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Gourmet Food Supplier Chapter 16: Fully Displaying His Talents (Part Two)

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Chapter 16: Fully Displaying His Talents (Part Two)

Translator: Xiong Guoqi Editor: DesTheSloth

“No, you cant.”

When they saw Monkey being refused directly and decisively, Ali and Sun Ming couldnt help laughing. The other friends, on the other hand, felt slightly surprised.

In their mind, a boss should at least treat his guests with a polite remark and an extra side dish in response to such a request. They couldnt understand why the boss refused Monkey so decisively.

While seeing Monkey merely shrug his shoulders and find a seat, his several companions did the same as well.

After Qian Jianshe sat down, he pointed to the flower racks and asked, “Boss, your eatery isnt very large. Dont those flower racks take up too much space”

Yuan Zhou was originally unsatisfied with having only 8 chairs, but due to his low level, all he could do was endure it. Yet, this fatso was now rubbing salt in his wounds by bringing up that annoying matter. Thus, Yuan Zhou put on his usual poker face, while keeping his irritated mood under control.

“Because... they look beautiful.” Yuan Zhou answered, pretending to be calm.

“...” Qian Jianshe didnt know how to answer anymore.

While Qian Jianshe was left speechless, it was Sun Ming who straightforwardly demanded a plate of Egg Fried Rice for each one of them.

“One moment, please. Theyll be ready right away.” Yuan Zhou responded courteously. He then turned around, and entered the kitchen to start cooking.

“This boss sure has a unique personality.” The group host Yi Yuan said with a smile while looking at Monkey and Qian Jianshe who were stunned by the boss.

“Not only unique, but also sticks to his principles. Youll see yourself in a while.” Following Yi Yuans remark, Monkey added. While sitting on the chair, he was either looking at the busy cook, Yuan Zhou, in the kitchen or watching the mustache man with an envious gaze whom was showing a rapturous expression.

“I dont care. As long as its delicious, its ok.” Sitting there solemnly in his neatly pressed suit, Zhou Yan seemed to be indifferent to their conversation.

“Yes, thats right. Delicious food matters most. But, there isnt even a cup of water” Mr. Rice Bucket looked left and right, then he discovered that there were no cups, chopsticks or napkins. The table was empty.

“According to the boss, except for the Egg Fried Rice nothing else is provided here, neither tea water nor side dishes of peas.”

Sun Ming had gotten a little familiar with the restaurant, thus he acted as a narrator and explained the rules here while Monkey and Ali chipped in anything he missed. Tacitly, they kept the most important point under cover.

This was just like Harry Potters entrance ceremony to the School of Wizardy. The seniors would never tell the first-year students about the important points. It was an utmost pleasure to bully others while having been bullied previously.

The most communicative Qian Jianshe took a glance at the mustache man. Since the Egg Fried Rice was served to him, he had never raised his head, merely continued to eat. It looked rather odd for a large man to eat one delicate spoonful after another.

“Is this Egg Fried Rice really so good” Qian Jianshe asked doubtfully.

Not until he heard the question did the mustache man, eating earnestly, raise and nod his head, all without saying a word. After that, he continued eating.

This scene was captured by the group host Yi Yuan and his friends who came for the first time. The behavior of the mustache man, if he hadnt been starved for days, meant it was indeed due to the delicious taste. Thus, they waited eagerly for Yuan Zhous Egg Fried Rice.

“Here we are, everybody. These are the Egg Fried Rice for you guys.”

Yuan Zhou passed on the plates in sequence to the fatso Qian Jianshe, Monkey, Yi Yuan and Zhang Daming successively.

While taking a glance at the plate, Qian Jianshe whispered, “an Egg Fried Rice without even a slice of scallions.

“Its indeed just Egg Fried Rice. It really has only eggs and rice.” Even Yi Yuan made some complaints about that.

However, the three people who had been here, Monkey, Ali and Sun Ming, started to eat directly, regardless of other peoples complaints.

After having checked carefully if the spoon was clean, Zhou Yan, being the first, put a spoonful into his mouth. His serious face quickly changed the instant the Egg Fried Rice entered his mouth. While lowering his head, he looked at the Egg Fried Rice, then the spoon in his hands, afterward he continued by putting another spoon into his mouth quickly again.


The importance of a delicacy stems from its ability to make people feel thoroughly relaxed and engrossed, just like bringing you on a miraculous taste trip. Zhou Yan was currently indulged in that pleasure and almost forgot all about his home and duty.

The expressions of his other friends all turned delighted and satisfied, as if they had finally obtained what they have been seeking all this while.

Of the four basic necessities of life, clothing, food, housing and transportation, food ranked the second. From that, its importance could be seen. The several friends gulped down their Egg Fried Rice, just like thirsty desert travelers encountering a timely rain shower.

“baji, baji”

Beautiful moments were always fleeting, let alone delicious foods. Before they had fully savored the pleasure, their plates had reached the bottoms.

None left.

Having no experience eating here, the group host finished up first. Then they started to recall the aftertaste of the delicious Egg Fried Rice, while seated in their chairs.

Since the restaurant started several days ago, Yuan Zhou found he had gotten into a habit, that is, watching the guests being conquered by the Egg Fried Rice that he had cooked and revealing a happy expression.

That made him proud while bringing about a sense of achievement. Seeing him acting all aloof merely gave misconception to others.

When Qian Jianshe noticed the plate had been even cleaner than his face, he showed a surprised manner like “It was eaten up Why do I feel like I havent started” Once he came back to himself, he said to Yuan Zhou, “Boss, its really the very first time in my life that I ate such a delicious Egg Fried Rice. I could feel my soul ascending to the heavens. Boss, you are indeed the top chef.” Qian Jianshe was never stingy with his compliments.

“Frankly speaking, after this experience, I feel that I will lose weight due to hunger if I couldnt manage to eat this Egg Fried Rice.” While talking, he also patted his fat belly to make it look more convincing.

When the last hint of aftertaste of the Egg Fried Rice vanished in his mouth, Qian Jianshe said to Yuan Zhou while his small eyes were filled with sincerity.

“Boss, could you please provide three more servings After finishing that, please get two servings packed so that I can take away.”

“Im really sorry. Here in this shop, we provide each guest with only one serving per meal. And we dont have the take aways currently since this restaurant is small and earns little.” While saying that, Yuan Zhou showed a standard smile on his face.

After hearing Yuan Zhou, Qian Jianshe was dumbfounded. Having stared at Yuan Zhou for quite a while, he said, “Boss, isnt the Egg Fried Rice 188 RMB per serving Dont worry. I will definitely pay for that. If you dont have a container, any bowl also works. I can pay a deposit or even buy the plate, for sure.”

While saying that, Qian Jianshe nodded his head in the affirmative to express his resolution to do that.

“This Egg Fried Rice is really delicious. This is the first time I have eaten such delicious Egg Fried Rice.” As a teacher, Zhou Yan should have had more gorgeous words to compliment the dish. However, facing the scrumptious Egg Fried Rice, he could do nothing but repeat the few words.

“Boss, serve me two more, please. And one extra serving to go is ok.” The always serious teacher Zhou Yan stroked his sleeve cuff uncomfortably while saying. It was also the first time for him to eat 3 servings of Egg Fried Rice.

“Thats true. Boss Yuan, the good taste of your Egg Fried Rice is beyond the scope of scientific comprehension. If we each can only have one serving, your excellent culinary skills couldnt be displayed.”

“So, please pack 10 servings for me, and another three to eat here. I can wait patiently.” Zhang Daming grinned in a shameful manner.


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