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Chapter 14: God Tier Egg Fried Rice Starting to Show its Attraction

Translator: Xiong Guoqi Editor: DesTheSloth

This pretty girl is indeed from Southern China. Her name is Yin Ya. She formerly studied in the university here in Chengdu City of Sichuan Province. And she has been staying here to work since she graduated, just in the business office building behind the restaurant. Working as a secretarial assistant of an inspector general, Yin Ya has got a good salary, about 30 grand per month.

However, on this morning Yin Ya had been wrongfully reported by another secretarial assistant, which resulted in a severe criticism on Yin Ya from the inspector general. This was the first time she had been treated unjustly and she felt quite aggrieved. Therefore, Yin Ya decided to eat some delicious food to abreact his upset mood. That was the reason why she would spend 188 RMB today on a simple Egg Fried Rice.

Since she had already visited almost every restaurant in the street downstairs, Yin Ya prepared to find a new restaurant and order some extra dishes for abreaction. Looking at the restaurant from outside, she felt it was not bad and thus she stepped into it. But who could believe there was only Egg Fried Rice served here and the simple fried rice was surprisingly sold at 188 RMB

Yin Ya hadnt intended to eat such expensive food, but on second thought she accepted the price. After all, it was for abreaction. The price didnt actually matter too much.

Yin Ya raised her head to take a look at the boss who was concentrating on cooking. And she was even thinking to resist this restaurant in Circles of Friends of Wechat if the 188 RMB was not good enough for the price. Anyhow, this restaurant is fairly near to the building where she worked.

Make the boss lose all business and close down the restaurant.

“This is your Egg Fried Rice. Help yourself, please.” Yuan Zhou cooked as fast as usual.

“Thank you.”

Yin Ya put down her telephone and looked up at Yuan Zhou with a polite smile. Afterward, she started to eat with the spoon.

As an assistant, she didnt have any defect on etiquette.

A golden Egg Fried Rice and an unprepared appetite

“The fragrance...”

The moment she absorbed the fragrance of the Egg Fried Rice in her nose, the slobber came out of her mouth immediately. There was only one thought in her heart. Just eat it.

There passed a clear and melodious sound when the spoon touched the plate. With the first spoon of Egg Fried Rice in her mouth, she felt the fragrance of the fried rice and the eggs were perfectly merged and all pores throughout her body opened up as if she had just eaten the ginseng fruit.

After the first bite, the previous thoughts of publishing that in Circles of Friends of Wechat if not satisfactory and other annoyances all completely vanished.

Excellent! She only said once for the only one word.

Her parents were both teachers, thus Yin Ya had lived a good family condition ever since she was a child. Besides, she owned a comparatively high salary now. Her daily life was fairly delicate. Occasionally, Yin Ya rewarded herself with an exquisite meal. Once in a while, she spent two or three grand RMB for a feast.

As a pretty girl who was after by dozens of young men, fresh flowers and good wine were inevitable. Despite of that, Yin Ya had never tasted any dish better than the Egg Fried Rice.

Last time she went with her colleagues to a private home cuisine restaurant, which is said to be within the top three. They had to make a reservation there half a month in advance for a dinner worth more than 3 grand RMB. But compared with the Egg Fried Rice, it was quite neglectable and incomparable.

“The boss is definitely skilled.”

Summoned by the magic of the Egg Fried Rice, the graceful and reserved girl Yin Ya wanted to lick the plate for the very first time. Of course with her pretty strict upbringing, she wasnt likely to do that. But still, she raised her head and said with a genuine smile from the heart.

“Please bother to cook another serving for me.”

After saying that, Yin Ya felt slightly embarrassed. It was always embarrassing for a pretty girl to ask for more food at restaurant outside. After all, slender figure mattered most.

“I am sorry. We provide each guest with only one serving for each meal.” Yuan Zhou had plenty of patience and kindness to pretty girls. Beautiful things made people feel happy.

“Thats all right. What time are you close in the evening” Refused by others, Yin Ya was slightly surprised that she blinked her eyes. Then she turned to another topic.

Yuan Zhou felt happy and disappointed as well when he found the pretty lady didnt insist on getting to the bottom of the matter. If she asked more questions, they were likely to have more common topics. But judging from her manner, this pretty girl had already been conquered by his cooking skill.

“9:00 in the evening.”

“Ok. Give me the bill.”

Yin Ya paid the bill cleanly. Though feeling slightly surprised with the refusal by the boss, she didnt get angry any bit. There was a rule everywhere, let alone a restaurant that could provide such a delicious Egg Fried Rice.

She was not that kind of person, who felt her demand should be always satisfied simply because she was beautiful. Of course, this kind of character couldnt make her hold the post of the inspector generals assistant.

“Thanks for coming. Welcome you here next time.” Yuan Zhou said with his utmost sincerity.

Noontime had quick gone. If it were an ordinary eatery, Yuan Zhou had to prepare the food materials for the evening dinner and supplement the used materials at noon at the time.

The vegetables that needed washing, the rice that needed cooking and the vegetables that needed cutting in advance, all the tedious work had to be finished in the afternoon.

It was a fairly laborious work for a single person to run a restaurant, even for a couple, as too much stuff had to be prepared. Yuan Zhou had also formerly experienced that.

As for now, Yuan Zhou only had to close down the restaurant and went upstairs to sleep.

The food material system had got all materials in the cabinet. It would supplement the same amount of materials as used on previous day. As for the exact number, Yuan Zhou had tried to count. However, he finally gave up when he had counted to the eggs to 300 and found there were still more inside of the cabinet.

The kitchen was currently a central location of various black technologies. Yuan Zhou had learned how to keep calm in various surprises (shocks) of the system.

He had already handed over the dishwashing work to the advanced multifunctional dishwasher.

So all the work that Yuan Zhou had to do was to cook. The system will handle all other work.

Then Yuan Zhou went to sleep for rest.

While Yuan Zhou was taking a nap contentedly, the people who had just eaten the Egg Fried Rice couldnt keep calm anymore. Sun Ming, Monkey and Ali, the three people started to strongly recommend Yuan Zhous Egg Fried Rice in a gourmand group of Wechat.

A Monkey in the Tree, “The dish of Egg Fried Rice recommended by Sun is terrifically delicious! And the boss also had his own personality. Shall we go for a taste tonight”

Clearly Understand, “How many times have I told you to call my full name please I didnt cheat you, did I Monkey, lets go there again tonight.”

I am a Gormandizer, “Didnt you go there this morning And youll go again tonight”

Ali, “I will go with you.”

Mr. Rice Bucket, “Ali, didnt you catch a cold”

Ali, “Yes, but it doesnt affect my appetite. It wasnt greasy at all.”

I am a Gormandizer, “Is it so tasty Even a sick guy who doesnt like greasy food at all like you could eat it.”

Mr. Rice Bucket, “Hearing you three guys, I get a little interested in that. I havent found any good-taste dish recently. Gormandizer, shall we go together”

A Monkey in the tree (Monkey) found two persons starting to respond in the group and typed more quickly, “Gormandizer, come together. Lets meet at 6:00 on the Central Square. Anybody who wants to go together just go to the square to meet.”

I am a Gormandizer, “You Monkey. Every time you run fast when theres a party. See you then. But if the Egg Fried Rice is not to my satisfaction, you need to compensate me with a roast duck of the old Lee.”

A Monkey in the Tree, “No problem. Anyone who says not delicious comes to me directly.”

“You are far too confident, man. It seems I also need to go there to taste it.” Gluttony said.

A Monkey in the Tree, “Group host is here. Group host, dont worry. It is 10-Star Recommendation. I promise that.”

When Sun Ming (Clearly Understand) found the host of the group where he publicize the clothes came out, he started to get online to support his brother.

Cleary Understand, “That restaurant belongs to my brother. If its not delicious, I also buy a roast duck of the old Lee for each of you.”

With the group host taking the lead and the temptation of two roast duck of the old Lee, more and more people who seldom talks came out.

Onlookers 1234, “Only thinking of the roast duck of the old Lee will make me drool. The crisp skin, tender and succulent meat and also the dipping sauce. Count me in. If its not good, dont blame me if I say something bad to you.”

As a response, Sun Ming and Monkey started to praise the Egg Fried Rice in various ways.


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