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Gourmet Food Supplier Chapter 22: Troubles Caused by the New Dish

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Chapter 22: Troubles Caused by the New Dish

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“A shill” Turning her head slightly to take a look at Wu Hai, she muttered to herself privately.

Wu Hai first looked at the price on the menu, then took 3 100RMB notes out of his wallet and handed them over to Yuan Zhou.

Yuan Zhou received the money, then placed it into the cash box. By the way, this cash box was the one designed and provided by the system. The cash box would automatically give back the exact change if the change was needed. There was absolutely no need to worry about any mistake as it was completely foolproof.

This advanced device was definitely a tool that every cashier was jealous of. After all, their occupation required absolute accuracy. If there was any mistake, cashiers needed to make up for the shortage themselves but wouldnt get any benefits if there were surpluses.

Every night after closing the restaurant, the system would take away 90% of the daily turnover. But starting from today, it would only take 80% and leave 20% for Yuan Zhou since he had reached the 1st level.

“Hold on.” Having handed the change of 12RMB to Wu Hai, Yuan Zhou returned to the kitchen and prepared to cook.

In Gao Yings opinion, a plate of Egg Fried Rice wouldnt need long to prepare, even if it was a set meal. She decided to wait until this suspected shill completed his meal, then would she consider whether to have a meal here. While tucking her hair behind her ear, she silently watched Yuan Zhou return to cook the meal.

Gao Yings speculation was on point, the time taken to prepare a set meal was the same as time taken to prepare a plate of Egg Fried Rice, as Yuan Zhou merely needed to cook the Egg Fried Rice for both meals. The moment Yuan Zhou placed the plate of Egg Fried Rice on the tray, the side dishes for the set meal, a small bowl of seaweed soup and a small plate of pickled radish turned up instantly. This advanced technology really could produce a miracle in a minute.

Yuan Zhou deftly brought the tray to Wu Hai.

“Boss, only two side dishes for the set meal” Wu Hai craned forward, staring at the tray in Yuan Zhous hands and asked.

“Please talk after the meal.” Without saying much, Yuan Zhou set the tray on the table then took out the dishes quickly.

“Ok. Let me try.” As a regular customer, Wu Hai knew the boss seldom spoke and was a principled man. Of course, his meals were definitely top-classed as well. He took up the spoon from the cutlery set and prepared to taste the soup first.

Meanwhile, after observing for a while, Gao Ying had confirmed that this guest was not a shill and inquired, “Boss, is this a set meal Then what about the Egg Fried Rice dish”

“An Egg Fried Rice dish simply means a plate of Egg Fried Rice, nothing else.” Facing a pretty girl, Yuan Zhou answered without hesitation.

“Then why is it so expensive” Gao Ying felt confused.

This set meal was obviously provided for free in ordinary restaurants, but here, in this small restaurant, it was a dozen times more expensive. The price of the Egg Fried Rice dish was also a few dozen folds compared to the ordinary restaurants outside, and it was merely a simple plate of Egg Fried Rice. Gao Ying felt that she became ignorant about the outside world since she hadnt had meals outside for a long time.

She raised her hand and rubbed her forehead gently. Looking at the hot sun outside, Gao Ying decided to order one serving and try the taste.

“One cup of water and one serving of Egg Fried Rice, please.”

“Apologies. Except for the dishes on the menu, I dont offer any other foods, including water.” Yuan Zhou shrugged his shoulders and said while looking at Gao Ying.

“...” Although Gao Ying had been working as an HR for many years and had already mastered the art of staying calm, yet she couldnt help having the urge to swear now.

For one serving of Egg Fried Rice worth 188RMB, the boss didnt offer even a cup of hot water! If it wasnt because she didnt want to wander all over the place for a meal, she would have already left in displeasure. After all, money wasnt grown on trees.

“Ok, fine. One set meal, please.” Gao Ying said to Yuan Zhou, gritting her teeth in rage.

“Ok. One moment, please.”

Yuan Zhou didnt care much about Gao Yings manner. He believed that she would succumb to the Egg Fried Rice once she tasted it. Then she would return again and again if her economic situation allowed her to do so.

Ever since Yuan Zhou obtained the system and created these dishes, he no longer worried about getting customers. After all, it was a big world and there were so many gourmets. thus Yuan Zhous goal was to be the very best.

As she sat there, Gao Ying felt she had fallen into a trap after paying the money. When she turned her head, preparing to ask the small mustache man about this restaurant, she found that the man was drinking the soup and eating the pickled radish with a face full of satisfaction, also occasionally chomping down a spoonful of Egg Fried Rice. He didnt even notice she was staring at him.

“Is it so expensive because of the taste”

Gao Ying felt disbelief. No matter how delicious it was, it couldnt be that exaggerated. Look at the happiness on his face!

“Your Egg Fried Rice Set. Help yourself, please.” Gao Yings thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of her Egg Fried Rice.

Gao Ying looked closely at the set meal and cutlery in front of her. Afterward, she pulled out some disinfecting wipes with “For Medical Purpose” printed on them from her handbag. After wiping the two different sized spoons, she started her meal.

The first target was definitely the seaweed soup. After having walked for so long and spoken so much, thirst was inevitable.

The soup spoon was specially prepared and the size was just in proportion to the small bowl, hence one spoonful didnt hold much soup. Nevertheless, Gao Ying managed to get a perfect spoonful of soup, with a small piece of seaweed and more than half a spoon of soup. She then sent the spoon gracefully into her mouth, without even messing up her lipstick.

After taking a slight sip, she swallowed. Instantly, the flavor of the soup exploded in her mouth.

Yes, it was indeed an explosion. One could hardly imagine how delicious the cool and refreshing soup was for the taste to be described as an explosion.

From the tongue tip to the tongue root, then the throat, esophagus and last, the stomach, all were cheering with joy as each drop passed through them. This was the kind of delicacy that made people reach the peak of joy, simply indescribable by words. Not until now did Gao Ying understand the expression of delight on the small mustache mans face.

That blissful expression was not faked!

Currently, Gao Ying couldnt control her expression at all. No. She had no time to be concerned about that. All the cells throughout her body were shouting for her to eat! To eat up all the food in front of her! Without further ado, she began to eat, one spoonful of Egg Fried Rice, followed by one spoonful of seaweed soup and then a piece of pickled radish. How wonderful it was to have meal like that.

Time passed and it was already 12:10. There were more and more passerby in the street. Along with some of her friends who often came here, Yin Ya took up all the remaining 6 seats.


Patting her fairly proud peaks, Yin Ya sighed in relieve and then spoke to her colleagues, “Fortunately we are early today.”

“Youre right. Fortunately, we were smart enough to clock out and get off work right on time. Otherwise, well have to wait again.” Another girl with short hair and brow-skimming bangs sitting beside Yin Ya also rejoiced and sighed with emotion.

The several girls chirped for a while before Yin Ya started to ask her regular question.

“Boss, is the new dish available today”

“Yes, its available now. It was just ready for sale this noon. What they are eating now is the new dish.” Yuan Zhou gave a wee smile and pointed to the table in front of Gao Ying and Wu Hai who were tasting their set meal carefully.

“Wow! There is soup served today. Ok, I like that one. Get one for me, please. Looking at where Yuan Zhou was pointing, Yin Ya immediately saw Gao Ying who was drinking the soup and decided to order that set meal happily.

“Yin Ya, look at the price.” The short-hair girl gently pulled Yin Ya and showed her the menu.

Now, Yuan Zhous restaurant no longer had the awkward situation of having only two or three customers. There were many regulars, and the restaurant had become popular through word of mouth. These girls were colleagues of Yin Ya, whom had been brought to the restaurant one by one. Now, they came almost every day and didnt have any dissent with the price for a plate of Egg Fried Rice.

The reason why they had such a reaction this time was because they saw the dinner wares in front of the small mustache man Wu Hai and Gao Ying, thus they got a little suspicious.

“Boss, there were only two more things for the set meal”

Looking at the price of 288RMB, Yin Ya also got a little astonished. Although her monthly salary was good, but she still felt the heartache of having such an expensive meal once, every day. After all, girls had to spend a lot in various places.

“Please rest assured. The side dishes are qualified to match the Egg Fried Rice. Do give it a try.” Yuan Zhou said to Yin Ya just as he carried out her Egg Fried Rice Set.


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