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The trio continued their journey.

After exiting the tunnel, they arrived at the Yang Region.

What they saw was a primitive forest, with tall trees and dense flowers.

It looked similar to the Yin Region, but it was clearly much brighter and more beautiful.

Liu Yan could feel a much denser fire element in the air here.

“So this is the Yang Region.

It looks similar to the Yin Region.” Murong Xue looked around.

Chu Longs expression was a little solemn when she said, “I heard that the Yang Region is more dangerous than the Yin Region.

We should be careful.”

The group continued their journey.

Not long after, Liu Yan used his A-Grade skill, Omniscient Insight, to observe and perceive what was going on around them.

He realised that there were two squads of the Awakened, a total of six people.

They were approaching him, and did not seem to have good intentions.

Liu Yan stopped in his tracks, his expression strange.

Murong Xue and Chu Long saw that Liu Yan stopped abruptly, and they looked at him, puzzled.

“Did anything happen” Chu Long asked, somewhat confused.

Liu Yan smiled faintly, and said, “Some guests have arrived.

Lets prepare to receive them.”

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Murong Xue and Chu Long understood Liu Yans intentions immediately.

They assumed a battle stance, ready to fight at any time.

Not long after, two squads of the Awakened arrived.

They arrived from two directions, one from the front and one from the back, surrounding the trio.

Seeing Liu Yan and the others, one of the Awakened leaders smiled and said, “I told you.

The Awakened will definitely arrive once the tunnel is opened.”

The other Awakened looked at Liu Yan and the others with greedy looks on their faces, as though the trio were plump sheep ready to be hunted.

“Boss is right.

Once the tunnel is opened, well set up an ambush.

The Awakened from the Yin Region will be able to pass the trial on the third level and go right to the fourth level.”

“Thats right.

Theres going to be a huge tide.

Those idiots are all trying to find a way to go to the Yin Region.

A lot of them took a detour from the side of the Taiji Mountains.

What fools.”

“However, we have to be careful.

The Awakened from the Yin Region will come later.

We might not be strong enough to successfully ambush them.”

“We have to take advantage of the beginning to ambush this single team of Awakened.

They might be strong, but the six of us will be able to deal with the three of them easily!”

“This group of the Awakened from the Yin Region basically sentenced themselves to death.

How dare they enter so brazenly, arent they careless!”


The trio looked at each other and didnt say anything.

Through the conversations they overheard, the trio understood all the Awakeneds intentions.

They d no intention of leaving the Yang Region to go to the Yin Region to look for the yin cards.

Instead, they waited here.

Now that the tunnel was opened, the Awakened from the Yin Region would definitely rush to the Yang Region.

There would definitely be enough Awakened from the Yin Region that they could ambush.

The Awakened who rushed to the Yang Region from the Yin Region would definitely have yin cards with them.

After obtaining the yin card, they naturally didnt need to go to the Yin Region to take any more risks.

All of a sudden, many things and dangers were reduced.

Just then, after the six Awakened finished discussing, they looked at the targets they had ambushed this time, who were Liu Yan, Murong Xue and Chu Long.

Seeing that there were two extremely beautiful women, the six Awakened immediately had their eyes wide open.

While there were female Awakened in the Tower, but among the high-ranking Awakened, there was generally a larger proportion of males.

Those female Awakened who had weaker abilities would naturally be more likely to land themselves in danger.

In addition to facing the danger posed by fierce beasts, they also had to contend with the dangers of other male Awakened.

The male Awakened were already suffering in the Tower.

There werent many ordinary-looking women, let alone such beautiful women.

“Damn, this kid is lucky to have two beautiful women with him.”

“Ive never seen such beautiful women in the outside world, let alone in the Tower.”

“Hehe, were lucky time time, brothers.”

“Hey, kid, Im talking to you.

Hand over your yin card and get lost.

We can spare your worthless life.”

“Thats right, what are you looking at Hurry up and hand over your yin cards and get lost.

Dont disturb us from having fun with these beauties.”

“Were feeling good today, and want to have enough fun.



The few of them scolded Liu Yan, telling him to get lost.

Seeing this, Liu Yan laughed inwardly.

The idea of these people setting up an ambush was quite clever, and they were much smarter than the other Awakened.

However, they had overestimated their own strength.

The first batch of Awakened who were able to rush from the Yin to the Yang Region were definitely extremely powerful.

Even if there were only three of them, how could the six of them be able to deal with them

Liu Yan felt slightly lazy to deal with such small fry.

He glanced at Murong Xue and Chu Long and said, “You guys go ahead.

Im too lazy to fight.”

Murong Xue and Chu Long heard this and nodded slightly.

Murong Xue then walked towards the front and prepared to fight.

As for Chu Long, she stood at the safe area at the back and assisted in healing Murong Xue.

Theoretically, Murong Xue had enough strength With Chu Longs help, nothing unexpected would happen.

Liu Yan didnt need to help.

However, Liu Yan intended for the Shadow Wolf to emerge and fight, just for practice.

Other than helping Liu Yan with scouting out the terrain and situation, as well as communicating with the Golden-Armored Blue Ape, the Shadow Wolf never really fought since arriving at the third level of the Tower.

The last time Liu Yan released the Shadow Wolf to duel with the Moon Shadow Bobcat, the Shadow Wolf was attacked right away.

There was no battle at all.

Once the six Awakened noticed Liu Yans arrogance and laziness to even take action, leaving the fighting to two women, they began laughing.

“This kid is still hiding behind the women and letting them stand in front.

What a loser.”

“Originally, if this kid knew what was good for him, I would have spared his life.

After all, he has did send us two top-notch beauties.

However, since he is so annoying, I might as well just kill him.”

“Pretty lady, stop with those fists and that fighting stance.

Your lovely arms and legs are so cute! Hahaha!”


While they were talking, their aggression began.

They charged at Murong Xue.

Murong Xue was not afraid at all.

She immediately activated the second layer of the tyrant body and stepped forward.

Anyway, with Chu Longs healing behind her, Murong Xue did not pay attention to defence and only focused on offence.

With two punches, Murong Xue sent two people flying, seriously injuring two of them.

The attacks of the others that landed on Murong Xue did not cause much damage to her at all.

The slight damage was almost instantaneously healed by Chu Long.

The remaining four Awakened saw that their two companions were suddenly badly injured and no longer had their fighting strength.

Yet, their attacks did not harm Murong Xue at all.

They were shocked, and never expected this beautiful woman to be so strong.


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