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Gourmet Food Supplier Chapter 17: The Principled Boss

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Chapter 17: The Principled Boss

Translator: Xiong Guoqi Editor: DesTheSloth

“Ha Ha Ha.....”

Seeing those people scrambling to order food, Monkey, Ali and Sun Ming burst into unkind laughter.

Meanwhile, Qian Jianshe, Yi Yuan and Zhou Yan were staring at Yuan Zhou and waiting for his approval. Only Zhang Daming looked at Sun Ming and asked curiously, “What are you laughing for”

“This brother of mine is a man of principle, isnt it Monkey.” Sun Ming first pointed at Yuan Zhou, and then looked towards Monkey.

“Thats true. Havent you been told already that Boss Yuan is a boss that sticks to his principals This afternoon, we have already tried all these methods you are using now, but it wont work. If the boss says its only one serving, its indeed only one serving.”

Monkey originally admired and hated Yuan Zhous principle. However, he felt quite delighted to see the group host and his friends scratching their heads due to being unable to eat good food. Such an experience couldnt simply be described by “feeling awesome”.

“Boss Yuan, look at my big figure. One plate of Egg Fried Rice isnt even enough to fill the gaps between my teeth. Even if you dont allow takeout, at least let me eat till Im full.” Qian Jianshe turned his head and looked at Sun Ming and then Yuan Zhou. In order to get more servings of Egg Fried Rice, This guy even used the ruse of showing his own injury to gain Yuan Zhous sympathy.

“Exactly. Look at us. We are all adult men. How could one serving of Egg Fried Rice be enough for our big stomachs At least it has to be 3 servings that can feed us till we are full. Right” Zhang Daming started to mobilize the other guests in the restaurant. While sitting aside and hearing them, even the small mustache nodded his head to express his support concerning Zhang Damings proposal.

“Since you guys are begging to such extent, I wont hide it anymore...”

Yi Yuan and other people got excited hearing the first sentence but was disappointed by the latter sentence.

With calmness on his face, Yuan Zhou stood in the middle of the curved long table and looked around at every guest. Then he said, “Im sorry, I still cant.”

It was about 7:00 in the evening. The moon was rising up. Some families were starting to prepare for dinner while some had just finished. Therefore, the small street appeared to be more peaceful.

At the moment, the passerby along the street heard roars from the eatery that didnt even have a shop sign in unison. The shrill sound was filled with sadness and agony, just like a duck whose neck was choked. Frightened by the abrupt sound, passengers shook off their goose bumps and hurried away.

“Why, why are you so cold hearted, Boss Yuan Do you really have the heart to see us stay in hunger Qian Jianshe touched his belly and revealed a manner of resentment. Other people stood aside and nodded their heads to express their consent.

“Boss Yuan, a man has to be principled. But I am hating your principle right now.” The facial expression of Zhang Daming was like a husband who caught his wife cheating, hating bitterly.

“No one could deny that Boss Yuan is indeed a boss of personality and principle.” Yi Yuan and Zhou Yan sighed with emotion, speaking in one voice.

The mustache man put down the money and gave Yuan Zhou a thumb up. Then he left smartly.

“I cant stay here any longer. I must go now. I will get hungrier if I stay here longer.” Zhang Daming covered his belly with his hands, looking at Yuan Zhou, and then continued, “Moreover, I have an impulsion to beat someone.”

Similarly, the frustrated boss Yuan Zhou also wanted to beat someone. The mission had required a least sales volume of 100 servings of Egg Fried Rice. Reselling meant more money. Any sane person would be in pain if they had to drive away cash. He had nothing to do but weep in the heart.

“Me, too. But where would we obtain Egg Fried Rice after we beat him” Monkey came up with the key problem, for this was the very first time they had eaten such delicious Egg Fried Rice.

“I feel so hungry. Lets hurry up and leave, shall we” Even Sun Ming didnt support Yuan Zhou anymore. He suggested that they should head home.

“Why dont we go and eat the roast duck of the old Lee” Qian Jianshe couldnt help but propose that. He felt he was even hungrier than before. But before he finished his sentence, he found himself with no appetite.

“No, I have no interest of other foods. God, what could I do in the future” Zhang Daming was formerly a loyal customer of the roast duck of the old Lee. However, he didnt even have any desire to eat it now. Thinking of that, he couldnt help taking a sorrowful glance at Yuan Zhou, just like a deserted newlywed wife

While staying expressionless, Yuan Zhou patted his arm to get rid of goosebumps. The sight of that guy was fairly frightening. “Shit, Im not gay.”

Thinking of roast duck, the several friends who had eaten the old Lees roast duck before subconsciously started to make comparisons between the two foods. Compared to the Egg Fried Rice, the roast duck of the old Lee was much too greasy, the duck meat was not smooth and tender enough and the dipping sauce was not that exquisite.

As they thought of that, their sorrow deepened.

Although Yuan Zhou had very thick skin, he still couldnt bear the bitter light from his several guests, thus he quickly saw them off.

This was the scene that Yin Ya and Zou Heng encountered when they came into the restaurant. Several adult men were looking back at Yuan Zhou with a bitter look while they were walking out.

“Welcome to my restaurant.”

Yuan Zhou saw the pretty girl who had been here at noontime and a plain-looking man coming into the restaurant together. The pretty girl wasnt with him, however, there was no problem for Yuan Zhou to appreciate her beauty. Nevertheless, the presence of the plain-looking man in her company gave Yuan Zhou the impression of a good cabbage being grubbed by a pig.

Nevertheless, he was still courteous. After clearing away two seats, Yuan Zhou sat them down.

“Boss, two servings of Egg Fried Rice.” Once both were seated, Yin Ya ordered the food directly.

“Ok, one moment, please.” Yuan Zhou answered, smiling.


After setting down the two plates of Egg Fried Rice, Yuan Zhou was stopped before he could turn and leave.

“Please give me a cup of tea water. What would you like to drink, Yin Ya” When Zou Heng found that the boss was about to leave, he stopped Yuan Zhou and said.

“Sorry, I dont provide anything else except for the Egg Fried Rice here in the restaurant.” Yuan Zhou wasnt polite to the man who, Yuan Zhou believed, had stolen the pretty girl. He refused Zou Hengs demand directly.”

“How could you do business with such an attitude” As Yin Ya was beside him, Zou Heng found it inappropriate unleashed his fury. He merely questioned the boss with a cold tone.

To this kind of people that acted arrogantly, Yuan Zhou would just ignore him and observe him.

“Zou Heng, calm down, please. The Egg Fried Rice he cooks is fairly delicious. Besides, Im not thirsty.” Feeling the awkward atmosphere, Yin Ya prompted Zou Heng voluntarily.

“Yin Ya, I didnt mean it. I just felt that the boss has a problematic attitude. But since you are not thirsty, then forget about it. Lets talk after the meal.” Zou Heng took out a napkin that he carried about and cleaned the spoon before handing it over.

“Thank you. Lets eat.” As she received the spoon, Yin Ya thanked him and then started to have dinner.

Although he felt discontented in the heart, Zou Heng had to keep his dissatisfaction under control when he saw the pretty girl beside him eating quietly. After all, he had spent several months to woo her, thus he wouldnt allow failure due to such minor issues.

He scooped up a spoon of Egg Fried Rice in an elegant way and then started to have dinner

When the food entered his mouth chewing, words flashed by his heart.

“Gosh, is this Egg Fried Rice even cooked by a human”

“Is this only Egg Fried Rice”

“The stuff Im eating right now, is it really the Egg Fried Rice that I eat regularly”

Important things had to be repeated for three times.

“It is really far more delicious and tasty!”

Instantly, the word “exquisite” was engraved on the face of Zou Heng.

“Another ordinary person has been conquered by the Egg Fried Rice again.” Yuan Zhou sighed quietly with emotion at the side.

“Im quite tired and hungry today. Boss, could you please offer me another serving Though having known the rules here, Yin Ya still wanted to try. After all, everybody had dreams. What if they were realized

With his standard smile, Yuan Zhou answered the same answer, “Sorry, I cant.”

“Boss...” For such delicious food, Yin Ya switched her approach, using a soft manner and sweet tone.

While sitting aside, Zou Heng couldnt bear to hear that anymore. Regardless of his painstaking efforts, this girl never showed her soft side or tender tone to him. But now, she was talking to another man in such a manner. That made him crazy.


The wallet of Zou Heng appeared on the table. He said as if he was a second rich generation, “Boss, I pay 5 times more, for another two serving.”

Having calculated the price quietly in his mind, Yuan Zhou found himself unable to refuse such temptation at all.


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