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Gourmet Food Supplier Chapter 20: Egg Fried Rice Set Worth 288 RMB

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Chapter 20: Egg Fried Rice Set Worth 288 RMB

Translator: Xiong Guoqi Editor: DesTheSloth

[Mission Reward] Egg Fried Rice Set (Available)

Day after day, it had truly been a long wait. After dreaming for such a long time, he finally managed to obtain something new.

Yuan Zhou tapped on the mission panel to receive his reward.

The mission reward wasnt a book that automatically entered his mind, unlike the first time he had received the reward. After redeeming his reward, only one line of Mandarin characters appeared.

The system read, “Host need not prepare the side dishes for the Egg Fried Rice set. They will be provided by the system automatically.”

“Oh, so its like that. No wonder I dont need to learn anything and its not as wondrous as the first time.” While stroking his chin, Yuan Zhou said to himself.

“How about the price of the set”

The system read, “It is priced at: 288 RMB.”


Yuan Zhou was speechless when he saw the price. He thought for a while and, seeking for confirmation, asked, “An Egg Fried Rice Set only includes seaweed soup and pickled radishes, besides the Egg Fried Rice, right”

The system read, “That is correct.”

“Then why is the price 100 RMB higher than a plate of Egg Fried Rice”

Yuan Zhou felt it was still acceptable to sell the God Tier Egg Fried Rice at such a high price. After all, the ingredients were Xiangshui Rice and that very precious egg. It seemed to be a fair price.

However, side dishes such as seaweed soup and pickled radishes were usually all provided to customers for free! Furthermore, they could take as much as they like. Was it really okay to sell it for 100 RMB in his restaurant

Even though Yuan Zhou loved money, he was still shocked by the price. No, it was “extremely shocked”.

It was a bit too greedy.

The system read, “Host please trust the pricing of the Master Chef System. Host can give it a try first.”

“Yeah, that makes sense. What if the two side dishes were on the same level as Wagyu Beef” While recalling his complicated emotions when he first tasted the God Tier Egg Fried Rice, Yuan Zhou decided to give the set meal a try.

Having picked up the spatula and wok, Yuan Zhou, in his best state, quickly prepared a plate of Egg Fried Rice.

Then just like usual, Yuan Zhou set the plate of Egg Fried Rice on the azure countertop. On the countertop was a brownish red wood color, small tray which gave off a faint woody scent. The tray was not large, just enough to carry four plates of Egg Fried Rice. It was a fairly easy job for Yuan Zhou to carry four plates of Egg Fried Rice at a time with his strong arms.

Usually, Yuan Zhou placed the Egg Fried Rice on the tray directly after cooking. However, there was a slight difference this time. The instant the Egg Fried Rice was placed on the tray, a blue bowl and plate, both with white bases, appeared. The bowl was beautifully glazed while the plate had delicate flower patterns on it.

It really appeared in an instant. The speed was so fast that it seemed that they had always been on the tray.

It was so amazing that one could perform the magic act at the Spring Festival Gala!

After staring at the tray for two minutes, Yuan Zhou realized that the two side dishes that had just magically showed up were still on the tray. He reached out and touched the bowl. The temperature of the seaweed soup was just right, perfect for immediate consumption.

It was just like the water from the auto refilling cup, perfect for immediate consumption.

“Fortunately I have gotten used to the appearing and vanishing acts. Ill place the tray on the other side next time.” He said to himself as he took the tray.

After sitting down, Yuan Zhou placed the food on the table and then stared at them from left to right. He decided to taste the radishes first.

This plate of pickled radishes had about the same amount as other ordinary side dishes. There were at most a dozen radish slices in the plate. However, one key difference was that the pickled radishes served outside had been stirred and mixed with either chili, sugar or oil.

Nevertheless, the plate in front of him had nothing else. It was just like its name, pickled radishes. A dozen of jade white radish slices were piled upright together forming a pyramid. Nothing else was there besides the radishes. With a glance, anyone can tell the radishes hadnt been stirred or mixed. There were just taken out and sliced.

The only difference was the color. It looked pretty good, like crystal clear white jade. If one looked carefully, one could find the size of each radish was exactly the same. The appearance of the pile of radishes was near perfect.

After carefully observing the radish on his chopsticks, Yuan Zhou put it in his mouth and started to chew.

The instant the radish entered his mouth, a fresh and sweet flavor leaped onto his taste buds. The radishes, with their crisp, tender, fresh, salty and sour tastes, were an excellent appetizer. Unconsciously, Yuan Zhou took another radish and stuffed it into his mouth.

The pickled radishes didnt have the usual acerbity of normal pickled vegetables. The taste of each piece was just right. Even people with unique palette wouldnt be able to find fault with it. The pickled radishes were completely natural and free from any extra processes. Furthermore, it still maintained the original sweetness and freshness of the radish, yet was without the usual pungency and astringency. It was a fantastic combination, blending the flavors perfectly.

He tried a bite of the first pickled radish along with a mouthful of Fried Rice with Eggs. The taste of the two could make people ascend to heaven. Stimulated by the taste of pickled radish, the formerly tasty Fried Rice with Eggs soared to an even higher level. The taste in his mouth seemed to cause people to enter a magical world, a world where each mouthful caused taste buds to bloom in joy.

Under the temptation of the pickled radishes, Yuan Zhou unconsciously devoured the entire plate along with half of the Fried Rice with Eggs.

This was the perfect moment to stop and take a drink from the soup, thus Yuan Zhou picked up the small glazed blue bowl with a white base.

Though the small bowl was exquisite, it was only about the size of a fist. Furthermore, it was only 70% full, barely enough for a sip. Dark green seaweeds floated about the clear soup in twos and threes just like starfishes. The soup simply looked like boiled water with bits of seaweed, oh yeah, it didnt even have sliced green onions.

“Hu Lu Hu Lu”

Due to the perfect temperature, Yuan Zhou drank half the bowl of soup with a mere sip. However, Yuan Zhou regretted doing so at once, as it was too delicious. Yuan Zhou had a habit of leaving the best for the last, but now he had already drunk half the bowl with merely one sip. This made him fairly distressed.

But soon, Yuan Zhou didnt have the chance to think about other things. He was totally immersed in the bliss of such delicious soup.

The clear soup was really just plain water without any kind of soup stock. However, the clear water was quite special, it was devoid of the usual flavor of chlorine, with only a fresh and sweet taste. It was even better than the drinking water provided by the system. The difference was like Evian mineral water imported from France and the tap water at home.

As for the seaweed, Yuan Zhou didnt like drinking seaweed soup previously. He always felt there was a fishy smell. Only after working as a cook did he realize that it was the smell of the ocean. But he still disliked it. Superb quality seaweed was large and had a slightly less fishy smell, but the smell still lingered. That was why Yuan Zhou didnt like it.

However, the current seaweeds in the small bowl were completely free from that smell. The soft and smooth texture with every mouthful brought about the fresh breeze of the ocean, complementing the superb soup. Yuan Zhou finally realized why these two side dishes were worth 100 RMB.

“Indeed, tasting new dishes is the most important thing after completing a mission.”

Yuan Zhou drank the seaweed soup till the last drop and even finished the juice from the pickled radish plate. Of course, as usual, the plate for Fried Rice with Eggs was cleaned up. Only then did he pat his belly in content.

“System, could you explain the radish and seaweed in detail now And also the water. They were really amazing and really delicious! Complementing each other perfectly.”

After eating and drinking to his hearts content, Yuan Zhou was quite curious about the source of these ingredients. It was so good that he had even prepared to kneel down for such a delicacy. They must be of extraordinary origin since these two ingredients could match up to the extraordinary Fried Rice with Eggs.

If they were common, how could they be served with the Fried Rice with Eggs, and be priced too much.



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