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The Golden-Armored Blue Ape dodged another blow from Liu Yan and looked at him with a relaxed expression, but did not initiate any attacks.

The Ape seemed like it wanted to observe what other skills Liu Yan had, and looked mockingly at him.

The Silverback Blue Apes surrounding them were cheering and clamoring.

It was obvious that they were happy for their leader.

At the same time, they were mocking Liu Yan.

From the looks of the situation, these Silverback Blue Apes seemed to be laughing at Liu Yan about last night.

He did seem to make a joke out of them, but they now wanted to see how Liu Yan fared in a head-on battle with their leader.

Seeing this, Liu Yan frowned slightly and had a helpless look on his face.

The Golden-Armored Blue Ape was way too fast.

Liu Yans personal attacking attributes could not make contact with it at all.

Even if he managed to touch the Golden-Armored Blue Ape, it did not bother dodging, because Liu Yan could not cause any damage.

While Liu Yan could use the Track skill with archery to ensure that the Golden-Armored Blue Ape was hit, it was unfortunate that the grade of his Myriad Beast Bow was too low.

Liu Yan could not show his strength with the bow and arrow, and so he could not cause much harm to the Golden-Armored Blue Ape.

Since Liu Yan couldnt fight long-range, he would fight in close combat.

Liu Yan immediately activated two of his A-Grade skills, Shadow Cloak and Traceless Silence.

Immediately, Liu Yans figure disappeared from where he was.

At the same time, all Liu Yans sounds were muted, including his heartbeat.

When the surrounding Silverback Blue apes saw this, they cried out in puzzlement.

They did not understand how Liu Yan had suddenly disappeared.

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The Golden-Armored Blue Ape was surprised when it noticed this.

Then, as if it had some interest, it assumed a battle stance.

At this moment, Liu Yan had already arrived behind the Golden-Armored Blue ape.

An A-Grade skill, the Power of Desolation, was activated.

Liu Yans Qi and blood burned, and his strength received a terrifying increase.

Another A-Grade skill, Flame Control, was activated.

Liu Yans entire body was filled with the tyrannical power of the fire element.

At the same time, Liu Yan activated his soft blade boxing gloves.

He used the Blazing Tyrant Fist, throwing out a punch with all his strength.

Blazing Tyrant Fist was originally a fist technique with fire attributes.

When combined with the fire elements from Flame Control, Liu Yans potential was stimulated, hugely amplifying his strength.

This punch could be said to be Liu Yans full-strength attack.

The Golden-Armored Blue Ape seemed to have sensed the attack coming.

It immediately turned around and punched out with the same force.

It met Liu Yans punch head-on.

Enormous power of the fire element overflowed in all directions.

The two fists met.

Under the terrifying force, the ground trembled.

Liu Yans expression was ferocious as he attacked with full strength.

The Golden-Armored Blue ape was also somewhat surprised.

Its face showed that it was somewhat struggling to deal with Liu Yan.

After a single punch, Liu Yan once again unleashed his lightning-like attack.

One C-Grade skill, Wind Control, was activated.

Liu Yans speed increased further.

Flame Control, Lightning, and Frost Control were activated at the same time.

Multiple elemental attacks were activated simultaneously.

Another skill, Fog, was activated.

White fog immediately appeared in the surrounding area, affecting the Golden-Armored Blue Apes vision.

At the same time, it also had debuff effects, slowing the Ape down.

Concurrently, under the Power of Desolation, Liu Yan continued to use his Blazing Tyrant Fist with his full strength.

Liu Yans attack was as fierce as a big thunderstorm.

The Golden-Armored Blue Ape, which had always looked relaxed, now had a serious expression on its face as it fought with all its might.

Liu Yan and the Golden-Armored Blue ape continued to fight, clashing head-on.

The Silverback Blue Apes at the side also had expressions of surprise when they saw this.

In their hearts, their leader, the Golden-Armored Blue ape, had always been invincible.

They had never thought that someone would be able to challenge their leader to such an intense fight.

The valley trembled continuously under the tremendous force.

The ground was reduced to a pile of ruin with the power of the various elements.

The white fog dispersed, revealing the figures of Liu Yan and the Golden-Armored Blue Ape.

At this moment, Liu Yan was panting heavily.

This was the first time that Liu Yan had launched such a fierce attack.

He had unleashed all his firepower and used all sorts of powerful skills at the same time.

It was extremely taxing.

However, while the attack was tedious and tiring, Liu Yan remained uninjured.

On the other hand, the opposing Golden-Armored Blue Ape was quite heavily injured.

In this battle, Liu Yan had a slight lead.

He used all his strength and finally suppressed the Golden-Armored Blue Ape.

The Golden-Armored Blue Ape looked at the wounds on its body and was taken aback.

However, it immediately revealed a cold smile.

Its body flashed and disappeared from its original position like a ghost.

It took the initiative to attack Liu Yan.

The Golden-Armored Blue Ape sensed that it if they fought head-on, it would be disadvantaged.

The Ape was not as good as Liu Yan, so it decided to rely on its speed to fight.

Seeing this, Liu Yan also hurriedly activated Octuple Speed of Sound.

He suddenly became much swifter, and continued his duel with the Golden-Armored Blue Ape.

However, after exchanging blows, Liu Yan was surprised to discover that despite the Octuple Speed of Sound, he was still inferior to the Golden-Armored Blue Ape in terms of speed.

In fact, he couldnt even touch the Golden-Armored Blue Ape.

Liu Yan was just about to attack the Golden-Armored Blue Ape, but he missed.

Immediately, he felt a terrifying force coming from behind him.

Liu Yans entire body was sent flying by the Golden-Armored Blue Apes kick as he fell to the ground.

Liu Yan spat out a mouthful of blood.

This kick had injured him quite badly.

However, at this moment, Liu Yans eyes were filled with joy.

In the nick of time, Liu Yan managed to activate a D-Grade skill, Emptyhanded.

He managed to squirrel away some gold feathers behind the Golden-Armored Blue Apes back.

Liu Yan hurriedly took advantage of this time and used divine extraction on the golden feathers that he had taken.

A milky white light enveloped Liu Yan as a notification appeared in front of him.

[Divine extraction of the feather from the Golden-Armored Blue Ape (Unknown Grade) successful.

Congratulations on obtaining a Divine Speed Shard.]

[Divine Speed Shard has fused with Octuple Speed of Sound (A Grade) successfully.

Congratulations on obtaining Sixteen Times the Speed of Sound (S-Grade)!]

[Sixteen Times the Speed of Sound]

Grade: S

Effect: Speed will be greatly increased after use, reaching sixteen times that the speed of sound!

Seeing this, Liu Yan was overjoyed.

He had so many A-Grade skills, yet was unable to deal with the Golden-Armored Blue Ape at full speed.

However, Liu Yan did not expect that Emptyhanded, a seemingly low-level skill, would come in so handy now.

This skill helped him obtain the golden feathers of the Golden-Armored Blue Ape, and through divine extraction he increased his strength.

If Liu Yan was not as quick as his opponent, he would just steal more feathers as as show of strength!

The corners of Liu Yans mouth curled up slightly as he activated Sixteen Times the Speed of Sound.

In an instant, he became unimaginably quick.

In a flash, Liu Yan left only his shadow and disappeared as quickly as a ghost.

He was going to face the Golden-Armored Blue Ape once more.

This time, Liu Yan was barely able to catch up to the Golden-Armored Blue Ape.

In the end, he did not lose out in terms of speed and began duelling.

There was no clear victor even after a period of fighting.

Liu Yan and the Golden-Armored Blue Ape stopped, both of them tired, and stood far away from each other.

Having used all of their speed and strength, they were both exhausted.

Liu Yan was also clear on both his and his opponents abilities.

While he was still slightly inferior to the Golden-Armored Blue Ape in terms of speed, he knew he could catch up and was not too far behind.


In terms of strength, however, Liu Yan had many powerful skills and terrifying attributes, and so was actually a little stronger than the Golden-Armored Blue Ape.

However, Liu Yans slight advantage was not enough to defeat the Ape.

This time, Liu Yan went all out and ended in a draw with the Golden-Armored Blue Ape.


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