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“Come this way.”

Liu Yan pointed in another direction, and the Ice and Fire Two-Headed Wolf followed him immediately, continuing to move forward.

In actual fact, Liu Yan could undoubtedly finish off the Awakened that started coming quite close to him.

However, he did not take any action, but pretended to continue running.

Soon, Liu Yan and his group arrived by the Yang Lake.

The Awakened that were behind them also arrived one after another.

The Awakened saw that Liu Yan and his group were controlling a fierce beast.

Moreover, judging from the tall and menacing appearance of the fierce beast, it seemed to be extremely powerful.

They were somewhat surprised.

“This is the first group of the Awakened that have come here from the Yin Region.

They must be quite strong.”

“Haha, so what if they are strong There are so many of us.

If we attack together, wont we be able to kill them easily”

“Given their strength, I think they should have quite a number of yin cards on them.

It should be enough for us to share.”

“When we attack, lets divide and conquer according to strength, so we dont accidentally attack each other.”

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“Thats right.

I only need one yin card to pass the trial of the third level of the tower.

I dont need any more.”

“I just need one yin card too.”


Right now, that group of Awakened were treating the trio like prey that they already captured, and were discussing how to distribute their spoils.

Murong Xue and Chu Long glanced at Liu Yan and prepared to come down from the Ice and Fire Two-Headed Wolf to fight.

However, Liu Yan waved his hand, indicating that they didnt need to.

Following that, Liu Yan took out the myriad beast bow from his backpack and nocked an arrow.

The Awakened on the opposite side were quite surprised when they saw Liu Yan actually take the initiative to pick up his weapon and prepare to attack.

He dared to take action against so many of them.

Did Liu Yan not care whether he lived or died

After all, there were many more Awakened on the opposite side, so they basically disregarded Liu Yan.

“Kid, I know that youre pretty strong.

If not, you wouldnt be the first batch here in the Yang Region, but so what if youre strong”

“Thats right.

If you hurry up and hand over all your yin cards, and well spare your life.

If you dare to do anything else, well kill you!”

“How dare you take action Dont you recognise the word death”

“How interesting.

This kid is too arrogant.”


The Awakened from the Yang Region saw that Liu Yan was still not letting up and about to take action, so they prepared to fight.

Just then, however, Liu Yan turned the bow and arrow to face the Yang Lake.

Liu Yan activated an A-Grade skill, Flame Control, and attached a powerful flame element to his bow and arrow.

At the same time, he activated another A-Grade skill, Split.

An arrow was shot out and it split into five, each with a powerful flame element attached to it.

When the arrows landed on the lake, they immediately produced an explosive effect, causing a huge commotion.

The Awakened behind them were baffled.

They did not understand what Liu Yan meant by shooting an arrow at the lake.

Amidst their surprise, Liu Yan had already ordered the Ice and Fire Twin-Headed Wolf to flee, and he followed closely behind.

Right when Liu Yan and the others left, the lakes surface turned upside down.

A huge crocodile-like fierce beast appeared.

It looked like a crocodile, but had a much larger body.

It was as big as a small hill, and it looked extremely fierce.

There were two dragon horns on its head.

It seemed to be a powerful ancient champsosaurus.

After being awakened, the ancient champsosaurus seemed quite dissatisfied, but it didnt notice the trio, who looked unremarkable.

Instead, it stared at the group of Awakened from the Yang Region.

A loud roar resounded through the heaven and earth, conveying the dissatisfaction of the ancient champsosaurus.

The Awakened from the Yang Region had never seen such a huge fierce beast before.

They were all scared silly.

The clever ones fled immediately, but the foolish ones were so shocked they could not move.

The ancient champsosaurus charged forward.

In a short while, countless people were killed or injured.

On the other hand, the instigator, Liu Yan, had already escaped with Murong Xue, Chu Long, and the Ice and Fire Two-Headed Wolf.

After leaving Yang Lake, the trio took a short rest.

During the day, fierce beasts ran rampant in the Yang Region.

This was similar to the Yin Region at night, and it was extremely dangerous.

The trio found a place to hide and rest.

They waited until nighttime, when many fierce beasts were gone, before they came out.

Liu Yan, Murong Xue and Chu Long decided to find the exit of the third level of the tower first.

After they found the exit, they would think of a way to get more yang cards.

Currently, the three of them had a total of 72 yin card and six yang cards.

They had already met the criteria for passing the trial of the third level of the tower.

They planned to find the exit, then come back and think of a way to get more yang cards.

This would help them transition to a better class.

Murong Xue observed her surroundings as she said, “I heard that the exit of the third level of the tower is at the intersection of the yin and yang zones.

I think its at the centre.”

Liu Yan nodded.

He had heard of this before.

There was a rumor that the layout of the third level of the tower was octagonal.

The exit was right at the center, and one could reach it from both the Yin and Yang Regions.

The three of them followed a rough map they drew up based on their explorations, and headed toward the center to find the exit.

Under the night sky, there werent many fierce beasts, so it was relatively safe.

While there were fewer fierce beasts, the Awakened that were chasing after Liu Yan in the day were still looking for the trio.

Thinking carefully, Liu Yan understood.

The Awakened who survived in the Yang Region had already left and headed toward the Yin Region.

Those who remained in the Yang Region werent strong, and were rather timid.

They stayed in the Yang Region because they wanted to snatch yin cards from the Awakened who came from the Yin Region.

By doing this, they could collect both yin and yang cards, pass the trial on the third level of the tower, and enter the fourth level.

By doing this, they did not need to face or battle with any fierce beasts.

After all, fighting with the Awakened was definitely much safer than fighting with fierce beasts.

Even though the passage was now open, only a small portion of the Awakened chose to go through the passage to the Yin Region to obtain yin cards.

Many of the Awakened didnt want to go to the Yin Region and face fierce beasts or unknown risks.

They chose to stay in the Yang Region, and steal from the Awakened that arrived from the Yin Region.

Taking advantage of the darkness of night, Liu Yan and the other two quietly bypassed the Awakened and continued to search for the exit of the tower.

When they passed by Yang Lake, they also saw the site where the battle took place that day.

There were many Awakened killed and injured there, and there were more than a dozen corpses.

Liu Yan went forward to check.

The resources and yang cards that they once carried were long stolen by others, leaving nothing behind.

“They have nothing on them.

Lets continue,” Liu Yan said in a low voice.

Murong Xue and Chu Long werent surprised.

They nodded and continued their journey.

The awakened corpses were useless to others, but to Liu Yan, they were a treasure.

Liu Yan quickly used his SSS-Grade talent, Divine Extraction, on the corpses one by one.


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