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Chapter 97, Rock Pugilist And Holy Priest

Looking at the strange phenomenon caused by the two womens class transitions, Liu Yan put away his Blade of The Night and continued to be on alert.

Although this place was close to the exit, it was relatively remote.

Moreover, it was nighttime, so there werent many fierce beasts in the Yang region.

However, it was better to be careful in case they attracted any Awakened and fierce beasts.

However, Liu Yan did not discover any movements after using his A-grade perception skill, Omniscient Insight, to observe the surroundings.

Liu Yan continued to be on guard while waiting.

The two womens class transitions were probably not weak, judging from how they continuously caused abnormal phenomena.

After all, with so many Yang cards and Yin cards, plus they were both very rare S-grade talents, it would naturally be easy for them to transit to powerful classes.

Back then, Liu Yan could also choose some hidden classes, but Liu Yan still felt that the most powerful class would be the one that suited him most, so he chose the Assassin class, which looked more ordinary.

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Fortunately, the Assassin and Hunter classes were relatively compatible, and they actually merged.

When Liu Yans class transition happened, it didnt cause any unusual phenomenon, but his class transition to the Dark Ranger class wasnt weak at all.

After waiting for a while, Murong Xue and Chu Long completed their class transitions.

When they woke up, joy filled their faces.

Seeing this, Liu Yan knew their class transitions should be pretty smooth.

He smiled and said, “Looks like the gains arent small Lets talk about our respective gains.”

Murong Xue and Chu Long looked at each other, their eyes filled with joy.

Murong Xue walked forward first and introduced, “Ive used up twenty Yin cards and twenty Yang cards and transited to the rare class of Rock Pugilist! My attack power has increased quite a bit, and my defense also increased by an exaggerated amount.

My combat power has greatly increased after fusing with the rock attribute.

In the future, you guys can stay behind me and attack without worry.

It will be very safe!”

Liu Yan nodded slightly when he heard that.

Liu Yan had seen the Rock Pugilist class in his smart wristband before.

Even when Liu Yan was in his class transition, he had also considered this class.

However, in the end, some aspects were not suitable for him, so Liu Yan gave up on it.

Compared to Ordinary Pugilists, the Rock Pugilists attack power increased a little after fusing with the rock attribute.

However, the most significant increase was naturally in their physical fitness and defense.

With the rock attribute, Murong Xues defense would be even stronger.

Correspondingly, there were also some weaknesses.

Their attack power was somewhat lacking, and they werent flexible enough.

That was also the reason why Liu Yan gave up.

However, for Murong Xue, those two weaknesses werent a problem.

With Liu Yan around, they definitely wouldnt lack in damage output.

She only needed to be a good tank in front to block all the damage and protect Chu Long.

“Not bad, very strong.” Liu Yan praised, then looked at Chu Long on the other side.

Chu Longs face was also full of joy.

She said, “I also used twenty Yin cards and twenty Yang cards and became a Holy Priest after my class transition.

Other than the basic healing ability, I can also use crowd control skills, increasing your battle strength and debuffing your opponents!”

Liu Yan nodded slightly when he heard that.

In the past, when Chu Long had the S-grade talent, Holy Healing, her healing ability was already very exaggerated.

However, other than healing, other aspects were not of much help in battle.

Now, it was completely different.

Besides healing, she also had many crowd control skills that could aid them in battles.

As for how powerful those crowd control skills were, they could only test them out in future battles.

However, there was one thing that puzzled Liu Yan.

His class transition was to a relatively normal class, but both of them were rare class transitions.

Logically speaking, their class transitions were more powerful, so they should have used more Yin cards and Yang cards.

But in reality, each of them had only used twenty Yin cards and twenty Yang cards, while Liu Yan had used thirty Yin cards and thirty Yang cards.

Liu Yan was a little confused, so he could only wait until he had time to study that later.

Fortunately, Liu Yan and the other two had a large number of Yin cards and Yang cards, so they could afford to use them.

The three of them had used up seventy Yin cards and seventy Yang cards during their class transitions, but Liu Yan and the two women still had forty-two Yang cards and eighty-two Yin cards.

After removing the three Yin cards and three Yang cards needed to leave level three of the Tower, the three still had many Yin cards and Yang cards left.

Liu Yan didnt know if those Yang and Yin cards had any other uses besides leaving level three of the Tower and for class transitions.

He would investigate further later.

The three had completed their class transitions, so the teams strength had increased tremendously.

According to Murong Xue and Chu Longs estimations, their current combat strength after class transitions had already increased tremendously, by around 50% instantly, not to mention in the future.

Liu Yan did not mention his situation, but he was very clear deep down.

Although the Assassin class transition was relatively ordinary, the fused Dark Ranger class was very powerful.

After the class transition, Liu Yans combat strength had at least doubled.

Not to mention that Liu Yan had just obtained his first S-grade weapon, Blade of the Night.

His combat strength had instantly increased by several times.

Liu Yans combat strength had increased by too much in one night.

The three of them were filled with joy.

After eating some food, they rested and took turns to keep watch.

The following morning, Liu Yan and the other two set out.

There were still three days before the opening of the Yin-Yang Reversal Mysterious Door.

Liu Yan and the other two had completed their class transitions and gathered enough Yin and Yang cards.

They even had quite a bit of extra cards.

So there was no need to think of ways to obtain Yin and Yang cards during those three days.

Instead, they should think of ways to increase their combat strength.

Liu Yan brought Murong Xue and Chu Long toward the direction of the Yang Lake they had encountered yesterday.

After the previous night, Liu Yans strength had increased tremendously.

He was now completely capable of dealing with that Ancient Draconic Croc.

So he naturally wanted to deal with it immediately.

This Ancient Draconic Croc was so mighty that it would definitely bring Liu Yan a huge harvest.

Liu Yan could not wait any longer.

Murong Xue and Chu Long followed Liu Yan.

Looking at the direction they were heading in, the two women were a little puzzled.

“Brother Liu Yan, what are we going to do Why is the direction were heading in the direction of yesterdays battle location” Chu Long asked with some confusion.

Murong Xue, who was at the side, guessed, “I know.

You saw that the three of us had successfully completed our class transitions, so you want to teach those Awakened from yesterday a lesson, right It just so happens that I also want to take revenge.

I want to teach them a good lesson for ganging up to kill us yesterday!”

Hearing this, Liu Yan smiled and shook his head.

He said, “We can teach them a lesson and take revenge when we have time later.

Teaching them a lesson wont bring us much benefit.

Whats the rush You guys saw that powerful Ancient Draconic Croc too yesterday.

Lets go and get rid of that Ancient Draconic Croc!”

When Chu Long and Murong Xue heard Liu Yans words, the two women immediately stopped in their tracks, their faces filled with shock.


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