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“No, we cant beat her.

This woman is too powerful.

Shes a monster.

Lets run!”

The Awakened leading the group reacted first and shouted.

The others turned around and planned to run.

However, the Shadow Wolf that Liu Yan released had already transformed into the Ice and Fire Two-Headed Wolf.

It appeared behind the Awakened and blocked their escape route.

The huge body of the fierce beast was filled with two types of elemental energy.

It looked extremely awe-inducing.

The few Awakened were stunned.

How could they not have expected such a powerful fierce beast to appear behind them They had not even noticed it at all.

At this moment, the fierce beast did not hold back.

Its two heads condensed elemental energy and spat it out.

A huge ball of flame and a huge ice crystal were shot over.

Two Awakened were instantly killed and fell to the ground.

Murong Xue had also continued her attacks, and finished off the remaining two Awakened.

Throughout the entire battle, Liu Yan did not even have to take any action, and the battle was already finished.

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Even though the opponent had the advantage in numbers, the difference in strength was there.

They were still killed in an instant.

“These people are awful.

They actually set up an ambush at the exit of the tunnel, and even had six people together in the plan.

Thankfully, we have enough strength.

Anyone weaker would have perished long ago.” Murong Xue said with a slight frown.

Chu Long agreed, and said, “The Awakened who just emerged from the tunnel would normally have fought their way through it.

They wouldnt have much stamina left, and could even be injured.

There would be no way through this ambush.”

Liu Yan laughed to himself.

These people were good at playing tricks, but unfortunately, their strength wasnt great, and their luck wasnt good either.

Meeting Liu Yan and the others sealed their fate.

After finishing off the six people, Liu Yan went to the corpses and searched for anything they could take away.

The supplies were placed into the spatial ring, and Liu Yan didnt find the equipment to be good enough.

The biggest reward were the yang cards.

Liu Yan found a total of six yang cards on these six people.

The trio obtained their yang cards right as they entered the Yang Region.

Their progress was extremely good.

Six yang cards were divided among three people.

One person could get two cards each.

It was enough to pass the trial of the third level.

With more yang cards, they would be able to transition to a stronger class.

At the same time, Liu Yan activated his SSS-Grade skill, divine extraction.

The corpses of the Awakened were enveloped by a milky white light, and notifications appeared before his eyes.

Liu Yan was about to count the rewards, but through the Omniscient Insight, he sensed that there were many Awakened rushing towards him from afar.

They had clearly been attracted by the battle just now.

The Awakened in the Yang Region saw that the tunnel had opened, so they immediately understood that the Awakened from the Yin Region had arrived.

The Awakened coming from the Yin Region almost certainly had yin cards on them, and those from the Yang Region were currently lacking yin cards.

As long as they could get their hands on yin cards, they didnt have to go to the Yin Region to risk their lives.

They could pass the trial on the third level directly and go straight to the fourth level.

Naturally, they did not want to miss such a good opportunity.

One after another, they rushed towards Liu Yans direction.

When he noticed this, Liu Yan frowned slightly and told Murong Xue and Chu Long about what was happening.

When Murong Xue heard this, she said disapprovingly, “Their strength is limited.

Were strong, so whats there to be afraid of If one comes, well take down one.

If ten come, well take down ten!”

However, Chu Long was slightly worried, and said, “But what if the movements of the battle later attract more of the Awakened We might be strong, but we might not be able to hold on against a sea of people.

Its better to be safe and retreat first.”

After Liu Yan used his A-Grade skill, Omniscient Insight, to sense the surroundings for a while more, he nodded and added, “Indeed, we have no need to fear those who arrive first, but once the numbers of the Awakened increase and more get attracted to come here, it will be dangerous.

We should leave first for our safety.”

Murong Xue saw that Liu Yan, who was stronger than her, had already spoken up.

Naturally, she didnt say much and agreed immediately.

Liu Yan let the two ladies climb onto the Ice and Fire Two-Headed Wolf and sped up to leave.

As for Liu Yan, he did have Sixteen Times the Speed of Sound.

There was no need for him to sit on the Ice and Fire Two-Headed Wolf.

In fact, sitting on the Ice and Fire Two-Headed Wolf actually reduced Liu Yans speed.

“Lets run in that direction first.

The Awakened arent chasing us in that direction.” Liu Yan pointed.

Upon hearing the command, the Ice and Fire Two-Headed Wolf immediately rushed in the direction that Liu Yan pointed towards.

Murong Xue and Chu Long saw that Liu Yan hadnt boarded the iIce and Fire Two-Headed Wolf yet.

Just as they were about to ask Liu Yan about it, the Wolf had already set off.

As they turned to take another took, they saw Liu Yans figure flash past and appear right in front of the Ice and Fire Two-Headed Wolf.

He waited leisurely for them to arrive.

Liu Yan turned his head to look and said rather impatiently, “Hurry up, why are you so slow!”

When the Ice and Fire Two-Headed Wolf heard this, its eyes were filled with grievance.

It was no longer slow.

It was already much faster than fierce beasts and the Awakened of the same level.

However, how could it compare to a monster like Liu Yan Liu Yan was able to completely dominate it in terms of strength.

In the eyes of the Ice and Fire Two-Headed Wolf, Liu Yan was a complete freak of nature.

At this moment, on the back of the Ice and Fire Two-Headed Wolf, the two ladies were holding tightly onto its fur.

They noticed Liu Yans insane speed and realised the reason why they needed the help of the Ice and Fire Two-Headed Wolf was because they were slow.

Liu Yan didnt need help, because he was simply too fast.

After the trio left, the Awakened continued to chase after them.

Even though the Ice and Fire Two-Headed Wolf had run a great distance and left the Awakened very far behind, the Awakened seemed to be able to track them.

The Awakened could still accurately detect where they were and chase after them.

These people were going all out in order to obtain the yin card.

Liu Yan frowned.

Could these people not be shaken off

Just then, however, Liu Yan moved forward.

He positioned himself closer to Yang Lake, and used Omniscient Insight to observe what was going on.

Suddenly, he sensed that there were many fierce beasts at the bottom of Yang Lake.

And one of the strongest auras made Liu Yan feel extremely powerful.

Liu Yan sensed it carefully.

It seemed that the aura of this fierce beast was about the same as that of the Golden-Armored Blue Ape.

Its strength was very likely similar to that of the Golden-Armored Blue Ape!

Such a powerful fierce beast was something that even the current Liu Yan could not deal with, even at his full strength.

However, now that Liu Yan had encountered a powerful fierce beast, he could use this opportunity to shake off the Awakened behind him..

Liu Yan turned around to take a look.

Through Omniscient Insight, he could already see the Awakened ones at the front.

At this moment, they were rushing over excitedly.

Liu Yan sneered, “You like chasing, right Then dont blame me for being ruthless!”


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