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Liu Yan was decisive, and chose the assassin class as he began his class transition.

The yin and yang cards were used up quickly, and Liu Yans body underwent earth-shattering changes.

After a long time, some notifications appeared in front of Liu Yan.

[Class transition has been successful!]

[The assassin and hunter classes have merged to form a single class: Night Ranger!]

When Liu Yan heard this, he was rather surprised.

The two classes could merge to form one single class, Night Ranger.

The hunter class was a rare and extremely powerful class.

The assassin class was quite ordinary, but Liu Yan had provided a large number of yin and yang cards, so he was powerful.

After combining the two classes, how terrifying would the night ranger be

Out of curiosity, Liu Yan hurriedly opened his new class panel.

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Class: Night Ranger

Rarity: One of a kind


Steady Shot – Precise Shot – Rapid Shot – Long-range shot (To be unlocked)


Create Traps – Remove Traps – Upgrade Traps – Multiple Traps (To be unlocked)


Familiar Identification – Taming – Absolute Order – Synchronization (To be unlocked)

[Bodily Movement]

Flicker – Ghostly Shadow (To be unlocked)


Initial Attack – Familiar Attack (To be unlocked)

The first two sections of the last two effects were unlocked, namely Flicker and Initial Attack.

Liu Yan hurriedly checked these sections out.

Flicker allowed him to control every part of his body nimbly within a small area.

He already had a very strong agility attribute, and was very fast.

Under the strong S-Grade skill, Sixteen Times the Speed of Sound, Liu Yan was like a freak of nature.

He moved so fast, one could not even see him.

However, having agility within a small area was extremely rare.

Having such nimbleness and agility in battle could help Liu Yan create some unexpected outcomes.

After trying the effect out, Liu Yan felt extremely agile and nimble.

He was able to get into strange postures to dodge attacks, and could launch attacks from odd angles.

This was just the first unlocked section of the Bodily Movement effect.

Liu Yan was sure that once he unlocked the next section, he would definitely become even more powerful.

On the other hand, Initial Attack allowed any attack from Liu Yan to have a one in ten change of triggering a Critical Attack, causing thrice the damage.

Although the chances of triggering the Attack were low, having thrice the damage once activated was very scary.

Liu Yan imagined that if he used his full strength to attack, and if a Critical Attack were to be triggered, most of his opponents would be instantly killed.

In the previous battle with the Golden-Armored Blue Ape, Liu Yan used his full strength but could only manage a draw.

However, if he had used the Initial Attack, Liu Yan would probably be able to inflict triple the damage with just one hit.

Even if Liu Yan couldnt kill the Golden-Armored Blue Ape right away, he could injure it heavily at the very least.

The battle would be much simpler if the Golden-Armored Blue Ape suffered from injury.

As for the ancient champsosaurus in Yang Lake, Liu Yan did have a way to deal with it, but with the Initial Attack effects, he managed to come up with a concert plan.

When the time came, he was going to place Murong Xue and Chu Long as guards to prevent other Awakened from interfering.

Liu Yan knew that he could deal with the ancient champsosaurus.

The effects of the Initial Attack were incomparably powerful.

Against an opponent of the same strength, Liu Yan had the opportunity to trigger a critical hit.

One attack could decide the outcome of the battle.

Even if Liu Yan was facing a stronger opponent, he could utilise the attacks and have a chance to turn the tables and win.

Due to divine extraction, Liu Yan had already obtained a large number of attributes and powerful skills, allowing him to have the ability to fight against opponents of a higher level.

Now that he had the Initial Attack, Liu Yan could even fight above his level.

It was truly incredible.

This was just the first section of the Assassinate effect, yet it already had such a terrifying effect.

In the future, when Liu Yan unlocked the next segment, regardless of whether it was the probability or the multiplier after the critical hit, his power would definitely increase.

By then, after mastering the critical hit effect, Liu Yans combat strength would receive a qualitative increase!

Liu Yan was extremely satisfied with his new class transition.

When Liu Yan refocused, he checked his yin and yang cards, knowing that many had been used up.

He had used up a total of thirty yin and thirty yang cards.

Fortunately, the trio were very wealthy.

They had a substantial number of yin and yang cards left even after using up so many.

Liu Yan turned to look at Chu Long and Murong Xue.

“Ive completed my class transition.

You guys take the remaining yin and yang cards and carry out the class transition.

Ill stand guard for you.”

Murong Xue and Chu Long, who were on guard, walked over curiously.

“Brother Liu Yan, what class transition did you get How strong are you” Chu Long asked curiously.

Murong Xue sized Liu Yan up and said with a puzzled look, “Your class transition was successful Nothing changed with you.”

Liu Yan couldnt help but be speechless, he said, “Well, you cant tell now, youll definitely be able to tell when were fighting.

Ive changed my class to be an assassin.

Its just a normal class.

However, Ive used up all my yin and yang cards, so my strength is quite good.”

“An assassin”

Chu Long and Murong Xue were both a surprised when they heard this.

Liu Yan was clearly very strong in close combat and was also good at archery.

Why did he transition to the assassin class, a class that had nothing to do with his current strengths

Although they were puzzled, this was Liu Yans business.

Moreover, Liu Yan was so strong that even they didnt know what was going on with him, so they naturally didnt ask any more questions.

The two women took the yin and yang cards and carried out the class transition at the side with expectant faces.

Meanwhile, Liu Yan stood at the side, guarding the two women.

While guarding, Liu Yan was also thinking about what to do next.

Now that the exit had been found, they definitely had enough yin and yang cards.

However, there were still three days before the Yin-Yang Reversal and the opening of the celestial sect.

Liu Yan had to make good use of these three days.

Through the old man who came down from the upper levels of the tower, Liu Yan also learned that the higher the floor, the more dangerous it would be.

Liu Yan knew that he would face more difficulties the further he went.

Therefore, even though Liu Yan was already very strong, and he could do whatever he wanted on the third floor of the tower, he still needed to continue improving his strength.

Naturally, the simplest way would be to conduct divine extraction on corpses of fierce beasts and the Awakened.

If the Awakened did not have high talent grades, Liu Yan would not benefit much.

After all, Liu Yan already had many A-Grade skills.

There were very few living Awakened who also had A-Grade skills, so obviously Liu Yan would have a tough time trying to improve.

Conducting divine extraction on the corpses of fierce beasts was a good idea.

Killing the fierce beasts helped Liu Yan gain EXP, and divine extraction helped him obtain more EXP and a large number of attributes.

He would improve rapidly.

Immediately, Liu Yan thought of the ancient champsosaurus in Yang Lake.

Previously, Liu Yan and the ancient champsosaurus were on equal footing, so he couldnt do anything to it.

But now that he had the critical strike ability, Liu Yan had a way to deal with it.

With three times the damage in one attack, Liu Yan just needed to attack once.

With his current ability, Liu Yan would definitely be able to heavily injure the ancient champsosaurus.

He could finish it off afterwards with his own strength.

Thinking of this, Liu Yan immediately looked forward to the battle with the ancient champsosaurus.

This battle would definitely be more intense than the battle with the Golden-Armored Blue Ape.

That was just a sparring session.

This time, it was a battle of life and death!

At the same time, Liu Yan was also extremely curious.

The ancient champsosaurus that was suppressed here was certainly very powerful.

What kind of huge harvest would this fierce beast bring Liu Yan after killing it


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