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Chapter 84, Guardian of The Taiji Mountains, Golden-armored Blue Ape!

[Successful fusion of Sonic Shards.

Congratulations, Quadruple Speed of Sound obtained (A -grade)!]

Liu Yan saw the notification and heaved a sigh of relief.

The fusion was finally successful again.

Previously, he had already obtained many Sonic Shards, but there had been no notification.

Liu Yan was still a little worried that he could not continue the fusion.

Fortunately, his worries were unnecessary.

Liu Yan hurriedly checked the effects.

[Quadruple Speed of Sound]

Level: A -grade

Effects: After use, ones speed will receive a terrifying increase, reaching Quadruple Speed of Sound!

The skill level did not increase, but the skills strength had grown a lot.

The difference between Quadruple Speed of Sound and Doubled Speed of Sound was not just simply two times.

After reaching a certain level of speed, it would be much more difficult to increase it.

After all, the speed was already breakneck.

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Like that Doubled Speed of Sound, it only took five Sonic Shards to fuse successfully.

But Quadruple Speed of Sound took 32 Sonic Shards on top of what was needed for Doubled Speed of Sound to fuse successfully.

That was how powerful that Quadruple Speed of Sound was.

At that moment, Murong Xue and Chu Long were already used to Liu Yans actions.

Many times when Liu Yan returned, they had wanted to talk to Liu Yan and ask him about the situation.

However, to seize the time, Liu Yan completely ignored them.

Now that Liu Yan had returned, they looked at Liu Yan but were too lazy to come over.

This was because they knew that before they could reach Liu Yan, Liu Yan would have already used his terrifying speed to leave.

They could not even say a word to him.

Liu Yan glanced at the two women, then continued to activate his Quadruple Speed of Sound to enter the Taiji Mountains.

After his speed was increased by several times, Liu Yans speed made things more convenient.

With Quadruple Speed of Sound, Liu Yan could already catch up to the Silverback Blue Apes and was even much faster than them.

And with such speed, Liu Yan did not need to make multiple trips.

After using the D-grade skill, Emptyhanded, on a few Silverback Blue Apes to pluck the silver fur from their backs, Liu Yan led the Silverback Blue Apes to circle the Taiji Mountains when they chased after him.

Then, he came to the side of a few Silverback Blue Apes that were isolated and continued to use his D-grade skill, Emptyhanded, to pluck the silver fur on their backs.

Even though the speed of those Silverback Blue Apes was breakneck, Liu Yan, who had Quadruple Speed of Sound, was even faster than them.

He just walked them around the Taiji Mountains.

With that, Liu Yan did not need to return constantly.

His efficiency had also increased by a lot.

When dawn broke, Liu Yan once again obtained a few Sonic Shards through the Divine Extraction.

A notification appeared before his eyes once again.

[Successful fusion of Sonic Shards.

Congratulations, Octuple Speed of Sound obtained (A -grade)!]

[Octuple Speed of Sound]

Level: A -grade

Effect: After use, ones speed will increase by a terrifying amount, reaching Octuple Speed of Sound!

For that, Liu Yan had used over a hundred Sonic Shards, and Liu Yan had basically plucked from all of the Silverback Blue Apes in that group.

Seeing the effect of the new skill, Liu Yan was overjoyed.

His speed doubled again, obtaining a terrifying increase!

At the same time, Liu Yan was also somewhat puzzled.

It had already reached Octuple Speed of Sound, yet it was still an A -grade skill level, not an S-grade.

It seemed that it was indeed extremely difficult to reach the S-grade skill level.

Liu Yan plucked a few more silver fur from the backs of some of the Silverback Blue Apes, but there was no reaction after extracting them.

It seemed that Liu Yans Octuple Speed of Sound was already the upper limit.

He would later obtain Sonic Shards from those Silverback Blue Apes again during lunch to further increase his speed.

Seeing this, Liu Yan did not feel bad.

In any case, the Octuple Speed of Sound was already very fast.

Liu Yan was already satisfied, having obtained so much.

That night, Liu Yans speed had received a terrifying increase, and his overall combat strength had also increased tremendously.

He immediately activated Octuple Speed of Sound, and the group of Silverback Blue Apes, which was extremely angry at Liu Yan, was instantly left far behind by Liu Yan when they came at him.

Last night, Liu Yans speed was still about the same as those Silverback Blue Apes, and even not as fast as theirs.

But after a night, through those Silverback Blue Apes, Liu Yan had increased his speed by a lot, and now he was able to leave them far behind.

One nights huge improvement was unimaginable.

This was the strength of the Divine Extraction skill.

Liu Yan, who was satisfied, returned to the boundary of the Taiji Mountains.

At the foot of the mountain, he found Chu Long and Murong Xue.

Right then, Murong Xue was resting and Chu Long was on guard.

Seeing that Liu Yan had finally returned, Chu Long sighed relief and said, “Seeing that you havent returned for so long, I thought something had happened to you.

Its good that youve returned.”

Liu Yan smiled and said, “Wake her up.

My speed has increased by a lot.

Its enough to deal with that group of Silverback Blue Apes.

Prepare to enter the Taiji Mountains and head to the Yang region.”

Presently, Liu Yan had Octuple Speed of Sound.

He was completely able to catch up with that group of Silverback Blue Apes.

Plus Liu Yans terrifying combat strength, dealing with that group of Silverback Blue Apes was no longer a problem.

Very soon, Murong Xue was woken up.

The three of them had a simple meal and entered the Taiji Mountains.

Murong Xue walked up to Liu Yan with a curious look on her face and asked, “Hey, can you tell me how you increased your speed Why are you so powerful”

“I cant tell you for nothing, right You have to give something in return.” Liu Yan said with a faint smile.

Murong Xue recalled what happened the other night and thought that was what Liu Yan meant.

She rolled her eyes at Liu Yan and ignored him.

Liu Yan did not know that he had been misunderstood.

Regarding the speed increase, Liu Yan really had no way to help Murong Xue.

After all, Liu Yan had used his SSS-grade Divine Extraction to increase his speed.

No one else could do it.

Even an S-grade talent was an absolute genius level, let alone having SSS-grade talent.

Those who had S-grade talent rarely existed.

The sun had just risen when the three of them arrived at the Taiji Mountains.

With the sun rising, a golden light flashed not far in front of the three of them.

The blinding light made it difficult for Liu Yan and the other two to open their eyes.

Through his A-grade perception skill, Omniscient Insight, Liu Yan could sense that not far ahead, there was a mighty aura among the group of Silverback Blue Apes.

Judging from its aura, its strength was unfathomable.

It surpassed any of the powerful fierce beasts that Liu Yan had encountered.

In fact, it was on a completely different level.

Liu Yan was secretly surprised.

Just how powerful was it to have such a mighty aura

At that moment, Liu Yan and the other two had finally gotten used to the dazzling light and could clearly see the situation ahead.

They saw a huge ape-like fierce beast standing quietly in front of them.

Its entire body was covered in golden armor and it looked extremely heroic.

Liu Yan and the other two checked their smart wristbands, but it only showed that it was a Golden-armored Blue Ape, the guardian of the Taiji Mountains.

They could not see any other information.

The Golden-armored Blue Ape in front of them was unfathomable.

Liu Yan and the other twos expressions changed.

They did not expect Taiji mountain to have such a powerful guardian apart from the Silverback Blue Apes.


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