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Chapter 81, The Silverback Blue Apes

Liu Yan and the other two currently had sufficient Yin cards.

The three of them had a total of 72 Yin cards.

As for the Yang cards, they didnt have any.

They could actually wait for the people from the Yang region to arrive at the Yin region and exchange their Yin cards with the people from the Yang region, or they could directly rob the people from the Yang region.

But so far, they had not seen a single person from the Yang region arrive.

Liu Yan and the other two were obviously not those who would await ones doom.

Rather than waiting, which depended on luck, they might as well take the initiative to solve the problem.

After the three of them finished their discussion, they took a quick bite, rested for a while, and quickly set off while it was dusk.

If they were any later, large numbers of fierce beasts would appear when the sky turned completely dark, undoubtedly placing them in great trouble.

The three of them rushed all the way.

When the sky was about to turn dark, they finally arrived at the foot of the mountain between the middle Yang region and the Yin region.

However, Liu Yan and the other two were stunned when they saw the scene in front of them.

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In front of Liu Yan and the other two were the Taiji foothills that towered into the clouds.

The mountain peak was extremely high.

At a glance, it was already ten thousand meters high, which was even higher than the highest peak in the world outside the Tower.

The mountains were linked together, and there was almost no low point between them.

It was impossible for Liu Yan and the other two to climb such a high mountain.

At that time, the sky was gradually turning dark.

Liu Yan and the other two could only rest at the foot of the mountain for the time being and think about countermeasures.

Murong Xue thought for a while but said, “I remember that my family members mentioned that there are only two ways to cross the barrier in the middle of the Yin-Yang region on Level Three of the Tower.

One is to go around the side.

It will take a lot of time, but it will also be extremely safe.

The other way is right here in the middle.

There seems to be a tunnel, but one needs to be extremely powerful to pass through it.

It is said that a peerless fierce beast is guarding this place.”

Liu Yan was a little surprised when he heard that.

There was actually such a thing.

In that case, the Taiji foothills were also a test for cultivators.

Liu Yan and Shadow Wolf had investigated the size of the Yin region clearly before.

The entire Yin region was vast.

In addition, there would sometimes be large numbers of fierce beasts roaming in the Yin region at night.

Even the awakened would find it difficult to protect themselves, let alone act at night.

Liu Yan estimated that it would take at least two days to reach the edge of the Yin region if they were to only travel during the day.

And during those two days, Liu Yan and the other two had to maintain traveling at high speed.

They basically couldnt rest.

Presently, there were only three days left.

Liu Yan was naturally unwilling to spend two days on the road.

If that were the case, even if they could obtain a Yang card to clear the stage after they reached the Yang region, they would not have enough time to obtain a large number of Yang cards to complete their class transition to a powerful class.

Besides that, Liu Yan also wished to encounter that peerless fierce beast in the tunnel of the Taiji foothills.

One had to know that with Liu Yans current Divine Extraction, he would be able to carry out Divine Extraction as long as he could obtain the hair of a fierce beast with a gene fragment.

A peerless fierce beast would definitely be mighty.

The skill that the extraction could bring to Liu Yan would also be powerful, which could significantly increase Liu Yans strength.

“It is nighttime right now, so we wont be able to figure out the situation at the Taiji foothills either.

Lets try to venture into the tunnel tomorrow.

If it doesnt work, we can retreat and take a detour, and well still have time to rush to the Yang region.

However, in that case, well basically only be able to pass the trial on Level Three of the Tower.” Liu Yan said.

The two women thought for a moment and nodded slightly.

They could only do that then.

The three of them were about to rest after eating when they discovered a silvery-white light flowing in the pitch-black night.

“What a beautiful moonlight.” Chu Long could not help but exclaim.

However, Liu Yan frowned slightly and said, “According to the astronomy on Level Three of the Tower, it is the new moon today.

It should be the darkest night.

How can there be such a bright light”

Murong Xue also said, “This silvery-white light seems to be coming from the Taiji foothills.

Should we go over and take a look”

Liu Yan observed their surroundings, nodded, and prepared to head to the Taiji foothills to check out the situation.

Perhaps because this place was beside the Taiji foothills and no longer belonged to the Yin region, Liu Yan did not find a large number of fierce beasts roaming around when it was nighttime.

It was relatively quiet and not that dangerous.

Thus, the three of them could naturally head over to investigate.

Liu Yan and the other two carefully moved forward.

After entering the Taiji foothills, they turned at a corner and saw a bright light in front of them.

Their faces shone with silver-white light.

In the distance, many figures were jumping.

It was a large number of fierce beasts with the appearance of apes.

Their appearance was similar to apes but relatively larger than ordinary apes.

Each of these fierce beasts body size was at least that of two people.

Most of these ape-like fierce beasts fur was brown-gray like rocks, but there was a patch of silver on their backs, like moonlight.

At that time, these ape-like fierce beasts moved quickly, with swift movement speed and the silver feathers on their backs were like the glistening moonlight, emitting a dazzling light.

Liu Yan quickly opened his smart wristband to check the information about the fierce beast before him.

[Silverback Blue Ape]

Potential: A

Level: 18

Description: Silverback Blue Ape is used to moving in groups.

It also moves extremely fast and is unpredictable.

After reading the information, Liu Yan and the two girls looked at each other, their eyes filled with surprise.

Having reached A-grade, the Silverback Blue Apes potential wasnt low.

Although it was still one grade lower than the S-grade potential of the Dark Cloud Leopard and Smoke Cloud Beast that Liu Yan and the others had encountered previously.

However, it wasnt just one or two Silverback Blue Apes before them.

They were a bunch of fierce beasts that acted in groups.

It was a terrifying power to have so many Silverback Blue Apes moving and fighting together.

And especially since those Silverback Blue Apes moved at high speed.

Even Liu Yan, who had high agility attributes and the skills of Shadow Steps, felt that he might not be any faster than those Silverback Blue Apes even if he were at his maximum speed.

That showed just how fast those Silverback Blue Apes were.

With A-grade potential, decent experience levels, a huge amount, and fast speed, each of these characteristics meant that those Silverback Blue Apes were powerful and difficult to deal with.

Just then, those Silverback Blue Apes charged toward Liu Yan and the other two.

They even spread out, surrounded the trio, and started attacking them.

When Liu Yan saw this, he did not have time to think too much and quickly prepared to fight.

Murong Xue instantly came to the front and unleashed her full strength as she entered the Level Three of the Tyrants Body.

Murong Xue did not dare to belittle these Silverback Blue Apes when facing them.

Liu Yan glanced at Chu Long and said in a low voice, “Protect yourself, dont be too far away from us!”

As he said this, Liu Yan also charged forward.

There were too many Silverback Blue Apes, and they were too powerful.

This time, Liu Yan naturally would not let Murong Xue be the tank to hold them off.

He immediately activated his A-grade skill, Power of Desolation, and ignited his Qi and blood.

Liu Yans strength increased terrifyingly and his body was filled with vigorous strength, even changing his entire aura.


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