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The trio were busy collecting their spoils of war.

On the other side, the three Awakened whom they rescued just recovered from their daze.

The three of them originally thought that Liu Yan, Murong Xue and Chu Long were dead for sure.

However, the small squad of Awakened did not expect that what Liu Yans trio said about Murong Xues combat strength would turn out to be accurate.

She was actually able to fight against 13 people by herself, and in the end, she even crushed Scarface and the others.

The three of them quickly came to Murong Xues side, the leader of the group smiled with admiration and said, “Hello, Miss.

My name is Xu Tian and I am their leader.

Thank you for saving our lives.

Without you, the three of us would be dead for sure.

Since you are so strong, can we forge an alliance and look out for one another”

When Murong Xue heard this, her face was cold and indifferent.

She could not be bothered to respond.

Murong Xue, who had been the favored daughter of the heavens since she was young, had countless admirers.

She was quite fed up with these things.

“Oh, you want to create an alliance and work together Then go ask our captain.” Murong Xue said indifferently.

She pointed at Liu Yan and then continued to pack up her loot.

When Xu Tian and the others heard this, they were quite surprised.

From their point of view, Murong Xue was the strongest of the three.

Liu Yan only knew how to shoot arrows and pick up scraps.

There was nothing strong about him.

What right did such a person have to be the captain

For a moment, Xu Tian and the other two were also a little envious of Liu Yan.

He actually had such a strong teammate and was so good looking.

Wasnt he lucky

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The three of them immediately came before Liu Yan, but their attitude wasnt as respectful as when they faced Murong Xue earlier.

“Brother, youre really capable.

You actually have such a strong teammate, and youre good looking too.”

“Thank you for saving my life.”

“Brother, how about the six of us move together A group of six isnt a big target, and we can take care of each other if we move together.”


Although the three of them said that they were grateful, their expressions didnt show too much gratitude.

Instead, they seemed to look down on Liu Yan.

Liu Yan also had a cold expression, just like Murong Xue.

It was impossible for them to form an alliance.

At that time, if it wasnt for the Academys rules and restrictions, Liu Yan didnt even want to form a team with Murong Xue and Chu Long.

The two of them wouldnt be of much help to him.

On the contrary, it would be more convenient for him to travel alone.

Liu Yan said indifferently, “Were not forming a team.

Well travel alone.

Move aside and dont block the way.”

Following that, Liu Yan ignored the three of them and continued to collect his loot from the battle.

Liu Yan was only helping them out in passing.

The main reason was to teach Scarface and the others a lesson.

More importantly, he wanted to rob Scarface and his group.

Xu Tian and the other two Awakened could accept Murong Xues cold treatment.

After all, Murong Xue was so powerful and so good looking.

However, when Liu Yan treated them coldly, Xu Tian and the others felt that it was an insult to their reputation.

“What are you talking about Youre just following them around.

Do you really think youre that powerful”

“Thats right.

What kind of attitude is this Youre too arrogant.”

“Boss, what should we do Were injured.

If we dont follow them, we might be in danger later.”

“Whats there to be afraid of Lets recuperate properly.

We can survive even if we look a little ragged.”


The three of them discussed in low voices.

They had just been saved by Liu Yan and the others, but now they were saying bad things about Liu Yan behind his back.

Little did they know that Liu Yan, who possessed Omniscient Insight, had heard everything clearly.

After learning about this, Liu Yan did not mind.

After all, he did not act to save them.

If they did not thank him, so be it.

They were strangers to Liu Yan anyway.

Liu Yan continued to pack up the loot they took from the Awakened.

Not long after, the three of them packed and tallied everything.

First was the equipment and supplies.

The level of the equipment was relatively low, and Liu Yan and the other two were far superior in terms of equipment.

Naturally, they didnt take a fancy to it.

The supplies were stuffed into the spatial ring.

Having more supplies was always a benefit, and they could be used in case there were emergencies.

Undoubtedly, the biggest harvest were the yin cards.

These thirteen people should only have thirteen yin cards in total, perhaps a few more if they obtained any from the fierce beasts.

However, the probability of obtaining a yin card from the fierce beasts was very low.

Normally, even if ten fierce beasts were killed, one might not be able to obtain a single yin card.

This depended on luck.

This happened when Liu Yan killed the Dark Cloud Leopard and Smoke Cloud Beast.

Their potential was S-Grade and their levels were very high, and their combined strength was definitely at the peak of the third level of the tower.

But even so, the trio did not obtain a single yin card from these powerful fierce beasts.

They were perhaps just unlucky.


Normally, it would be an excellent outcome if Liu Yan and the others found more than 20 yin cards on Scarface and the thirteen Awakened.

But after totalling up all the yin cards, Liu Yan and the other two were surprised to find that the 13 Awakened had a total of 62 yin cards!

“Why are there so many yin cards These people are too rich!” Chu Long said in surprise.

Murong Xue had guessed the reason and said with disdain, “It seems that these people have plundered the yin cards belonging to many other Awakened squads.

They must have killed many Awakened.”

Liu Yan concurred and nodded slightly.

Scarface and his squad would have never imagined that their past few days worth of hard work plundering and collecting all sorts of yin cards would eventually fall into the hands of Liu Yans trio.

“Thats right, 62 yin cards.

Thats more than 20 for each of us.

Thats definitely enough.

Now, well follow the original route to harvest and sweep.

Then, well think of a way to quickly head to the Yang Region to look for the yang cards.

We have more than enough yin cards now.” Liu Yan explained.

Following that, the two women handed over the yin cards for Liu Yan to manage.

The two women continued to set off, returning to the original route and continuing to sweep according to the plan.

There were only a few left now.

Liu Yan packed his luggage.

He also planned to set off after Chu Long and Murong Xue left.

At this time, Xu Tian and the two other Awakened looked at each other, their faces awash with malice.

Seeing this, Liu Yan frowned slightly and said, “Lets go our separate ways.”

If Liu Yan let them follow, it wouldnt be convenient for him to conduct divine extraction of the corpses of the fierce beasts and Awakened.

This was especially so now, where there were the 13 corpses of the Awakened, as well as two fierce beast corpses.

This could provide a very considerable income.

To the others, they was just corpses.

But to Liu Yan, it was a large amount of attributes, EXP, and all sorts of powerful skills.

After he conducted divine extraction on all of them, Liu Yan knew that he could definitely boost his combat ability.

Hearing this, Xu Tian laughed.

However, he immediately led his two teammates to block Liu Yan from the front and back.

Xu Tian said with an evil look on his face, “Kid, we asked to work together but you said no.

Are we not good enough for you Who do you think you are Isnt it just because that girl on your team is strong How powerful do you think you are Well, now that she isnt here, isnt she just patronising you You had a pretty good loot just now, with 62 yin cards.

Hand them over now, or Ill kill you!”

Xu Tians teammates by the side looked at Liu Yan smugly.

“Who does this kid think he is Hes going solo.

Without that strong teammate of his, isnt he just courting death by walking alone”

“Where are the 62 yin cards We can take them to the Yang Region and casually find someone to exchange them for some yang cards.

Then well be able to pass the trial of the third level without having to fight any fierce beast.

Wouldnt that be easy!”

“Not just that, Ive heard that the more yin and yang cards there are, the stronger the class transition will be.

We can exchange for more yang cards.

When that happens, the three of us will all switch to powerful classes and increase our strength by a large margin!”

Liu Yan looked at the three people in front of him who had repaid his kindness with malice.

They were smugly visualising their comfortable lives after obtaining the 62 yin cards.

Liu Yan couldnt help but shake his head slightly.

It seemed like he had underestimated humanity.


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