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When Liu Yan arrived, seven to eight Awakened were engaged in an intense battle.

At first glance, Liu Yan recognized them.

When the teams had been formed and went their separate ways, Liu Yan clearly remembered that this had been the most powerful team.

The team had eight people, the weakest with a D-grade talent, along with a few C-grade talents as well as an expert with a B-grade talent leading the group.

As such, they were extremely powerful.

At the moment, the battle was ongoing.

Liu Yan used his smart wristband to check the stats of the opposing beasts.

[Mutated Poison Rat]

[Level: 1]

[HP: 150/200]

[MP: 100/100]

[Strength: 22]

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[Vitality: 18]

[Agility: 29]

[Spirit: 21]

[Adaptability: 25]

[Talent: None]

[Skills: Bite, Poison Release]

The beasts were a group of mutant poison rats.

In terms of strength, they were much weaker than the green pythons that Liu Yan had encountered before.

There were a total of six mutant poison rats in the pack.

Although this was the first day that the team had entered the Tower and they didnt have much combat experience, the grades of their talents werent low, after all.

They were strong, so they were currently able to deal with the mutated poison rats.

The leader, Liu Yan remembered, was called Wang Qing.

He was that powerful Awakened with the B-grade talent.


When the teams were being formed, everyone had begged to be in the same group as him.

In the end, he chose these few Awakened who had higher graded talents and were more suited for battle as his teammates.


At this moment, Wang Qing was the powerful DPS of the team.


The other members managed to hold off the mutated poison rats, but they could not deal with the mutated poison rats alone, so they could only hold it out.

Wang Qing, on the other hand, had a bow and arrow.

With his powerful B-grade talent, every arrow had a green glow on it.

After these arrows pierced into the mutated poison rats, it did not seem to have any effect at first, however, after a while, the mutated poison rats fell one by one.


With the talent, the arrows seemed to have a delayed poison effect,


Other than Wang Qing, Liu Yan also took note of a girl wearing sportswear.

Although she was not strong, her talent seemed to be of a support-type.


Whenever a member was in mortal danger, she would use her talent, which would cause the mutated poison rat to suddenly stop and lose the opportunity to attack.

With this girl as support and Wang Qings powerful DPS, the battle was settled in about ten minutes.

The six mutated poison rats all fell to the ground.

As for the Awakened, they were gasping for breath.

At the same time, their faces were filled with joy as they counted their gains.

Seeing this, Liu Yan shook his head slightly.

A total of eight Awakened had gone through so much trouble to deal with just six mutated poison rats, but their gains were meager.


For eight of them to divide the EXP obtained from six level one beasts, added to the fact that the mutated poison rats werent guarding any rare resources, their harvest was indeed a tad too little.

On the other hand, Liu Yan had dealt with five level one green pythons, gained the EXP of five beasts alone, and also obtained the rare detoxifying purple herb that the pythons had been guarding.


Apart from that, Liu Yan had also obtained a large number of attributes and skills through Divine Extraction.


The difference between the gains of both sides was quite big.

The gains of the eight of them were not even one-third of what Liu Yan had gained.


Thinking of this, Liu Yan suddenly felt that his choice to have refused to join a team and chosen to go alone was correct.

Forming a team seemed to allow the Awakened to work together, so their combat strength was a little stronger, but, the gains would also be much smaller.

On top of that, with more people, it would naturally be less convenient to move around.

In fact, it would not be much safer.


For example, for the current Liu Yan, if he could win, he would fight.

If he won, he would obtain all the gains alone.

If he could not win, being by himself, it would be easy for him to escape alone.

If he had companions, it would be inconvenient instead.


At this moment, Wang Qing, who was in the front, had a face full of joy.

He exclaimed, “Ive leveled up.

Ive reached level 2 and Ive become much stronger.


Hearing Wang Qings exclamation, the other Awakened in the team were filled with joy and envy as they started to praise.

“Big brother Wang Qing is really amazing.

To think you can level up in just a day.”

“Yeah, its only the first day of us entering the Tower, and big brother Wang Qing has already leveled up.

You must be a genius!”

“So this is this the power of a B-grade talent Its too amazing!”

“Thank God big brother Wang Qing is leading us.

Otherwise, we wouldnt have been able to defeat these mutated poison rats.

We might even have encountered danger by now!”



The other Awakened surrounded Wang Qing and congratulated him one after another, fawning over him.

Seeing this, Liu Yan laughed in his heart.


The reason why Wang Qing was able to level up so quickly was that he was the powerful DPS of the team.

He had dealt almost all of the killing blows to the mutated poison rats, and as such, most of the EXP had been snatched away by him.

In the battle just now, the other seven Awakened had risked their lives.

They had worked so hard, but almost all of their EXP had been distributed to Wang Qing.

That was why Wang Qing was able to level up so quickly.

Without the support of the other Awakened, even though Wang Qings B-grade talent was powerful, it was only an offensive-type talent.

He wouldnt have had much ability to protect himself and he would have long been beaten to death by the mutated poison rats.

Rather than saying that Wang Qing had protected the other Awakened, it was more appropriate to say that the other Awakened were risking their lives to work for Wang Qing.

They risked their lives and put in a lot of effort, yet in the end, most of the final rewards belonged to Wang Qing…


Out of curiosity, Liu Yan used his smart wristband to check Wang Qings stats.


[Wang Qing]

[Level: 2(3/300)]

[HP: 550/550]

[MP: 280/350]

[Strength (attack): 18]

[Vitality (defense): 17]

[Agility (speed): 21]

[Spirit (mana): 14]

[Adaptability (magic resistance): 15]

[Luck (probability): 35]


[Allocatable attribute points: 8]

[Talent: Poison Arrow (B-grade) – When using a bow and arrows, the arrows will be coated with a layer of deadly poison that will activate after 5 seconds.]


[Equipment: Federation Standard Beginners Bow and Arrow (F-grade)]


A B-grade talent was indeed very powerful.

It had a very powerful offensive ability since the early stages.

However, Liu Yan compared it to his SSS-grade talent Divine Extraction, and shook his head slightly.


The B-grade talent might seem powerful, but its growth potential was very poor.

It was just more powerful in the early stages.

Without a good growth potential, it would become less useful in the later stages.

If the Awakened was powerful and had a high hit rate with the bow and arrow, it would be fine.

But if the Awakened wasnt powerful enough, no matter how powerful the poison on the arrows was, it would be useless if they couldnt hit the target.

Currently, facing only low-leveled beasts, it was still enough since they could hit the target easily.

In the future, the higher leveled beasts would be incomparably agile, and it would be difficult to hit the target.


All in all, although this talent, being in the B-grade, was relatively powerful, it was mainly only powerful in the early stages.

It didnt have much growth potential, and could be considered inferior even among B-grade talents, let alone being compared to Liu Yans SSS-grade talent.

So this is a B-grade talent The gap between them was too huge.

Liu Yan laughed in his heart.



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