his Egg Fried Rice, the Chrysanthemum Sea Cucumber was... No, the two dishes were incomparable. This Egg Fried Rice was the perfect when it came to blending the color, fragrance and taste of both ingredients.


Yuan Zhou patted on his belly contentedly. The feeling of being cheated and restricted by the system had vanished completely. The Egg Fried Rice well deserved the so-called God Tier title.

While Yuan Zhou was still reminiscing about the aftertaste of his Egg Fried Rice, the system revealed some words again.

The system reads, “Thank you for tasting. You are charged 188 RMB.”

“I know. Its the price. Now, I understand that the food is indeed deserving of that price.” Yuan Zhou smacked his lips pleasantly as he agreed.

The system reads, “The host just consumed one Egg Fried Rice. 188 RMB is to be paid.”

“Do you mean I also have to pay for the felt myself” Yuan Zhou said in disbelief.

The system reads, “Thank you for tasting. You are charged 188 RMB.”


THAT SUCKS. Yuan Zhous current mood was portrayed entirely by those two words.

The system reads, “As the host is now at level 0, the payment will be split 9/1 with the host where 90% goes to the system. Of course, the host can only get 10 percent.”

“So I have to give you 90% of the money I earn, right” Yuan Zhou tried his best to control his irritated mood and asked for confirmation.

The system reads, “All materials provided by the system are of utmost superior quality.”

“Of utmost superior quality What rice is it Isnt it just rice”

Yuan Zhou asked with distrust. Although the rice indeed seemed great, where did the utmost superior quality come from

The system reads, “The rice is of Xiangshui origin. In the ancient dynasties of Ming and Qing, Xiangshui Rice was regarded as the emperors foodstuff. Xiangshui Rice along with the Crucian Carp from Jingbo Lake and the sable from the mountains were paid as a yearly tribute to the emperor. Xiangshui rice is currently used in state banquets at the Great Hall of the People.

Having read the two sentences, Yuan Zhou had nothing more to say. This was surprisingly, Xiangshui rice. Yuan Zhou had heard of this type of rice before.

It is said that Xiangshui rice had only yield of 0.16 acres every year due to the limits from climate and temperature in its production area. It is planted and weeded by hand completely. Besides, the fertilizers used on the rice were all natural. It was already very rare to get your hands on some. Your average person would never see it in their lifetime, not to mention eat it.

“Then what about the eggs” The rice was Xiangshui rice. So what could be special about those eggs

The system reads, “The laying hens are fed even better than Wagyu cattle. For 40 days, starting from the selection date until the incubation day, each egg is maintained at a fixed temperature, the same temperature as a hens body heat, and exposed to the live performance of world class musicians for two hours every day. After the incubation, the strongest hens will be selected; the water provided comes from a spring where no human has ever reached; the worms in its diet were specially-nurtured mealworm; a special grassland is kept for feeding the hens; a special sports ground developed for the hens to maintain their health. These hens are bred specially for laying eggs. Therefore, every egg contains the quintessence unfound in any other egg.

In the ancient time, people played the lute to a cow, now people played the piano to hens. Yuan Zhou felt his previous 24 years of living had been completely wasted. His poor life was even worse than a chicken, no, even worse than a laying hen.

“This edible oil is pure natural olive oil without any bit of additives.”

“The salt is the well salt of Sichuan Province, which was formerly used for paying tribute to the emperor. The well salt lacks the foul acerbic taste. Furthermore, it is rich in mineral substances.”

“Does the host have more questions”


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