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Murong Xue looked at Liu Yan doubtfully.

She had just noticed that Liu Yans arrow was covered in various colors, as if it was imbued with various elemental powers.

The most surprising thing was that Liu Yans arrow could actually change directions.

Liu Yan looked at the doubtful faces of Murong Xue and Chu Long, but he smiled mysteriously and said, “Dont ask me about this.

Its some special ability, okay We should pack up and set off soon!”

Murong Xue and Chu Long were still confused, but they packed up and set off again.

After the two girls left, Liu Yan went to the corpses of the Dark Cloud Leopard and the Smoke Cloud Beast and used divine extraction.

White light enveloped the corpses of the two fierce beasts, and notifications appeared in front of Liu Yan.

[Divine Extraction of the Dark Cloud Leopard (S-Grade Potential, Level 20) has been successful.

Congratulations on obtaining: Strength 412, Vitality 378, Adaptability 278, Counterattack Storm (A-Grade), Combat Experience 900!]

[Divine Extraction of the Smoke Cloud Beast (S-Grade Potential, Level 18) has been successful.

Congratulations on obtaining: Vitality 268, Agility 403, Spirit 232, Smoke Cloud (A-Grade)!]

[Smoke Cloud (A-Grade) has successfully fused with Electrification (A-Grade) and Shadow Steps (A-Grade), increasing the strength of Electrification by 50% and the speed of Shadow Steps by 30%.

Combat experience 800!]

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[Congratulations on having sufficient EXP, and you have successfully levelled up to level 8.

You have obtained 20 attribute points, which can be freely distributed!]

[The number of Divine Extractions have increased!]

As the notifications appeared before his eyes, Liu Yan suddenly felt a warm current flash across his body, and his body immediately underwent a visible change.

With these two fierce beasts having a relatively high level of potential, Liu Yan was provided with a large amount of attributes.

Liu Yan already had an enormous amount of attributes, but with the support from the attributes of these fierce beasts, Liu Yans overall attributes increased by 50% right away.

Such an increase over just a single battle was quite incredible.

The Awakened would need at least ten days to two weeks to increase their strength to this extent, and not all the Awakened could do this.

However, because of Liu Yans SSS-grade talent in divine extraction, he improved immensely in just one battle.

Apart from the huge amount of attribute points, Liu Yan had also improved a lot in other aspects.

Previously, when he had collected the corpses of the ordinary fierce beasts, Liu Yan would gain a substantial amount of EXP.

This time, he had killed two high-level fierce beasts with S-Grade potential and obtained a large amount of EXP.

After that, he had obtained a large amount of EXP through divine extraction.

The large amount of EXP added together allowed Liu Yan to level up two levels in a row within one day, directly rising from level 6 to level 8.

His strength had risen quite a bit in all aspects, and the number of times he could conduct divine extraction increased significantly too.

Coincidentally, when Liu Yan was cleaning up the corpses of the Awakened and fierce beasts today, he had already used up a lot of his divine extraction.

Now, as he leveled up, the total number of divine extraction times had increased, and it had also refreshed.

Liu Yan looked and saw that he currently had another 100 opportunities for divine extraction.

It should be enough for the rest of the cleaning up he had to do today.

Other than attribute points and EXP, Liu Yan had also reaped some very significant gains: two powerful A-Grade skills.

Smoke Cloud, an A-Grade skill Liu Yan gained, was also a lightning attribute skill.

Other than the power of lightning, it also had the effect of increasing agility.

It merged with Liu Yans original skills, Electrification (A-Grade) and Shadow Steps (A-Grade), making these skills even more powerful.

Additionally, Liu Yan gained a completely new A-Grade skill.

He hurriedly checked to see what it was.

[Counterattack Storm]

Grade: A

Effect: After activation, one will enter an absolute defence period that can last up to 5 seconds (extendable).

Defensive abilities will increase by five times (extendable).

After five seconds or if ended earlier, all damage received during this period will be concentrated as a counterattack!

When Liu Yan saw the effect of the new skill, he was overjoyed.

The Counterattack Storm was a close-combat skill that gathered both defence and attack.

Firstly, this came as a perfect completion to Liu Yans currently lacking defensive skills.

Previously, Liu Yan could only rely on his physical constitution attributes to defend himself.

Otherwise, he had to use agility and speed to dodge from attacks.

Liu Yan didnt have an active defense skill before.

He was quite different from Murong Xue.

After she activated the tyrant body, her strength and vitality increased, and her defensive abilities had also increased tremendously.

Only then did Murong Xue have the conditions to face the attacks head-on.

Liu Yan more than made up for his weakness now with the Counterattack Storm.

A five-fold defence bonus was quite ridiculous.

Currently, Liu Yans vitality reached a high of 2000 points.

This was insane.

Even fierce beasts that relied on strength like the Dark Cloud Leopard were probably not be able to deal much damage to Liu Yan.

Under such circumstances, with a five-fold increase in defense, Liu Yan really couldnt think of any fierce beast or any of the Awakened that could hurt him.

In addition to actively defending Liu Yan, the Counterattack Storm could also absorb all the damage received and allow Liu Yan to control how the damage will be used in a counterattack.

This was extremely convenient, and worked like a combination of offence and defence.

At this moment, Liu Yan could not help but feel a little sorry for the Dark Cloud Leopard just now.

The Dark Cloud Leopard was clearly skilful at defence, but before it could use its skills, Liu Yan relied on his powerful invisibility skill to come close.

Before the Dark Cloud Leopard even had time to defend or show its strengths, Liu Yan had killed it almost instantaneously with his own explosive power.

After taking stock of the gains, Liu Yan continued to set off.

He returned to the original route and continued to move forward.

Liu Yan and Murong Xues two routes were also planned in advance by Liu Yan.

They could cover the core areas of the nearby region.

Although they could not stop by every single fierce beast or Awakened corpse, covering most of them wasnt a problem.

The main thing was that Liu Yan didnt have much time.

He didnt want to waste too much time in the Yin Region, and wanted to head to the Yang Region as soon as possible to obtain the yang card.

After confirming that he could pass the trial on the third level of the tower, Liu Yan would slowly obtain more yin and yang cards.

From there, Liu Yan knew that he would be able to transition to a more powerful class.

Liu Yan continued to follow his previous strategy.

He continued to conduct divine extraction on the fierce beast and the Awakened corpses he saw along the way.

He then relied on his high levels of agility to continue sweeping up the corpses along the route Murong Xue took.

Liu Yan wanted to conduct divine extraction on the greatest number of fierce beasts and Awakened corpses in the shortest amount of time possible.

Most of the fierce beasts and Awakened that died here were of average strength.

Naturally, Liu Yan did not receive much.

However, there was quite a large number of corpses, and so Liu Yan had a substantial harvest when totalling up everything he extracted.

Liu Yan continued to harvest attributes, increase his EXP and boost his skill strength.

The only drawback was that the yin cards on these corpses had already been looted by others, so Liu Yan didnt get any more yin cards.

Not long after, Liu Yan used Omniscient Insight (A-Grade) to sense what was going on a dozen meters away.

There was a sound of fighting.

The Awakened seemed to be fighting among themselves.

When he noticed this, Liu Yans eyes were filled with joy.

What a wonderful coincidence! Liu Yan was lacking a yin card, and it so happened that he would be able to get one easily.

Today, Liu Yan had finally met a living Awakened.

He could go up and plunder a wave of yin cards!


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