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Gourmet Food Supplier Chapter 5: Mission Completed

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Chapter 5: Mission Completed

Translator: Xiong Guoqi Editor: DesTheSloth

Looking at the two newly obtained licenses in his hand, Yuan Zhou got a little excited even though he didnt manage to spare any time for lunch.

Thus, he went into a small eatery and ordered one serving of Fried Rice with Eggs. Seated in the greasy eatery, Yuan Zhou silently tapped on the panel to check his mission progress and discovered it was still incomplete. At that moment, Yuan Zhou was sure that only by setting up his business would the mission be considered complete..

“Heres your Fried Rice with Eggs. The soup can be taken from that pot. Feel free to have as much as you like.”

His Fried Rice with Eggs arrived, which interrupted his thoughts.

Since the system had rewarded him with God Tier Fried Rice with Eggs, he would first like to taste the ordinary ones.

The Fried Rice with Eggs sitting in front of him was very ordinary, it had only some scattered bits of ham, a little bit of carrots and the indispensable ingredient of every Fried Rice with Egg, chopped green onions, along with a small side dish of pickled vegetables.

After gobbling down the rice hastily, Yuan Zhou puzzled over how can one make a superb Fried Rice with Eggs.

“Is the God Tier Fried Rice with Eggs, rewarded by the system, as tasty as the shining ones shown in the movie of Cooking Master Boy” Yuan Zhou couldnt help doubting silently after leaving the eatery.

On the way back, Yuan Zhou found some workers that did wallpapering work, he bargained with them and managed to pay only 18 RMB per square meter. He then returned to the restaurant by hitching a ride on the workers electrical-powered car. The smart and devious Yuan Zhou even managed to save on his bus fare.

Boss Wang had already repaired all the pipelines when Yuan Zhou returned. The gas furnace with two burners which was newly installed and the clean and tidy kitchen gave off a good vibe.

After Yuan Zhou had arranged for the wallpapering work to commence, he went up to Boss Wang, “Thank you very much, Boss Wang. This is the pay. Please check if it is right.”

“No problem. The pay is just right. I am going back now. Just give me a call if you ever need my help again.” He then returned to his own shop after he received, counted and put away the cash into his pocket.

“Shua Shua”

The store fell silent, except for the sound of the workers. The previous chairs and tables had all been thrown away as rubbish. Therefore, the main hall appeared to be fairly spacious. Yuan Zhou was wondering what kind of chairs and tables to buy while awaiting the workers to complete their wallpapering work.

He was quite confident concerning his system, so was prepared to put as many tables in the main hall as possible to serve more guests.


Yuan Zhou couldnt help laughing out loud when he fantasize about the crowds coming to his restaurant, and his branch restaurants opening one after another.

The two workers that were engrossed in their work couldnt help but turn their heads to look at Yuan Zhou as they heard his laughter. The tall and young guy gave a doubtful look at the elderly man while the elder one glared back at him. It meant “ You just get back to your work. Its none of our business.”

The tall and young guy shrugged his shoulders and begun to labour seriously when he noticed that the elderly man was getting angry at him.

After a few laughs, Yuan Zhou suddenly remembered the importance of his image. Looking around decidedly, at the surroundings, he found no one passing by his restaurant and the two workers were doing their work carefully.

Waiting was always boring, thus Yuan Zhou started to calculate the todays expenditures: 1500 RMB for the gas pipe repairs and gas furnace; 1080 RMB for sixty meters of wallpapers; 600 RMB for the two license registrations; a budget of ten thousand RMB for tables and chairs and other kitchen wares. As for the cleaning, it was free of charge since he had done that himself. Having added up all those items, the total cost would be 13180 RMB. Then there was only 36820 left out of the 50000 RMB. Of course the 320 RMB from selling the iron scraps had already been included in the earnings.

Yuan Zhou was slightly unhappy with the money remaining. Just a simple decorating had already costed him so much. It was a little difficult for diligent and thrifty Yuan Zhou to accept that.

Yuan Zhou felt worse when he thought about the expensive tables and chairs that were to be purchased that afternoon. This stemmed from Yuan Zhous decision to buy more tables and chairs previously, as he wanted to fill every inch of the main hall to serve more guests in one go. If it wasnt for the strict city administration officials, he would have set up as many tables and chairs as he could on the pavement outside his entrance.

The wallpapering work went quite fast. After all, Yuan Zhou had already torn off the used wallpaper from the walls and the workers merely needed to stick the new wallpaper up. After they finished their work, Yuan Zhou paid off all his remaining debts to them. They then left hastily.

After all the renovations, the beige floral wallpapers which were pasted evenly took up two and a half walls, giving off a cozy atmosphere. After doing some simple cleaning, the floor seemed bright and clean too.

Pulling down the rolling shutter door of his restaurant, Yuan Zhou took a bus to the flea market. Only here could he reveal his great virtues, being diligent, thrifty and stingy.

Of course, Yuan Zhou may have a thrifty nature, most likely passed down from his ancestors, but even he wouldnt buy old second-hand goods. The flea market also sold new goods alongside the used goods, furthermore with a lower price and decent quality.

As he also inherited his ancestors glorious tradition of comparing prices among stores, Yuan Zhou had to wander around the whole market before choosing a store at a corner that had a Final Clearance banner on the door.

The store was said to be transferred to others already and these item needed to be taken care off.

“Hey Boss. How many sets left do you have for this table” Yuan Zhou chose a set of tables that had green vine patterns along the creamy white edges then pointed and asked.

“Brother, you like this set The quality of this set is the best among the remaining tables in our store. There are 4 more sets left in the warehouse. How many do you want to buy” raising his glasses, the boss said with a kind smile on his face.

“Only 4 sets Id like 6 sets of it.” Yuan Zhou knitted his brows as he compared the size of his tables and thought about the size of his restaurant.

“What about the red set There are 6 sets left for this one.” Realizing he was going to lose this customer, the boss pointed to a set of red tables immediately and recommended them to Yuan Zhou.

Finally, Yuan Zhou bought 4 sets of creamy white tables and 2 sets of red tables. On the grounds that the shop owner didnt have 6 sets of creamy white tables, Yuan Zhou again lowered the price. Having bought the tables, Yuan Zhou took little notice of the shop owner who was busy wiping off perspiration and continued to wander around in the store happily. When he also found kitchenwares there, he decided to purchase them, of course after another round of cut throat bargaining.

“Boss, I bought so much from your store. You have to send them all to my restaurant.”

Looking at the wrapped objects, Yuan Zhou said to the boss, who seemed eager to get rid of him, with a warm tone as if they were old friends.

“The price does not include the transportation. You can find trucks in the parking lot in front of the market. Their main purpose is to deliver goods. I can watch over your parcels here,” the boss refused.

“Thats no good. If you couldnt send it to my store, free of charge, you can at least recommend a truck to me. Otherwise, how do I know which drivers are better” seeing that the boss had refused so decisively, Yuan Zhou compromised and said that.

Eventually, the boss succumbed to Yuan Zhous shameless manner and got him a truck that charged the least. Of course, Yuan Zhou got a lift in the truck and went back to his restaurant, with the excuse that he couldnt remember the details of the address. He really was unbelievably amazing in that sense. Even managing to save another 2 RMB worth of bus ticket, just enough for two tea eggs.

Before darkness fell, Yuan Zhou tidied everything in the restaurant. Before he had even wiped away his sweat, he collapse onto one of the newly bought chairs, unable to wait a single moment longer to check his mission status.

[Mission] Own a restaurant of your own [Completed]

Mission tip: As a prospective Master Chef, how could you not have a store of your own Young man, go and fight for that.)

Some words started to emerge in his mind that came from the system, but before he could dwell on his happiness, more words followed.

The system showed, “Preliminary mission completed; Master Chef System officially begins; restaurant renovation mode entered.”

“Ping Ping Pang Pang”

“System, what does that mean” Yuan Zhou hurriedly asked when he heard the sounds coming from his kitchen.

The system reads, “The system will update the hosts restaurant free of charge to provide the guests with better dishes.”

A bad premonition started to emerge in Yuan Zhous mind.

“In this case, why didnt the system rebuild it directly”

The system showed, “The system will update the hosts restaurant free of charge to provide the guests with better dishes.”

“How about all the stuffs I have bought previously for the restaurant”

Yuan Zhou felt heartache when he saw the stuffs he had bought was vanishing one after one inexplicably.

The system reads, “The system will provide a free renovation and all the items will be recycled.”

“Oh, **!”



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