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Scarface looked at Liu Yan mockingly and said, “Kid, you really know how to talk big.”

Originally, Scarface did think there was more to Liu Yan and was quite afraid.

But once Liu Yan said those words, Scarface suddenly felt that his fears were unfounded.

No matter how strong Liu Yan was, Scarface believed that Liu Yan could only deal with two or three people at most.

His group of Awakened here were not weak, so why should they be afraid of this trio

Scarfaces subordinates also laughed as if they had heard a joke.

“Ive seen arrogant people, but Ive never seen such arrogant people.”

“Kid, you really do talk a lot, so lets see if you can still claim to be tough after I kill you!”

“How interesting, offering yourself up as a sacrifice.

What a joke.”

“This is ridiculous, because Ive never seen a person so full of themselves!”

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Liu Yan couldnt be bothered with these people.

Time was precious.

He couldnt waste too much time here.

Liu Yan glanced at Murong Xue and Chu Long.

The two girls understood immediately and prepared to fight.

Although the opponent had a huge advantage in numbers, with three to four times the number of people, the trio were extremely confident in their own strength.

There was no need to be afraid.

Murong Xue walked forward and stomped hard on the ground.

Under the huge force, several cracks appeared on the floor.

After entering the second layer of the tyrant body, Murong Xues aura changed, and her entire being gave off a feeling of immense authority.

Liu Yan also took out the Myriad Beast Bow from his spatial ring and prepared to fight.

Chu Long stood quietly at the side.

Her mission was to protect herself well, and then observe the situation.

If Murong Xue and Liu Yan were injured, she would treat them in time to ensure that they could continue fighting, and to help the, maintain their combat strength.

When Scarface and the others saw Murong Xues terrifying strength, their expressions changed slightly.

They put away their relaxed and teasing expressions and started to treat her seriously.

They had seen some Awakened who focused on strength, but this was the first time they had seen an Awakened with such terrifying strength.

“Little beauty, since youre so good at fighting, well take you seriously.

It wont be pretty if we hurt you later.”

“Its such a pity to damage such a lovely face.”

“Whats there to pity Isnt it more interesting to damage such a pretty face Hahaha!”

“Thats right.

It wont affect us even if we destroy it!”


Scarface led his subordinates on a charge towards Murong Xue.

They had all seen Murong Xues strength, but they werent afraid.

After all, they had more people.

They could just charge forward and finish off Murong Xue together.

After that, they could easily deal with the remaining two.

Seeing this, Liu Yan wasnt in a hurry to attack.

With Liu Yans current ability, he could take care of these ten or so ordinary Awakened in just a minute if he attacked with his full strength,

He felt that there was no need to do that although he could very well do so.

Liu Yan wanted Murong Xue to fight and train more.

When Liu Yan was dealing with the Dark Cloud Leopard and the Smoke Cloud Beast, it was too dangerous.

Liu Yan could only do his best to end the fighting as soon as possible to avoid Murong Xue and Chu Long from getting hurt.

But now, the situation was not that critical.

These Awakened might be stronger than most other Awakened, but compared to Murong Xue, they were just average.

Anyway, with Chu Longs healing support, Murong Xue would be fine even if she was slightly injured.

In an instant, Scarface led everyone and rushed in front of Murong Xue.

Murong Xue faced thirteen Awakened by herself.

The Awakened did not panic at all.

Instead of retreating, they advanced and took the initiative to attack.

The Awakened fell one by one with each punch and kick under Murong Xues exquisite yet powerful moves.

On the other hand, even though Murong Xue was under heavy attack, her physical ability was superior and the injuries she had received were only minor.

Murong Xue still had Chu Long who could help heal her.

Chu Longs healing had already begun before her attack had even landed.

The cures came right as Murong Xue got injured.

For a moment, the scene looked a little exaggerated.

Murong Xue was actually not at a disadvantage when facing these thirteen people alone.

Scarface and his underlings were all injured and fell down one by one.

On the other hand, Murong Xue was getting braver and braver as she fought on, her body unscathed.

Murong Xue also noticed that Liu Yan didnt help her from behind.

Instead, he was just observing the battle.

However, she didnt mind and directly activated the third layer of the Tyrant Body.

The initial balance of power was toppled after Murong Xue entered the third layer of the Tyrant Body.

When she was still at the second layer of the Tyrant Body, Murong Xue needed a few more punches to finish off one of her opponents.

Once Murong Xue entered the third layer of the Tyrant Body, she crushed them.

One punch sent each one of them flying.

Although Scarface was fighting in a big group, they couldnt stop Murong Xue.

When Scarface and the rest were shocked when they saw this.

They did not think that the woman in front of them could actually fight so well.

Thirteen of them could not beat her alone.

It was truly unbelievable.

This was totally inconceivable if not for the fact that they physically experienced it.

Scarface looked at his subordinates falling one by one.

The number of people around him was getting smaller and smaller.

At this moment, he finally realized that something was not right.

Even though he didnt want to face this reality, Scarface was helpless.

If he didnt retreat, he would have to die here today.

“If we cant beat him, lets run!”

Scarblade gave the order.

His subordinates, who had been thinking of escaping, turned around and fled

These people had obviously encountered a powerful fierce beast before, and they had a method of escaping.

They all ran in different directions, so they had a chance.

“Where do you think youre going!” Murong Xue saw this and quickly chased after them.

Liu Yan also chose to make his move.

He took out the Myriad Beast Bow and nocked an arrow.

This was a group of very ordinary Awakened.

Liu Yan only used an A-Grade skill, Track, to ensure that the arrow would be neutralised.

There was no need to worry about its power because Liu Yan knew that with his current power, the kills would be instantaneous as long as an arrow hit.

After a few consecutive arrows were shot, the escaping Scarface and the others fell to the ground one by one.

Liu Yan and Murong Xue rushed up to finish them off.

Those who were lucky enough not to die were also killed.

The field became quiet.

Liu Yans three-man team faced off against Scarfaces thirteen Awakened.

It ended with a complete victory for Liu Yans side.

Moreover, the battle was completely one-sided, and it ended extremely quickly.

“That wasnt even a tough fight.

These people are too weak!” Murong Xue shook her head.

She obviously wanted a better fight.

Murong Xue had been following Liu Yan for the past few days and had suffered quite a number of blows.

The Awakened had been taught a lesson at this moment, and Murong Xue had finally found some sense of superiority.

She was still the blessed and privileged daughter of the Heavens.

It wasnt that Murong Xue was weak, but Liu Yan was just too good.

Liu Yan and Chu Long heard this and smiled, but didnt say anything more.

Following that, Liu Yan went forward to pack up their bounty.

Scarface and the others had travelled everywhere and robbed quite a number of the Awakened squads.

They would certainly keep large amounts of treasures and yin cards with them.

Liu Yan knew that they could reap a significant amount this time.


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