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Chapter 82, D-grade Skills Wondrous Use

Murong Xue noticed the change in Liu Yans aura.

She could feel the terrifying aura and power coming from Liu Yans body even when she was just standing beside him.

Murong Xue was secretly shocked.

What kind of monster was this guy How could he be so powerful

However, at that critical moment, Murong Xue did not have the time to consider those things.

She immediately focused all her attention on the incoming Silverback Blue Apes.

Very quickly, the Silverback Blue Apes rushed to the front of Liu Yan and the others, directly charging toward the trio.

Murong Xue stepped forward to engage in battle.

At the same time, Liu Yan also raised his soft blade boxing gloves.

He activated his A-grade skill, Blazing Tyrant Fist, and stepped forward to engage in battle.


The moment they exchanged blows, Liu Yan could feel the power of those Silverback Blue Apes.

With Liu Yans strength, it would be easy for him to deal with one of them.

It would not be a problem for him to even deal with three or four of them at the same time.

However, even Liu Yan would find it troublesome to deal with any amount more than that.

That was especially so for those Silverback Blue Apes.

Their speed was extremely fast, and there were too many of them.

After some attacked Liu Yan and Murong Xue, the rest directly charged toward Chu Long.

With the powerful strength of those Silverback Blue Apes, Chu Long would be instantly killed when their attacks landed on her.

Liu Yan would not allow those Silverback Blue Apes to get close to Chu Long.

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He hurriedly activated his A-grade skill, Shadow Steps.

Liu Yans speed instantly received a terrifying increase, leaving behind an afterimage on the spot.

In the blink of an eye, Liu Yan had arrived in front of Chu Long.

Just then, a few Silverback Blue Apes were charging toward Chu Long.

Liu Yan instantly used his Blazing Tyrant Fist and drove each one off with a single punch.

However, he still wasnt able to kill them instantly.

After protecting Chu Long, Liu Yan could finally catch his breath.

As he was dealing with many Silverback Blue Apes, he glanced at Murong Xue, who was on the other side.

Murong Xue was surrounded by the Silverback Blue Apes and had already suffered some injuries.

Even though Chu Long was constantly healing Murong Xue, with her being the only one healing, the speed was still not as fast as the attacks of several Silverback Blue Apes.

With Murong Xues strength, she could only deal with one Silverback Blue Ape.

If there were two or three Silverback Blue Apes, Murong Xue would at most only be able to endure the damage and delay them.

However, facing more Silverback Blue Apes, Murong Xue was powerless to resist.

Liu Yan knew clearly that the present method was not a solution.

Murong Xue and Chu Long were not strong enough to resist.

Liu Yan himself, while having to protect Chu Long at the same time, could only barely resist.

If this dragged on, the situation would become more and more disadvantageous for them.

“Retreat first!” Liu Yan ordered.

Following that, the three of them retreated out of Taiji Mountains as they fought.

Fortunately, Liu Yans strength was relatively more powerful and thus was able to protect Chu Long.

Even though Murong Xue was not a match for those Silverback Blue Apes, she had a higher level of dexterity.

With Chu Longs healing, she could still hold on.

After the three of them retreated out of the Taiji Mountains vicinity, the group of Silverback Blue Apes that had been attacking Liu Yan and the other two then left in a human-like manner, no longer chasing after them.

Liu Yan looked at the boundary and immediately understood that those Silverback Blue Apes were only responsible for guarding the area.

They would attack if someone entered the Taiji Mountains vicinity.

During the battle just now, Liu Yan also noticed that those Silverback Blue Apes did not have any killing intent.

Many times, not to mention killing Chu Long and Murong Xue, they would at least have a chance to injure the two women seriously.

However, those Silverback Blue Apes did not harm the two women but only attacked and chased them away.

“It seems that these Silverback Blue Apes are in charge of guarding the Taiji Mountains.

What should we do These Silverback Blue Apes are so strong, and there are so many of them.” Murong Xue panted heavily.

Her chest was heaving up and down.

It was evident that she was tired.

In this battle, Liu Yan also noticed that with his power and strength, he had no problem dealing with those Silverback Blue Apes.

It was just that the speed of those Silverback Blue Apes was too fast, and Liu Yan had not been able to catch up to them.

He had to increase his speed first, or else he would only be beaten up.

He would also not be able to pass this stage, quickly pass through Taiji Mountains and rush to the Yang region.

And the best way for Liu Yan to increase his speed now was, undoubtedly, to make use of the group of Silverback Blue Apes that specialized in speed.

After thinking about it briefly, Liu Yan quickly came up with a plan.

He said, “Lets do this later.

Well enter the Taiji Mountains vicinity, but dont venture too deeply.

We just need to lure the Silverback Blue Apes here.

When the time comes…”

Liu Yan told the two women his thoughts.

In simple terms, it was to let Murong Xue rely on her high dexterity and strong physique to enter the Taiji Mountains vicinity to lure the Silverback Blue Apes over.

At the same time, Chu Long would heal from behind to ensure Murong Xues safety.

Murong Xue was responsible for attracting the Silverback Blue Apes while also taunting them.

That would give Liu Yan time to attack.

After hearing Liu Yans thoughts, Murong Xue frowned slightly and said, “But isnt killing the Silverback Blue Apes one by one too time-consuming Wouldnt it waste too much time”

“If it really cant be done, well wait until daybreak to rush to the edge of the region and head to the Yang region.

Even if we spend more time, well still be able to reach the Yang region and get the Yang cards to pass the trial.

But if thats the case, Im afraid we wont have much time to get more Yang cards to pass the class transition to a powerful class.” Chu Ling suggested.

Liu Yan shook his head slightly and said with confidence, “Its fine.

Lets follow my method first.

If it still doesnt work after daybreak, well consider other methods.”

Liu Yan was so confident because of his confidence in his SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction.

The main reason for that battle plan was not to deal with the Silverback Blue Apes one by one, but to allow Liu Yan to use those Silverback Blue Apes to increase his speed continuously.

Liu Yan believed that as long as he could increase his speed sufficiently, he could use his mighty strength and all sorts of powerful offensive skills to deal with those Silverback Blue Apes with relative ease.

In the earlier battle with the Silverback Blue Apes, what Liu Yan lacked was not strength and offensive skills but the speed and hit rate.

Liu Yan did not have much time to use his truly powerful offensive skills, and even if he used them, he might not be able to hit them.

That was the biggest problem.

After the discussion, the three of them took a short break to catch their breath, and then seized the time to continue their journey, entering the Taiji Mountains.

According to their original plan, Murong Xue would be the one to lure the monsters.

Not long after, Murong Xue ran back, followed by a large group of Silverback Blue Apes.

A few rushed to the front, following closely behind Murong Xue, which, at the same time, separated them from the group of Silverback Blue Apes.

Seeing this, Liu Yan rushed to the front of those Silverback Blue Apes and began to fight them.

At the same time, he used his D-grade skill, Emptyhanded.

Liu Yan instantly plucked a lot of fur from the backs of those Silverback Blue Apes.

And Liu Yan did not deal any damage to those Silverback Blue Apes.

Just then, he saw the group of Silverback Blue Apes behind rushing over.

Liu Yan immediately retreated from the Taiji Mountains vicinity since he had already succeeded.

The group of Silverback Blue Apes took a look at Liu Yan and the other two.

They did not chase after them and returned the way they came.


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