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Gourmet Food Supplier Chapter 6: God Tier Egg Fried Rice

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Chapter 6: God Tier Egg Fried Rice

Translator: Xiong Guoqi Editor: DesTheSloth

“Oh, **!”

Watching the tables and chairs disappearing one after another, Yuan Zhous heart wept in sorrow, his tears were like wide noodles, just like those characters in cartoons. To avoid the heartache, he decided to accept his reward first, to comfort his wounded heart.

He tapped on the mission reward and directly received it.

The words “God Tier Egg Fried Rice” turned into a book. While Yuan Zhou was seriously gazing at the book, a blast of light burst forth from it and wrapped around his head. It then entered his brain and disappeared.

Egg Fried Rice is one of the most basic foods in the Chinese cuisine. Almost anyone with some culinary skill can prepare this dish. People who dont possess culinary skills may also prepare this ordinary dish to stave of hunger.

Everybody has different methods for preparing this dish. Thus, the Egg Fried Rice evolved into several types, including Yangzhou Fried Rice, Sunset Fried Rice, Ham Fried Rice and Diced Chicken Fried rice, etc.

Several basic requirements were necessary in order to prepare this dish. The egg has to be fresh and tender while the texture of the rice should be neither too hard nor too soft. Furthermore, the scent of these two ingredients has to blend well.

In the television series “Master Chef Zhang Dongguan”, the Egg Fried Rice was described in a way such that every 3 to 5 grains of rice must be mixed well with the beaten egg. In the television series of “Cooking Master Boy”, the Golden Fried Rice in the show could even give of a bright golden light.

The Egg Fried Rice recipe rewarded by the system definitely couldnt give off the golden light, but, from the selection of rice grains, water, cooking temperature, to even how much rice is necessary for different size of eggs, all the information and skills needed had been provided.

Having understood that, Yuan Zhou felt that all the Egg Fried Rice he had cooked before could be compared to shoddy pig feed. No! Even worse than pig feed.

The mysterious light that entered his brain previously was his reward from the system. It contained all the culinary knowledge needed to create the God Tier Fried Rice, thus allowing Yuan Zhou to possess a deep understanding and mastery over the dish. The newly acquired knowledge and skills inherited by Yuan Zhou was equivalent to approximately 10 years of experience, it was just like an ordinary person receiving internal energy cultivated by his master for years, which greatly improved his Kung Fu.

Opening his eyes, Yuan Zhou couldnt resist the power welling inside him.

“Dong Dong Dong”

After walking down the stairway, Yuan Zhou prepared to enter the kitchen to test the God Tier Egg Fried Rice recipe in his head.

Nevertheless, the system showed the words, “Update in process, 8 hours more to completion.” when he got to the end of the stairway.


Having received such a blow from the system, all Yuan Zhou could do was try to calm down. He went back to his room and lay down on the bed.

After 8 hours, it would be the next day. Even just by relying on his skill of preparing the Egg Fried Rice dish, he believed he could achieve the peak of his life without selling anything else. Thinking of that, he got a little excited.

On the other hand, he was also considering the purchase of more materials and items. He started calculating the money left in his pocket and how to best make use of it.

After tossing and turning repeatedly like a fish being fried, Yuan Zhou fell asleep. As for the suspicious liquid at the corner of his mouth, there was no need for further explanation.

After all, as a nice young man with an honest mind and ambitions, nothing could make him more excited than the red 100 RMB bills, besides, of course dreaming about the goddesses stored in his hard drive.

Yuan Zhou was anxious to check how well the small restaurant had been renovated, thus he rushed down to the 1st floor and flip the light switches after he dealing with his personal hygiene upstairs.


Standing at the stairway, Yuan Zhou couldnt help uttering an English word.

He walked to the center of the main hall hastily.

The entire restaurant had been rebuilt into an open kitchen. Two flower racks were placed respectively on both sides of the door. Some unknown flowers were already growing vigorously on them. The light blue matched the green grass background fairly well.

As for the table, it was a curved long table just like from Midnight Canteen, which surrounded the kitchen. At the inner side of the table were an azure stone countertop and a hand sink for handling various types of foodstuff. In front of the table, there were four comfortable high chairs, brown in color, the chairs blended harmoniously with the dinning surroundings. Another four chairs were placed respectively at each end of the curved long table. Eight chairs in total took up all positions available along the long table.

“Price List”

Several large conspicuous characters which were written in calligraphy could be found on the wall right in front of the kitchen. A wooden sign hung below the characters.

Looking around at the whole restaurant, Yuan Zhou felt quite satisfied. It was much better than how he had randomly decorated before. It looked fresh and natural as well as simple, yet, tastefully decorated.

Yuan Zhou hadnt discovered it previously due to his shock, but after looking closely, he realized this wasnt even the same kitchen.

Formerly, at the corner was a flour barrel and next to the barrel was the gas furnace with double burners. Various flavorings were placed around the double burners. A sink was beside the gas furnace and situated near the stairway. Behind the sink was a shelf for bowls, on which various bowls were placed.

The whole kitchen appeared narrow and small. It was difficult even for two people to turn around in the kitchen.

However, the kitchen now appeared spacious and large after the rebuilding. The flour barrel was replaced in the same place by a huge water tank, which looked like the brown coarse porcelain water tank he used in countryside when he was little. The water inside was fairly clean and clear, with an unknown depth.

The gas furnace next to the water tank had been swapped for a built-in one, which didnt take up too much space and looked beautiful. Pots and pans were placed neatly above the furnace within reach, with the white porcelain fine and smooth.

Beside the double burners, there was a row of small drawers with the names of various spices marked on it. Except for the salt and soy sauce taking up the whole box respectively, other boxes were all marked with two names. There were 22 boxes altogether, which meant 44 spices excluding salt and soy sauce. All were commonly used spices like aniseed and fennel, etc.

“Pa Da”

Curiously, Yuan Zhou opened one of the drawers marked thyme and lily rhizomes, but found it to be empty.

“I must be thinking too much. These are all for storing the spices I obtain in the future. “He muttered to himself and continued his observation.

Above the flavoring drawers were several slightly larger cabinets. They were all built-in as well so they didnt look obtrusive at all. Every cabinet was 20cm wide and 15cm high, with a total of 12 cabinets.

Except for the cabinet at the edge which was marked RICE, the following ones werent marked with anything. Looking at the larger cabinets behind, only the first one was marked EGG. The contents marked on the box and the cabinet just corresponded to the first reward of the system.

Thinking of that, Yuan Zhou opened the cabinet on the edge marked RICE subconsciously and found it was full of rice inside.

Yuan Zhou was pleasantly surprised, he opened the other one marked EGG at once and as expected, it was full of eggs, all sorted out inside.

“System, are all of these also my rewards” Yuan Zhou asked happily in his heart.

The system reads, “The system will provide all materials for the dishes that the host has learnt.”

“I can also cook other dishes, for example, Shredded Potato.” He asked with light in his eyes.

The system reads, “Currently the host only masters one dish.”

“Do you mean each dish must be as excellent as the God Tier Egg Fried Rice Then could I buy the materials myself” Yuan Zhou knocked on the white clean azure stone countertop.


The system reads, “All materials used by the host for creating dishes here have to be supplied by the system. No other materials can be brought into the kitchen.”

“Ok, thats fine. Thats really not too bad. I dont even have to pay for the materials. Anyway, I am only preparing to sell Egg Fried Rice right now.” Yuan Zhou showed a cunning smile on his face like a cat had stolen a fish.

The system reads, “The food Egg Fried Rice is priced at 188 RMB.”

“Are you freaking serious”



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