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“Invisibility skill That exists This is so magical.” Chu Long said, surprised.

“Thats right.” Murong Xue nodded and looked intensely at Liu Yan.

She continued explaining, “Liu Yans invisibility skill is probably one of absolute invisibility.

Therefore even after he attacks, or is attacked, the invisibility skill wont be damaged.

Its completely dominant and is the highest level of all the invisibility skills.”

At this moment, Murong Xue felt that Liu Yan was too powerful.

That attack just now was too terrifying.

It actually killed the Dark Cloud Leopard instantly.

Furthermore, Liu Yan also had the extremely rare absolute invisibility skill.

The terrifying strength of a warrior, coupled with the rare invisibility skill of an assassin, was simply too much.

It was abnormal.

Murong Xue thought for a moment, but she couldnt think of any fierce beast or any Awakened on the same level as Liu Yan that could even withstand his attack.

The invisibility skill allowed Liu Yan to get close by without anyone noticing him.

It was one thing for Liu Yan to be invisible, but his power was so terrifying that no one would be able to defend against it.

It was quite ridiculous.

At this moment, Murong Xue couldnt help but feel immensely lucky.

Fortunately, Liu Yan was on her side.

If Liu Yan were an enemy, Murong Xue knew that she wouldnt even be able to escape, let alone defeat Liu Yan.

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Murong Xue had always led a blessed and privileged life.

Yet, she now felt that Liu Yan was someone that seemed so superior, as though he were a huge mountain.

This made Murong Xue look up to Liu Yan and realise her own powerlessness.

Just then, Liu Yan said, “Alright, lets continue our journey.

We should hurry up.”

Liu Yan was preparing to arrange for the two girls to continue their journey, and he would deal with the corpse of the Dark Cloud Leopard after.

The Dark Cloud Leopard was at level 20, and had S-Grade talent.

Its corpse would definitely give Liu Yan a huge boost in strength.

However, at this moment, Liu Yan sensed a powerful aura rapidly approaching from all directions.

Liu Yans expression changed slightly, and said, “A powerful fierce beast is charging over, get ready for battle!”

Murong Xue and Chu Long, who were initially relaxed, became serious when they heard Liu Yans words, and entered into battle mode.

Almost instantly, a nearby figure rushed towards Liu Yan and the others.

It approached at a terrifying speed, almost like a ghost.

Liu Yan did not hesitate.

He hurriedly activated Shadow Steps, and became horrifyingly fast.

With nothing more than a shadow left behind, Liu Yan managed to dodge the attack.

When this fierce beast realised that it was unable to attack Liu Yan, it charged towards Chu Long, who was nearby.

Liu Yan was just about to go over and help when he saw Murong Xue dash forward, in front of Chu Long and face the attack head on.

Under attack, Murong Xue took a few steps back, causing Chu Long to fall to the ground.

Chu Long was fine, but Murong Xue was spitting out blood.

With this attack, Murong Xue was badly injured, even though she had activated the third layer of the Tyrant Body and possessed immense physical strength.

If this were to land on Chu Long, there was no doubt that she would have been killed instantly.

Seeing Murong Xues hand, Chu long hurriedly activated her S-Grade talent skill.

Three layers of milky white light enveloped Murong Xue.

Under this healing light, while Murong Xue was not fully recovered, she regained half her strength.

At this moment, the fierce beast finally revealed itself.

It stood far away from Liu Yan and the other two.

It stared coldly at the trio, especially when it looked at Liu Yan with a slightly surprised gaze.

The fierce beast did not expect that these tiny humans had speeds comparable to its own, especially when speed was its greatest strength.

Just then, Liu Yan and the other two also saw the figure of the Fierce Beast.

Its appearance was similar to a leopard, but it was different from the Dark Cloud Leopard they encountered just now.

The Dark Cloud Leopard was huge, but this fierce beast was much smaller.

It was about the same size as a normal leopard, and its body was only the size of a human.

However, its entire body and four claws were covered in white clouds.

It looked to be an agile and swift fierce beast.

Liu Yan hurriedly used his smart wristband to check the information of this fierce beast in front of him.

[Smoke Cloud Beast]

Talent: S-Grade

Level: 18


Description: It is an extremely agile fierce beast, and is very lethal.

Difficult to capture.

Fights to the death upon any encounter, and never thinks of escaping.

With its agility, it will be difficult to escape from its clutches.

Another powerful fierce beast with S-Grade potential.

While its level was lower than the Dark Cloud Leopard, it was still at level 18.

What was even more troubling was that this Smoke Cloud Beast was very agile and extremely difficult to deal with.

With the speed that the fierce beast was at just now, one could not even react, let alone fight back.

Murong Xue only managed to react because she was right beside Chu Long.

She helped Chu Long defend against the attack, otherwise Chu Long would have probably been killed.

Any normal Awakened of the same level had virtually no chance of defeating the Smoke Cloud Beast.

It was just too agile, making any counter-attack impossible, so no one could deal with it.

Liu Yan could only dodge the Smoke Cloud Beasts attack because he had Shadow Steps, an A-Grade skill.

At this moment, the Smoke Cloud Beast glanced at the Dark Cloud Leopards corpse, which was nearby.

It then looked at Liu Yan and the others, and its eyes were filled with hatred as it roared at the trio.

Clearly, the Smoke Cloud Beast and the Dark Cloud Leopards were supposed to be partners.

The Smoke Cloud Beast had come to seek revenge for its partner.

Seeing the Dark Cloud Leopard die at the hands of the trio, the Smoke Cloud Beast was filled with hatred.

It would fight to the death against Liu Yan, Murong Xue and Chu Long.

The trio could not escape.

The Smoke Cloud Beast was far too agile, and there was no way for them to slip away.

Additionally, the Smoke Cloud Beast now had a great enmity with the trio.

It would not back down until one party perished.

Even if the trio managed to escape, the Smoke Cloud Beast would definitely continue to chase after them, and it would not stop until they died.

“Looks like we can only fight.”

After the initial shock, Liu Yan quickly came up with a way to deal with this fierce beast.

Liu Yan knew his close combat strength was in no way inferior to the Smoke Cloud Beast.

He could kill the Dark Cloud Leopard instantly, and it specialised in close combat.

In terms of physical combat, Liu Yu could deal with Smoke Cloud Beast.

However, the Smoke Cloud Beast was extremely swift.

Even if Liu Yan could catch up with it using the Shadow Steps, it would still take some effort.

During this process, Murong Xue and Chu Long would be in extreme danger.

Just now, Murong Xue could block the attack against Chu Long only because she realised it in time.

Otherwise, Chu Long would have been in trouble by now.

If the Smoke Cloud Beast managed to find an opportunity to attack Murong Xue and Chu Long, there was no guarantee that they would remain safe.

Therefore, Liu Yan thought of a counter-attack.

He knew he could not engage in close combat, and could not stray far away from Murong Xue and Chu Long.

He had to stay by their side and protect them.

And therefore, the only way to attack the Smoke Cloud Beast was from a distance.

Thinking of this, Liu Yan acted decisively.

“Chu Long, take care of yourself.

If Murong Xue or I get injured, treat us in time.”

“Murong Xue, youre also responsible for protecting yourself and Chu Long.

If the Smoke Cloud Beast gets close, attack again when theres an opportunity to.”

“Ill stay beside the two of you.

Lets not get separated by the Smoke Cloud Beast and allow it to break through.

Stay together and look out for each other.

Ill be the main long-range attacker to deal with the Smoke Cloud Beast.

Once it gets close, Murong Xue, youll fight with me against the Smoke Cloud Beast!”


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