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“Looks like I shouldnt have saved you guys,” Liu Yan said calmly.

Liu Yan didnt intentionally save the three of them as he mainly wanted to deal with Scarface and his underlings.

Liu Yan acted to obtain the yin cards.

At that time, however, Liu Yan could have waited for Scarface to take action against this three before attacking.

In the end, Liu Yan chose to attack earlier to save their lives.

He felt that at the end of the day, they were all human.

Liu Yan did not want anything in return for saving them, but he did not expect the three of them to repay kindness with malice.

When Xu Tian heard Liu Yans words, he immediately smiled and said, “Kid, the strong prey on the weak, do you understand Besides, who do you think you are You are just lucky to have a strong teammate.”

When Liu Yan heard this, he smiled faintly.

He could not be bothered to argue anymore and said, “Then lets do it.

Lets see who is the one thats actually strong.”

“How arrogant you are!” Xu Tian laughed even more when he heard this.

The two underlings beside him laughed, too.

“This kid actually thinks hes powerful.”

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“Kid, why dont you be honest about it and just hand over those yin cards We can spare your life.

Why do you have to fight”

“This kid is good at archery.

He cant manage close combat.

Well attack directly.”


Xu Tian and his two subordinates knew that they had to act quickly in order to avoid further trouble.

If that powerful female Awakened returned, they would be finished.

They had seen clearly just now that the female Awakened was extremely powerful.

Even on her own, she was not at a disadvantage when dealing with Scarface and the others.

This was the first time they had seen such a powerful Awakened since they entered the Tower.

The Awakened that they had met previously, the so-called genius Awakened, could only deal with two or three others of the same level at most.

What they just saw was utterly ridiculous.

At this moment, Liu Yan did not show any mercy when facing Xu Tian and the other two.

The Awakened were all humans.

Liu Yan would not have taken their lives unless it were absolutely necessary,

Liu Yan naturally wouldnt be merciful now that the trio wanted his life,

The Awakened were three ordinary people, and they were injured.

Liu Yan didnt need to use his full strength at all.

He opened the soft blade on his A-Grade weapon, the soft blade boxing gloves.

Then, Liu Yan activated an A-Grade skill, the Blazing Tyrant Fist, and rushed forward.

Xu Tian and the other two raised their weapons.

Seeing Liu Yan raise his fists, the contempt in their eyes grew stronger.

They had never seen this level of so-called arrogance.

It was one thing for Liu Yan to take the initiative to attack in a one-on-three fight, but he actually used his fists to face their weapons.

However, in the next moment, Liu Yans fist came into contact with their weapons.

Xu Tian and the other two immediately felt a terrifying force coming from their weapons.

They felt a pain in their palms and could not help but lose their grip on the weapons.

When they looked again, Liu Yans fist was already infinitely magnified in their line of sight.

With just a few simple punches, Liu Yan shook off their weapons and took care of the two Awakened.

Suddenly, only Xu Tian was left.

At this moment, Xu Tian was dumbfounded.

He did not even look carefully at what had happened.

Now, his two teammates had already fallen to the ground.

They were definitely dead.

Xu Tian looked at Liu Yan with a face full of shock.

He had never thought that Liu Yan would be so powerful.

In the blink of an eye, he had killed two of his teammates.

It was only at this moment that Xu Tian finally realized how powerful Liu Yan.

Only then did he finally understand why Liu Yan could be the team leader.

After all, he was the strongest!

“Brother, I was wrong.

Please spare my life!” Xu Tian kneeled down on the spot and begged for mercy.

However, Liu Yan did not hold back at all.

He directly walked forward and killed Xu Tian with a strong blow.

In fact, when the three of them were deep in discussion, Liu Yan had already used his A-Grade Omniscient Insight skill to see and hear everything clearly.

Others could not hear their whispers, but Liu Yan could hear them entirely.

As long as he used Omniscient insight, Liu Yan could see and hear everything clearly within a hundred-meter radius.

When Liu Yan heard their discussion, he did not take action.

Initially, Liu Yan wanted to give them another chance.

If they merely thought about carrying out the evil deeds but did not have the daring to do so, Liu Yan would have shut one eye and pretended not to hear.

He would have let them go.

However, since the trio had chosen to make a move, they needed to be prepared for failure and for death.

Liu Yan looked at the three new corpses of the Awakened in front of him.

Including these three, there were a total of 17 Awakened corpses.

Liu Yan hurriedly stepped forward and began divine extraction.

[Divine Extraction of Hard-Armored Giant Rhinoceros corpse (C-Grade Potential, Level 15) has been successful.

Congratulations on obtaining: Strength 245, Vitality 312, Adaptability 178, EXP 600!]

[Divine Extraction of Forest-Green Python corpse (C-Grade Potential, Level 18) has been successful.

Congratulations on obtaining: Strength 225, Vitality 212, Spirit 248, EXP 650!]

[Divine Extraction of Awakened corpse (D-Grade Potential, Level 5) has been successful.

Congratulations on obtaining: Strength Enhancement (D-Grade), fused with Power of Desolation (A-Grade), a 1% increase in power!]

[Divine Extraction of Awakened corpse (C-Grade Potential, Level 8) has been successful.

Congratulations on obtaining: Extreme Speed (C-Grade), fused with Shadow Steps (A-Grade), a 3% increase in power!]


The Awakened like Xu Tian and Scarface did not have high talent and EXP levels overall, so the rewards that they gave Liu Yan were rather average.

Fortunately, there were a lot of them, so it was quite a considerable harvest for Liu Yan.

The two fierce beasts potential grades were average, but their EXP levels were not bad.

They provided Liu Yan with a lot of attributes and EXP.

After this period of divine extraction, Liu Yan gradually realized something.

According to the current situation, the low-level Awakened corpse gave Liu Yan less improvement, while the fierce beast corpse gave him more improvement.

Even if the talent level of the fierce beast was average, the fierce beast could give Liu Yan attributes and EXP.

Therefore, even if he couldnt obtain any skill, the harvest was still quite good.

After coming to this conclusion, Liu Yan made a mental note.

He knew that he had to try divine extraction on more fierce beasts in the future.

As corpses of the Awakened, only high-level corpses could give Liu Yan a significant harvest.

After that, Liu Yan continued his journey.

According to his previous plan, Liu Yan continued to travel through forested areas of the Yin Region, sweeping corpses of the Awakened and of fierce beasts.

At dusk, Liu Yan and the other two finished their sweep and gathered under a huge tree.

It was daytime, so it was relatively safe.

The three of them started a fire and ate while resting.

The three of them first tallied their harvest.

They obtained the most number of yin cards from Scarfaces group.

Other than that, the trio didnt meet any living Awakened, and therefore didnt obtain many yin cards.

When they finished gathering and tallying the numbers, the three of them realised that they now had a total of 72 yin cards.

After counting their spoils, they discussed the next step of their plan.

Liu Yan was eating a huge, roasted rhinoceros leg as he analyzed, “The Yin Forest is too big.

We dont have the time to sweep it all.

The spoils from todays sweep are enough.”

“No matter how many yin cards we have, theyre useless without yang cards.”

“Lets set off tonight and head to the Yang Region.”


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