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Chapter 85, Terrifying Speed

A group of Silverback Blue Apes was delivering some fruit-type food and drinking water to the Golden-armored Blue Ape.

Seeing this, Liu Yan finally understood why those Silverback Blue Apes were also active at night.

Apart from guarding the Taiji Mountains against outsiders entry, it was also to collect food and drinking water for the Golden-armored Blue Ape.

The Golden-armored Blue Ape ate its food while looking at Liu Yan and the others indifferently.

Liu Yan and the other two felt a wave of invisible pressure.

Liu Yan knew that Chu Long and Murong Xue couldnt even deal with the Silverback Blue Apes, let alone the leader of those Silverback Blue Apes, the Golden-armored Blue Ape.

When he thought of that, Liu Yan instantly said to Murong Xue and Chu Long, “Both of you should leave quickly.

Leave the Taiji Mountains first.

Ill meet the Golden-armored Blue Ape.”

Murong Xue immediately said unwillingly when she heard that, “Why dont I stay and help you Im not afraid.”

“I want to help Brother Liu Yan too!” Chu Long followed.

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Liu Yan said unhappily, “I know that you are doing this for my own good, but both of you arent strong enough.

I still need to protect you here, which adds trouble for me.

Leave quickly.

Ill try to exchange blows.

If it doesnt work, Ill leave.

I reckon this Golden-armored Blue Ape is the same as the Silverback Blue Apes.

As long as I leave the Taiji Mountains, it wont attack me.

As long as I pay attention, there wont be much danger.”

When Murong Xue and Chu Long heard that, their expressions immediately became awkward.

However, they had no choice but to face reality.

The difference in strength between them and Liu Yan was already quite big.

Not only would they not be able to help Liu Yan much if they stayed, but Liu Yan even had to protect them instead.

They would drag Liu Yan down.

“Then be careful.

You must not fight head-on.

If you are not a match for it, then quickly retreat.” Murong Xue reminded.

“Theres still time.

When worst comes to worst, we can just go around.

Dont take any risks.” Chu Long said with concern.

Liu Yan nodded slightly and agreed.

Then, the two women left the Taiji Mountains.

Only Liu Yan was left on the spot.

Just then, the Golden-armored Blue Ape had already finished eating.

It looked at Liu Yan with contempt, as if it didnt care about Liu Yan at all.

Seeing this, Liu Yan was a little surprised.

He did not know what level that Golden-armored Blue Ape was.

He could not see the slightest bit of information.

He could not even see its experience and potential levels.

That was the first time Liu Yan had encountered such a situation.

However, Liu Yan was also quite confident in his strength.

He was not afraid.

Liu Yan, who had the SSS-grade Divine Extraction, currently had many powerful skills through the Divine Extraction.

After previous extractions, Liu Yan had already reached level 10.

Moreover, his attributes were ridiculously high.

He was no lower than an average level 20 Awakened.

With the addition of all sorts of skills, Liu Yans overall combat strength was extremely terrifying.

Even Liu Yan did not know how strong his combat strength would be if he went all out.

The Golden-armored Blue Ape waved its hand, and the group of Silverback Blue Apes retreated to the side to watch, not participating in the battle.

Clearly, the arrogant Golden-armored Blue Ape did not want to gang up on Liu Yan.

From the Golden-armored Blue Apes gaze, Liu Yan could even feel a sense of disdain.

It was as if asking it to take the initiative to deal with Liu Yan was an insult.

Liu Yan was momentarily speechless.

Being looked down upon and even insulted by a fierce beast was really a first.

But at the same time, Liu Yan also became serious.

Although they hadnt fought, Liu Yan could sense the terrifying strength of the Golden-armored Blue Ape in front of him.

It was very likely to be the strongest fierce beast that Liu Yan had ever encountered, so he naturally couldnt let his guard down.

Liu Yan didnt want to wait, and he didnt want to be passive.

He took out the Myriad Beast Bow from his spatial ring.

When Liu Yan took out the Myriad Beast Bow, he immediately launched an attack.

He nocked the arrow on the bow and activated his A-grade skill, Electrification.

With the lightning element attached, he shot an arrow in an attempt to attack.

When the Golden-armored Blue Ape saw Liu Yans arrow, its eyes were filled with contempt, and it didnt even move an inch.

Only when the arrow was right in front of its eyes did it slightly turn its head and dodge Liu Yans arrow at the last moment.

Even though Liu Yans arrow was much faster after the lightning element was attached to it, to the Golden-armored Blue Ape, it was still too slow.

It was so slow that the Golden-armored Blue Ape couldnt be bothered to deal with it and only dodged it at the last moment.

Seeing this, Liu Yan was secretly surprised.

He drew his bow again.

This time, Liu Yan activated his A-grade skill, Track, and his A-grade skill, Split.

At the same time, he also activated his A-grade skill, Electrification, and B-grade skill, Poison Control.

He attached the lightning element to the arrows feathers to increase their power and speed and all sorts of poisons to them to increase their lethality.

Liu Yan shot the arrow with all his might.

The arrow split into five arrows, shooting toward the Golden-armored Blue Ape from five different directions.

At the same time, those five arrows had a tracking effect.

The Golden-armored Blue Ape, who had a relaxed expression, frowned slightly.

It had also felt the effects of being tracked.

It was not that easy to dodge.

Since it was not easy to dodge, the Golden-armored Blue Ape decided not to dodge.

Instead, it took the attack head-on.

With terrifying speed, Liu Yan could not even see the movements of the Golden-armored Blue Ape at all.

He could only see a series of afterimages waving.

When the Golden-armored Blue Ape revealed itself, the five arrows had already landed in its hands.

It had actually caught all of them!

When Liu Yan saw the situation, he was extremely shocked.

He did not expect the Golden-armored Blue Ape actually to catch such a powerful arrow.

However, Liu Yan also noticed that although the Golden-armored Blue Ape caught the arrow, it was not so easy.

It looked like it was struggling a little.

Liu Yan immediately felt a little helpless.

The main reason was that the level of the Myriad Beast Bow was no longer able to keep up with Liu Yans strength, causing Liu Yan to be unable to use the Power of Desolation to shoot out the arrow at full force.

If the Myriad Beast Bow were strong enough, Liu Yan would use the Power of Desolation to shoot the arrow at full force.

With the terrifying addition of strength, the speed and strength of that arrow would definitely increase qualitatively, and the Golden-armored Blue Ape would not be able to catch the arrow.

It would also be unable to withstand the terrifying power of the arrow.

It might not kill the Golden-armored Blue Ape instantly, but with the Power of Desolation, the arrow could at least cause a considerable amount of damage to the Golden-armored Blue Ape at full force.

Since the arrow didnt work, Liu Yan tried other offensive methods.

He activated his A-grade skill, Frost Control.

Frost elements surged, and ice crystals appeared one after another, stabbing toward the Golden-armored Blue Ape.

However, the Golden-armored Blue Ape easily dodged those ice crystals in just a flash.

Liu Yan once again activated an A-grade skill, Flame Control.

The fire elements surged, condensing into a massive ball of flames, pressing toward the Golden-armored Blue Ape.

However, the Golden-armored Blue Ape seemed to be of the fire element itself, and it didnt even dodge.

When the flames landed on its body, they did not cause the slightest damage.

On the contrary, the Golden-armored Blue Ape had a look of enjoyment on its face, as if it was pretty happy.

Liu Yan frowned slightly.

He activated his A-grade skill, Electrification, and gathered thunderclouds.

Bolts of lightning struck at the Golden-armored Blue Ape.

That was the fastest attack that Liu Yan could launch without using weapons.

However, the Golden-armored Blue Ape still dodged Liu Yans attack as it moved in a flash, like a ghost.


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