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Gourmet Food Supplier Chapter 21: New Dishes Available

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Chapter 21: New Dishes Available

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Just like last time, when Yuan Zhou asked about the ingredients for the Egg Fried Rice, the system showed several lines of Mandarin characters again, introducing the ingredients.

The system read, “This breed of radish used for the pickled radish dish originated from the seeds of the first generation radish “Spiritual Beauty”. It was first planted in the dark soil of the Great Northern Wilderness in northeast China. Afterward, due to the degradation in fertility of the dark soil, this breed was taken back and replanted in the soil provided by the system. Thus, it resulted into an evolution, the perfect “Spiritual Beauty” radish.”

“The radish is a biennial plant. It grows naturally in places with abundant sunlight and suitable temperature, without the need of any chemical substances. The radish leaves are in dark green while the root is in beautiful jade color. When harvested from the ground, it wont have any soil stains, leaving it clean and intact. Any damage due to impact will be identified and discarded.”

“The salt used for pickling comes from seawater taken from the depths of the sea. After the crystallization of the saline, the radish is then pickled. The seawater is taken from 20 thousand meters under the sea level, far beyond mankinds grasp. It is clean and 100% natural, without any pollution.”

“The pickling lasts for 24 hours. During the period, the temperature is kept constant at around 26~36℃, suitable for the fermentation of the lactobacillus, while the salt level is kept in 6%~10%. Then, it is left in an anaerobic location to be fermented.”

Technical terms such as lactobacillus and saline level simply revealed how precious the radish was. As for the complicated process, all Yuan Zhou wanted to say was, fortunately, it wasnt him that needed to do it.

Even if he had the intention, he didnt have the capabilities. Just the seawater from which the salt was extracted from was already beyond mankinds ability to obtain, let alone the already extinct 2nd generation “Spiritual Beauty” radish seed and the dark soil of the Great Northern Wilderness from northeast China.

The deep diving record for a modern unmanned submarine was created on Mar. 24, 1995 by a Japanese detection submarine, the Kaikoin, in the Mariana Trench of the Pacific Ocean. The record was 11028 meters beneath sea level, which was the maximum diving depth achieved by man-made machines. Even military combat submarine couldnt reach that.

On the other hand, the deep diving record for a manned submarine was achieved by a Swiss explorer, Jacques Piccard on Jan. 23rd, 1960. It was also at the Mariana Trench of the Pacific Ocean.

At that time, Jacques and an American naval officer called Don Walsh reached 10916 meters beneath the sea surface in a bathyscaphe called the Trieste. This was the deepest location beneath the sea surface that humans had ever reached. Afterward, the world record had never been broken.

Yuan Zhou was merely an ordinary person. He didnt have such a submarine. And the maximum diving depth for humans was only 105 meters, although theoretically, it could reach 1000 to 2000 meters. However, since the decompression time would last for 1 to 2 months, Yuan Zhou didnt think he could ever do that.

The purpose for all this was just to obtain unpolluted seawater, create sea salt and use it to pickle radish. This was an insane step, but Yuan Zhou liked it this way, as others couldnt duplicate his methods.

If it was not prepared in such a perfect way, how could the radish taste so good

As for the raw materials of the seaweed soup, it was not inferior in any way.

The system read, “The seaweed originated from Xiapu County of Fujian Province. Seated in the eastern part of Fujian Province, it was one of the oldest counties and also the area where people first started to cultivate kelp and seaweed in South China. There were some records of Xiapu people cultivating seaweed as early as the ancient Yuan Dynasty.

“However, due to heavy pollution caused by modern society, Xiapu seaweed has already lost its original taste. Therefore, the system has created part of an ocean with conditions such as natural surroundings, suitable climate conditions, long coastlines, numerous natural independent harbors and a subtropical humid monsoon climate. The water temperature and water quality is unique, only suitable for the growth of seaweed. Seaweed grown in such surroundings has a special taste. It is not only tasty and refreshing, but the texture is also smoother and tender.”

“The spring water is taken from Meili Snow Mountain where no human has ever left their trace. Its main peak, the Kawagebo Peak is 6740 meters high with an average height of 6000 meters. No one has ever tried to climb onto the mountain as it is smothered in cloud and mist all year long. It is a long climb, with a steep slope and a complicated geography. There are lots of glaciers, bergschrunds and ice crevasses throughout the mountain.”

“The system dug a spring on the mountain top and takes water out directly from the spring and used on the same day.”

“Wow. How terrific!”

After reading all that, Yuan Zhou had only such a remark in his mind. Nevertheless, he realized he had to do something very important.

“System, please give me another bowl of seaweed soup and pickled radish. I could just eat them up without any fried rice.”

“The system read, “Additional pickles and soup are unavailable.”


“It turns out youre toying with us again. How is it enough for ones appetite with such a small amount” Yuan Zhou finally experienced the pain of only being able to eat one bowl of Egg Fried Rice. Although he could pay another 288 RMB for them, he was still not willing to do so.

Time flew by very quickly. It was 11:30 now. Yuan Zhou looked around his restaurant carefully. The price of the Egg Fried Rice Set had already automatically appeared on the menu and price list. No other preparations were necessary. After checking his appearance for a while, Yuan Zhou opened the door.

About five minutes later, a guest came into the restaurant. This time it was a new customer rather than a regular.

It was a lady aged 30 or so. She was dressed well, giving of the air of an intellectual. She wore a set of dark blue work attire, which fitted her figure well and carried a leather handbag in her hand. A pair of rimless glasses emphasized her sharp eyes. Her hair was tied back, with light make-up on the face and cherry red lips.

"Duk Duk Duk"

While walking into the restaurant in high-heeled shoes, she looked carefully around the interior surroundings. Obviously, she was picky about cleanliness. Only when she nodded her head privately and revealed a manner of satisfaction did she find a seat facing Yuan Zhou.

She took a look at the table. The log colored table wasnt spray painted and seemed fairly clean without any greasy stains. She felt quite satisfied, thus put her handbag down on the table.

The name of the lady was Gao Ying. She was 31 years old and was a human resources officer at a large company. As she had slight mysophobia, she seldom had meals outside unless absolutely necessary. It was a coincidence today as her car broke down. You say take a taxi or bus No, no. So many people had been inside, moreover, it was a confined space. As she thought of that, Gao Ying preferred to find a clean eatery and eat something.

There were indeed lots of eateries down the office building but there were also lots of people. Furthermore, the shop signs of the eateries all looked dirty. Naturally, Gao Ying wouldnt go to those places. After several comparisons, she finally chose Yuan Zhous restaurant, the one without even a shop sign, as it looked cleanest.

Of course, Gao Ying didnt know that this restaurant was within the control of the system. As long as there was any dirt or stains, the system would immediately clean it. Arguably, the cleanliness of Yuan Zhous restaurant could be said to be as good as a sterile room. However, there were still some beneficial bacteria, rather than the harmful kind, at his restaurant.

“Boss, what kind of simple food do you serve” In Gao Yings opinion, simple meant less contact with hands. Only then would the food be slightly cleaner.

“The menu is on the wall behind of you. Have a look, please.” Yuan Zhou had been observing the lady the moment she stepped into the restaurant. After seeing her sit down and looking around in disgust for a while, he speculated that the lady wouldnt eat after seeing the price thus he simply pointed at the wall.

Gao Ying turned her head and looked at the wall. The price marked on the menu made her push the glasses upward. She thought she must have seen the price wrongly due to her mild nearsightedness and the scratched glasses. However, when she gave a good look at the price, she found it was indeed that price. She couldnt help but turn her head looking at the boss and thought, “Unexpectedly, this good looking man is trying to rip people off. Just a Egg Fried Rice, yet he dares to sell for 188 RMB while the set sells 100 RMB higher, 288 RMB.”

“Boss, do you only have these two choices” Gao Ying asked with in displeasure and surprise.

“Wow, I am surprised Im not the first customer here today. Boss Yuan, please offer me the new dish. I have been waiting for you to open the door since early morning.” Before Yuan Zhou answered Gao Ying, the small mustache man, Wu Hai, living on the other side of the street had walked into the restaurant in big strides.

“A shill” Gao Ying muttered.


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