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Gourmet Food Supplier Chapter 24: The 3rd Mission

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Chapter 24: The 3rd Mission

Translator: Xiong Guoqi Editor: DesTheSloth

Now, Yuan Zhous small restaurant was no longer the small unknown restaurant it had been when it first started its business. It was opened from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. every day. Yuan Zhou really was a diligent worker.

The results of his diligence could be seen. In the morning, he could sell about 100 servings of Egg Fried Rice, while at noon and in the evenings, it was more crowded. The small restaurant would be packed during those times. There were often many people that complained about the rules and still requested takeaways. If their requests were not satisfied, they would threaten Yuan Zhou with leaving his restaurant.

However, Yuan Zhous attitude did not change. Although his heart felt pained, he still rejected all the requests with a calm expression. Some people declared that they would never come again and was true to their word. But most people were reluctant to give up Yuan Zhous culinary skills and leave permanently.

Yuan Zhou felt regret over those issues but he didnt think much of it. After he obtained the system, his situation had changed drastically, thus he didnt care about such minor profits from those few people. Of course, he would pretend not to recognize those people if he saw them enter the restaurant again.

It was during this time that the system released the 3rd mission.

Yuan Zhou was sitting upright on his bed, calculating his revenues from this half month. More precisely, he was just having fun counting his money. Other than the first three days, his restaurant had so many customers that he couldnt stop working. This was due to completing the 2nd mission on the 5th day, which allowed him to provide more choices to his customers.

Currently, he sold about 500 servings of Egg Fried Rice every day while the set meal took up 300 of those servings. According to the system, Yuan Zhou could get 20% of the total revenues. Therefore Yuan Zhou suffered through 12-hour workdays during this period. Now, it was time to examine the results.

Numerous 100RMB bills were scattered on the bed, giving it an impressive sight. Since the system would take 80% of the revenues, the money on the bed was the remaining 20% that belonged to him.

“One, two, three...”

Yuan Zhou began to count his bills while murmuring in his mouth。

The final number was unbelievable, so Yuan Zhou carefully counted again, and found out it was still 249,880 RMB, two hundred forty nine thousand eight hundred and eighty only.

“Ha Ha Ha Ha”

He couldnt help bursting into laughter. In just half a month, his revenue could surprisingly reach up to two hundred and forty thousand after deducting the charges for water and electricity. In this city, ordinary white-collars could only earn about 8000 RMB while senior white-collars earned merely twenty or thirty thousand RMB per month. But he could earn a net profit of sixteen thousand in only one day. Two days profit equaled to almost three months salary for the ordinary white-collar workers. It was amazing to get such returns with that little amount he invested.

The twenty or thirty thousand RMB invested previously had already been earned back. It was even quicker than robbery, and the work wasnt very hard. Now, it was already 11:00 at night, but Yuan Zhou didnt feel sleepy at all. This was the first time Yuan Zhou had earned so much and also the first time he saw so many 100RMB bill stacked together.

“It seems that Im going to reach the peak of success very soon.”

While grabbing a handful of money, Yuan Zhou closed his eyes, breathing in the scent of ink from the notes which was his favorite smell.

While thinking of the revenues that could be earned after one month, Yuan Zhou felt addicted to this feeling of joy. What better feeling was there than getting such satisfying results, or even more, after working so hard

Just at the moment, the long-silent system released another mission.

The system read, “The third mission is now unlocked.”

[Mission Two]: Since host has gotten some fame in the neighborhood, please obtain more than 1000 recognition points on the internet within 20 days.

(Mission Tips: Advertising by yourself or with money is not allowed. As a future Master Chef, how could you advertise your restaurant by yourself It must be advertised by word of mouth voluntarily.)

[Mission Reward]: Clear Soup Noodle

Yuan Zhou restrained his excitement and looked over the mission carefully. Then he asked,

“What kind of recognition is needed”

The system read, “Internet friends must be aware and recognize what specific business the Master Chef Restaurant is running”

“Does a mere impression count” Yuan Zhou asked when he thought of the guests who took photos of his dishes and uploaded them onto the internet.

1000 recognition points were not much. If those impressions counted, then the recognition points should have already surpassed 1000.

The system read, “No, it doesnt count. It requires people on the internet to be aware of and recognize what specific business the Master Chef Restaurant is running”

“This might be rather difficult since its demands are so harsh.”

According to Yuan Zhous knowledge, it wasnt easy for people to have an impression on something. Nevertheless, it was not a difficult job for Yuan Zhous special restaurant. However, to let them know the specific details would be tough. Specific details meant they had to remember it. Since there were so many interesting news on the internet, one could hardly remember anything unless they saw it in person.

For example, there was a piece of news on the internet a few days ago. A restaurant sold beef noodles at a very high price, two thousand per bowl, and guests had to queue in advance. However, few people actually knew that this restaurant was in Taiwan; its name was Taiwan “Beef Father” Beef Noodle. The most expensive beef noodle there was 2000 for one bowl; cheap noodles cost 100 per bowl. Of course, the price was in NT.

1 NT = 0.2086 RMB. If the price was changed into RMB, the cheapest bowl of noodles was merely 20RMB while the most expensive one was 417.2RMB per bowl. It was indeed a sky-high price. Even Yuan Zhous Egg Fried Rice Set wasnt worth that much.

This mission didnt allow him to advertise by himself nor with money. Of course, he never thought of spending money on advertising.

Having sorted the money and hiding it in a concealed place, Yuan Zhou said to himself while stroking his lower jaw.

“I dont know if it is allowed to ask for other peoples help, the kind that doesnt need money”

Of course, Yuan Zhou was targeting his good friend, Sun Ming. This guy created various microblogs on the internet, recommending delicious food from time to time. Thus he had gotten some attention on the internet. Yuan Zhou didnt know if this guy had ever recommended his restaurant to others.

“I may have to ask him about this matter.”

The system read, “As a man that will for sure become the Master Chef, is it really good to ask for other peoples help to advertise his own dishes”

Yuan Zhou was speechless once again when he saw the cold words from the system. However, it indeed made sense; he had support from the system, thus it was lame to depend on others for a simple advertisement.

Yuan Zhou gave up that idea, and then started to think deeply how to complete the mission without assistance.

However, the system had a new update before Yuan Zhou thought of any ideas.

The system read, “Considering that the host was independent, strived for improvement, and is a strong-minded and capable chef, the system has a title reward for you.”

[Culinary Skill Title]: Master (Available)

“What reward is there after I receive this title” Yuan Zhou restrained his desire to receive the title and asked beforehand.

The system read, “The title itself doesnt have any reward. After receiving the title, you will be awarded a random prize. The title will be given along with the random prize.”

“A random prize What kind of prize, is it However, any prize is good.”

Yuan Zhou thought for a while. The system had never voluntarily offered him anything before, yet now there was surprisingly a random prize. He would definitely not miss it.

After Yuan Zhou tapped the button, the system started to give out the random prize.

The system read, “Host has received the random prize. The title will be displayed automatically. Removal is not allowed while upgrades are possible.”

Being anxious to check what the random prize was, Yuan Zhou didnt really understand what the “removal is not allowed” meant.

[Random Reward]: The Soup Dumplings


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