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Chu Long immediately nodded in agreement after hearing Liu Yans tactics.

She had always listened to Liu Yan.

It was the same in both the outside world and in the world of the tower.

After all, Chu Long was more familiar with Liu Yan, so she naturally trusted him.

As for Murong Xue, she might not have trusted Liu Yan in the past, but after witnessing his terrifying strength, she could not help but admire him.

Therefore, Murong Xue obeyed Liu Yans instructions now.


The two women responded one after another.

Following that, the three of them stood together.

Liu Yan and Murong Xue acted as a barrier, protecting Chu Long.

For her safety, Chu Long stood in the middle.

At the same time, she could heal Liu Yan and Murong Xue, helping them in the battle.

Murong Xue immediately activated the third layer of the Tyrant Body, preparing for battle.

As long as the Smoke Cloud Beast dared to get close again, Murong Xue stood a chance.

She planned to attack with all her strength.

The emergency situation just now was also to protect Chu Long.

If she were to do it again, Murong Xue would definitely disregard her injuries and defense and launch her own fierce attack directly.

In any case, with Chu Long, as long as she was not instantly killed, Murong Xue could basically heal up and recover very quickly.

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Liu Yan also looked coldly at the Smoke Cloud Beast not far away.

He was on high alert, observing the Smoke Cloud Beasts every move.

Fierce beasts of this level, especially those with S-Grade talent, were quite intelligent.

Seeing that the trio were close together, the Smoke Cloud Beast seemed to know that it could not engage in close combat.

Giving Liu Yan and the others a chance, it stood far away and launched its long-range attack.

The Smoke Cloud Beast let out a long roar, and a cloud of thunder appeared.

Lightning enveloped the trio.

This Smoke Cloud Beast was not only highly agile, but it could also use lightning attributes to attack from a distance.

Liu Yan was slightly surprised.

He immediately took out the Myriad Beast Bow from his spatial ring, nocked the bow, and used an A-Grade skill, Frost Control.

With frost elements attached to it, he shot out a few arrows consecutively, launching an attack at the same time.

When the Smoke Cloud Beasts attack landed, Chu Long had no time to dodge.

Liu Yan and Murong Xue decided not to.

They directly blocked the attack from the front, taking it head-on.

Liu Yan already had Electrification, an A-Grade skill with lightning attributes,.

Therefore, his resistance to lightning was relatively good.

In addition, Liu Yans physical body was very powerful, so his strength and constitution attributes were both extremely high.

When this lightning landed on Liu Yans body, it did not hurt at all.

It did not affect him in the slightest.

Although Murong Xue was not as strong as Liu Yan, she had activated the third layer of her tyrant body, so her physical body was extremely powerful.

Although she took the attack head-on, Murong Xue only had minor injuries.

She was fine.

Chu Long was extremely safe at the back.

With Murong Xue and Liu Yan bearing the brunt of the attack, the lightning could not even get to her.


Seeing Murong Xues hand, Chu Long raised her hand and two milky white halos flew out, landing on Liu Yan and Murong Xue respectively.

Liu Yan felt a wave of comfort all over his body.

There was no injury to begin with, and therefore no treatment.

On the other end, Murong Xue was only mildly injured.

These superficial injuries were healed at once.

The spots on her skin that had been charred by electricity were also healed immediately.

They looked completely untouched, as if she had never been injured before.

On the other hand, Liu Yans attack was not very fast because he had only used Frost Control on his bow.

The highly agile Smoke Cloud Beast dodged it easily.

Liu Yan was not surprised to see this.

He sneered and continued to draw his bow and arrow.

Liu Yans past attacks were merely trials.

Now that Liu Yan had roughly figured out the strength of the Smoke Cloud Beast, there was naturally no need for him to hold back.

He activated Fog (B-Grade) and attached a debuff to the bow and arrow.

He activated Ultimate Aim (B-Grade) to increase accuracy.

He then activated Poison Control (B-Grade) to attach large amounts of poison to the bow and arrow.

Liu Yan continued to activate Wind Control (C-Grade) and Electrification (A-Grade to increase the speed of the arrow.

Although the Smoke Cloud Beast was also a fierce beast with lightning attribute and so the lightning element attached to the Electrification skill could not deal much damage to it, the arrow was much faster now.

Finally, Liu Yan activated Split (A-Grade) and Track (A-Grade) .

Although Liu Yan could still use the Power of Desolation to increase his strength and increase the power of the arrow, he knew that the defensive ability of the Smoke Cloud Beast was not particularly strong.

There were already so many skills attached to the arrow, and that was enough to deal with the Smoke Cloud Beast.

Additionally, Liu Yans strength had recently received a large boost through divine extraction.

At this time, he had already drawn the Myriad Beast Bow into a circular shape.

If he were to use the Power of Desolation again, with a tenfold increase in strength, he would probably break the Myriad Beast Bow.

Liu Yans strength was increasing too quickly.

The current Myriad Beast Bow could no longer display all of his strength.

Following that, an arrow was shot out.

With many attachments, Liu Yans arrow was multicolored, filled with various elements and effects.

It was incomparably beautiful.

The speed of this arrow was even more terrifying.

It left images in the air, and the position of the arrow could not be seen clearly.

As the arrow was shot, the effect of the Split skill was triggered, and this arrow multiplied to become five more.

The Smoke Cloud Beast felt the terrifying threat from this arrow and quickly dodged with all its might.

As quick as a wink, the Smoke Cloud Beasts figure had already appeared on the other side.

However, this arrow had a tracking effect.

The arrow automatically changed direction and chased after the Smoke Cloud Beast.

The Smoke Cloud Beast hurriedly continued to dodge, but these five arrows all had a tracking effect and were extremely fast.

In just a moment, the Smoke Cloud Beast was hit by one of the arrows as it could not dodge in time.

The moment the first arrow hit, the Smoke Cloud Beast slowed down, and soon the remaining four arrows all found their target.

Many debuff effects, poison effects, and other effects were triggered.

The Smoke Cloud Beast, whose defense wasnt that terrifying to begin with, was killed on the spot.

When Liu Yan saw this, he was overjoyed.

These skills added to the arrows made them simply too strong.

This had even exceeded Liu Yans expectations.

Especially Liu Yus newly obtained Split and Track skill.

While they may not have been as strong as other A-Grade skills, they became particularly important and powerful after coming together with the other skills on the bow and arrow.

This time, if he did not have the Split and Track skill, Liu Yan might still have a way to deal with this Smoke Cloud Beast.

However, he would have to expend a lot of effort.

Chu Long and Murong Xue were both shocked when they saw the Smoke Cloud Beast lying motionlessly on the ground.

The two of them expected that it was going to be a long and intense battle.

They didnt expect Liu Yan to end it in such a short time.

The battle ended much faster than the two of them had expected.

“Brother Liu Yan, how did your arrow turn” Chu Long asked in surprise.

Murong Xue also looked at Liu Yan in shock.

The speed and power of the arrow just now were extremely terrifying.

More importantly, it could change directions and track its target.

This was way too scary.

At this moment, Liu Yan seemed like a strange monster to Murong Xue.

His concealment ability was so strong, and his close-combat explosive power was also incomparably terrifying.

Now, his long-range offensive ability was equally skilful.

Liu Yan was superior in every way.

He was like an omnipotent and powerful monster without any flaws!


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