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Gourmet Food Supplier Chapter 19: The First Mission Completed

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Chapter 19: The First Mission Completed

Translator: Xiong Guoqi Editor: DesTheSloth

As business got better, Yuan Zhou started to get busier. Some guests came in during the breakfast hour when they found out they were not able to have lunch in Yuan Zhous restaurant. As a result, Yuan Zhou had to sacrifice his sleep and wake up earlier.

Admiring his own diligence, Yuan Zhou felt he deserved a Labor Award. Today was Monday and Yuan Zhou had woken up half an hour earlier than the previous day.

The mission status displayed 99 servings of Egg Fried Rice had been served, and it was only the 5th day. As long as Yuan Zhou sold another serving, he would obtain the reward from the system.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou didnt even eat his usual helping of Egg Fried Rice for breakfast and just waited for his new reward. Leveling up from level 0 to 1 would clear many restrictions. This was the key factor and also Yuan Zhous main goal.

“Boss Yuan, you are half an hour earlier than usual today, huh” The mustache man, called Wu Hai, entered with his sleepwear.

“Yeah, I opened earlier today. Your Egg Fried Rice will be ready in a jiffy.” Yuan Zhou knew this glutton was observing his restaurant every day in front of the window of his apartment. Without fail, he was always the first customer every day once the restaurant was open. He was indeed an insatiable glutton.

“Boss Yuan, you are in good mood today, arent you” The mustache man Wu Hai had sharp eyes. With a mere glance did he notice the joyful expression on Yuan Zhous face.

“Yes, indeed. But sorry, I still cant.” While taking a glance at Wu Hai, Yuan Zhou knew this guy would use this opportunity to ask for another serving, so he refused him in advance.

“Boss Yuan, how could you so merciless I havent even finished talking.” Wu Hai already knew Yuan Zhou wouldnt agree to his demand, but he had gotten used to asking that. It became like a second nature to him. What if the boss suddenly became retarded But Yuan Zhous answer destroyed his expectation. How merciless!

“Stop it, please. Have your breakfast now.” He urged Wu Hai while carrying the plate to him.

While he looked at the enjoying expression on Wu Hais face, he silently tapped on the mission and found it to be still incomplete. He gazed at Wu Hai thoughtfully and decided to check the mission status after the guy finished eating.

“Thanks for your service. Im leaving now.” Wu Hai had always been a fast eater, but ever since he started to take his meals in Yuan Zhous restaurant, his speed gradually slowed down. Now, he took over half an hour to finish his food.

Watching Wu Hai was savoring his last bite, Yuan Zhou tapped on the mission panel immediately. He found that finally completed the mission, and the reward could now be obtained. With a smile emerging on his usually calm face, Yuan Zhou said to Wu Hai happily, “Let me tell you a piece of good news. The Egg Fried Rice Set will be available today at noontime.”

“Is that true So fast. Why didnt you tell me just now I could have tried it then.” Wu Hai first confirmed the news happily and then remembered that he should have been the one to taste the new set first.

“I told you that the set could only be provided during noontime. Please go back now. Im going to shut the restaurant and reopen at noontime.” As Yuan Zhou was anxious to get his reward, he hurriedly chased Wu Hai out of his restaurant.

Hearing that the set could be provided only at noontime, Wu Hai felt slightly relieved. When he heard Yuan Zhou had to close the restaurant to prepare the set meal, he became even more eager to try the set. The Egg Fried Rice was already so delicious. What kind of side dishes that could match up to such a delicacy While thinking of that, Wu Hai walked outward.


Once Wu Hai got out of the restaurant, Yuan Zhou closed the rolling shutter door immediately. He returned to the restaurant, tapped on the system and then started to check his level.

Target: The system will help you to get a thorough knowledge of both western and traditional Chinese foods so you can become the top Master Chef in the world.

Host: Yuan Zhou (Ordinary Human, Chinese Han)

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Physical quality: C (overall evaluations of neural response, strength, coordination and dexterity, etc.)

Cooking talent: unknown

Skill: God Tier Egg Fried Rice

Tools: none

Overall Evaluation: Novice

(a green hand who had just learned how to cook Egg Fried Rice”

Level: 1

(Congratulations! You have finally upgraded to Level 1.)

Brief Introduction of the System: The system consists of 9 levels. From Level 1 onwards, each upgrade by 1 level will be rewarded with a random regional snack. When you finally reach Level 9, the system will automatically reevaluate you as a Master Chef with superb cooking skills. Host, please work hard to level up.”

“How exactly can I level up Yuan Zhou immediately asked the key question.

The system read, “You can level up once you complete the missions released by the system.”

“What will happen if I reach Level 9” Yuan Zhou was fairly curious concerning the 9th level stated by the system. Currently, in this world, there was no more than 10 people who could produce such delicious Egg Fried Rice, Nevertheless, he was merely at the 1st level and was even judged to be a novice. How cool would it be if he were Level 9

The system read, “You can cook a cuisine so magnificent that it will radiate light.”

Having rubbed his eyes, he looked again and it still showed Mandarin characters of “cuisine that will radiate light”.

“How could there be any ingredients that can shine by themselves By adding phosphorous powder” Yuan Zhou was so astonished that be became speechless.

The system read, “After the hosts level increases, the ingredients will not be confined to the planet where the host lives.”

“Interplanetary food materials” Several characters fell on Yuan Zhous head. This was too fantastical. Never had Yuan Zhou expected, that one day he could taste delicacies from other planets, and those delicacies were even going to be prepared by him.

However, he had another important question.

“Will aliens come to the earth”

To save the earth was the dream of everyone during their childhood, probably due to the influence of watching too much Ultraman.

The system read, “Host is too low leveled, so I am unable to answer.”


While reading the familiar words from the system, Yuan Zhou got speechless and almost wept.

“What exactly do the shining ingredients look like Is it necessary to watch the film Cooking Master Boy again”

With a leaping thinking, Yuan Zhou started to imagine again the appearance of glowing ingredients.

“Will the system provide the food materials that are similar to those in the film La Belle Captive”

The system read, “Host is now at a lower level, so I am unable to answer.”

“Ok. It seems I was thinking far too much.”

While rolling his eyes, Yuan Zhou thought it over and prepared to ask some practical questions instead.

“When could the ingredients provided be taken out of the restaurant”

The system read, “When host reaches Level 7, he can obtain the authorization to take out ingredients for a 10 person banquet every day.”

“Ok. Then what about the seats When would I able to get more seats in the restaurant”

Currently, 8 seats were far too little because of the overwhelming orders for Egg Fried Rice. Yuan Zhou intended to add more seats in order to increase the income. After all, he could get 10% commission for each serving of Egg Fried Rice.

The system read, “Host please work hard to level up. At Level 2, you can increase the number of seats.”

“It seems I need to wait longer.”

Thinking of the commission, however, Yuan Zhou remembered that he had been too excited to ask if the commission percentage would increase.

“System, when can we increase my commission percentage”

The system read, “You get another 10% commission for each increase in level.”

“So does that means I can get 20% commission right now” The pleasant surprise came so quickly that it left Yuan Zhou little dumbfounded.

The system read, “Host can check the commission percentage by yourself. No need to ask anymore.”

20% out of 188RMB was 37.6 RMB per serving. This way, the money spent on renovations would soon be quickly earned back.

With glowing eyes, Yuan Zhou felt very satisfied. It was after all pure profit.

“How delicious would the newly awarded Egg Fried Rice Set be I might as well claim my reward first.”

Having gotten all the information that he was interested in, Yuan Zhou claimed his reward decisively.

However, this reward was slightly different than expected...


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