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Gourmet Food Supplier Chapter 13: The 1st Genuine Customer

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Chapter 13: The 1st Genuine Customer

Translator: Xiong Guoqi Editor: DesTheSloth

Monkey looked suspiciously at Sun Ming, who merely showed an indifferent expression, ignoring Monkeys gaze with a magnanimous manner.

“Thats ok. Lets eat first. After eating then we can chat.” Ali tried to smooth things over when he found that the atmosphere was a little embarrassing. Anyhow, the taste of the food was what mattered most.

Although the awkward atmosphere was dispelled, Ali never planned to eat as he didnt feel good today. He was just felt curious by Sun Mings description, saying that this delicacy could only be found in the heaven rather than on Earth, thus came over to check personally.

In Alis impression, oily fried foods like Egg Fried Rice were unacceptable. He was never able to eat the oily steamed stuffed buns in the morning, not to mention greasy Egg Fried Rice at noontime.

However, when he looked down at the plate of Egg Fried Rice, he found that he was wrong, very wrong. He couldnt see any eggs nor smell any oil in the Egg Fried Rice. The only smell was the fragrance of the food which drifted toward his nose.

“Pleasantly fragrant”, the idiom was best applied to this food.

“Maybe I should have a taste.” Ali got a little spirited and thought in the heart.

Having sent the first spoonful into his mouth, Ali became another one who was conquered by the Egg Fried Rice. He noticed that the other two guys beside had almost finished their Fried Rice. Their speed was like the wind cutting through the clouds, fast, as if they had been hungry for 3 days.

A faint smile emerged at the corner of Yuan Zhous mouth. It was a confident smile rather than a proud one. One must understand that he had eaten his Egg Fried Rice for every meal, yet never felt sick of it, and every time he found that the taste would become tastier. This absolutely was not arrogance.

The systems reward was a skill, thus the proficiency could gradually be increased. As time passed, it became more and more delicious. Since it was already at the peak of the delicacies from the start, the progress didnt seem apparent and wouldnt have large improvement. Unless it was a person that posses a sensitive palate, common people would only feel that it was extremely delicious.

“My goodness! You finally did something right, Sun.”

“I have been to many places in the north and south over these years and have also eaten many delicacies. However, this Egg Fried Rice is the most delicious one I have ever eaten.”

“No wonder the price is 188 RMB per serving. To me, the price is worth it.”

The first thing that Monkey and Ali did after they had finished eating was to give compliments to this food with their poor vocabulary. And the second reaction was ...

“Ah, its so tasty. Boss, I would like one more. No, two more please. One serving is not enough.” Monkey finished off the Egg Fried Rice first. He handed over the plate to Yuan Zhou while enjoying the aftertaste and requested for one more.

“Definitely quite delicious. I want another, as well.” Ali followed Monkey and said.


Being the last one who finished off the food, Sun Ming laughed heartily just before Yuan Zhou answered them.

Monkey and Ali felt perplexed by the laugh.

When he discovered everybody was looking at him, Sun Ming then closed his gaping wide mouth and said with a seemingly seriously manner, “Each guest can only have one serving per meal.”

After that, he couldnt help laughing happily again.

“What” Monkey responded with anger while looking at Sun Ming.

“Sun, you set me up.”

“I will not take the blame for others. This is the rule of the boss, isnt it Boss Yuan.” Sun Ming answered Monkey seriously while blinking towards Yuan Zhou.

“Hum, its true. Here I serve each guest only one serving for each meal. After all, this serving has the same volume as those other restaurants. It is not less at all.” Yuan Zhou explained earnestly after he had put the hand over his mouth and coughed.

He might as well not bother to give an explanation with that kind of response. It was common knowledge that people would demand more than usual when faced with tasty cuisine. Although it had the same amount as others, even the girls that usually scream about losing weight, might ask for two servings. Now that they were told they could only eat one, what is this if its not bullying

Monkey and Ali became dumbfounded. What a ridiculous rule this was. Was there really a type of person that turn down a chance to earn more money

“Are you sure I cant get one more Look, I am a friend of Suns.” Monkey inquired desperately as he scratched his ears and cheeks.

“Yes, you are my friend. But so what Even I could only have one serving per meal and you are thinking of ordering two” Sun Ming stared at Monkey feigning anger.

“Boss, look at me. I am sick today. Could you please...” The large man Ali, surprisingly thought of a trick to show his weakness to win the sympathy of the enemy.

But Yuan Zhou was adamant about his decision. He said with a serious expression, “Sorry, a rule is a rule.”

“Boss, I admire you. You are a talented man. Nowadays, there are not many that stick to their principles.” Ali said.

Monkey also gave Yuan Zhou a thumb up. He also admired the people who stick to their rules in the face of money. After all, there were many in todays society that would ignore their bottom line simply for money.

Actually what Yuan Zhou was thinking at that moment was, “F*ck this rule!!! This is all money! Money! Money!”

“All right. I finally know your intentions. Lets go share this pain with others.” Monkey said to Sun Ming while walking out toward the door.

“How could you say sharing the pain We are actually providing an address where delicious meals can be found. Ali, lets go.” Sun Ming also followed.

“Ok.” When Ali heard there was no more serving, he resumed the indolent manner. The three friends walked together outside.

“Take care, my friends.” Yuan Zhou stood at the interior of the table and said.

“Boss, well come again next time.” Monkey turned his head around and said. Walking in the middle, Sun Ming waved his hand to Yuan Zhou while Ali nodded his head with a smile to Yuan Zhou, following the other two friends.

“Ok. You guys are always welcomed.” Yuan Zhou also responded with smile.

It might be his lucky day today. There came another guest at about 1:00 in the afternoon. This was a pretty guest.

Dressed in a black waistcoat and a smoky gray knee-length one-piece dress, the girl with a middle-parting long hairstyle had a beautiful complexion with a dabble of faint makeup. Carrying a white enamel leather bag in her hand, with a delicate and cute face, she gave off a youthful charm.

“Duk Duk Duk”

The sound of her white high heels against the tiles gave rise to an assortment of musical notes.

She took a seat and said directly, “Give me the menu, please.” She had a graceful voice with a slight accent, seemingly a belle from Southern China belle.

“We only serve Egg Fried Rice here. Please look at the price first. If you feel it is acceptable, I will prepare one for you.” Yuan Zhou looked at the pretty girl and said.

“Hum Ok.” The girl was confused for a moment and then looked at the price after saying that.

“188 No problem. Let me try if your culinary skills deserve such a price.” Her tone carried some dissatisfaction, but she didnt reveal too much anger, merely replying with a cold tone.

“Dont worry. You wont be disappointed.” Seeing that the pretty girl agreed to try, Yuan Zhou got a little excited, thus he replied with confidence.

“Ok. Hurry up. I need go to work shortly.” When the pretty girl found this young boss was so confident, she didnt pay more attention to the food, instead taking out her mobile phone to check for new message

Yuan Zhou stood at a covert place not far away and admired the pretty girl. Her graceful dining posture made him feel hungry as well. Ones appetite could be enhanced just by watching beautiful women. This was a sentence passed down from one generation to another, a delicate face could also be a feast - for eyes.


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