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For the next three days, Liu Yan and the other two stayed next to Moon Shadow Bobcats nest.

During the day, the three of them cultivated separately.

Both Murong Xue and Chu Longs abilities improved substantially.

Murong Xue had become familiar with the third layer of the tyrant body and could now use it with ease, but she was still far from unlocking its fourth layer.

Chu Longs grade had increased by two tiers, and her abilities improved markedly.

She was now familiar with her new strength.

On the other hand, Liu Yan had more free time.

With his SSS-grade talent in divine extraction, he did not really need to cultivate at all.

Liu Yan spent some of his time familiarising himself with some new skills, and spent the rest of it releasing the Shadow Wolf to scout for news outside.

The situation in the Yin Region over the past three days was similar to what Liu Yan had guessed.

The Fierce Beasts tended to emerge at night, while the Awakened hid away during this time.

With their previous experience, the Awakened were now more careful.

When the sun set, they basically hid far away from the Yin Lake.

This ensured that the Awakened would not be discovered by the Fierce Beasts at night and fall into a siege.

During the day, however, a small number of the Awakened would head out to attack and kill the Fierce Beasts.

This would help the Awakened obtain the Yin Card.

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Despite their strength, the Fierce Beasts lurked in the Yin Region alone during the day.

Working in groups, the Awakened could defeat a single Fierce Beast.

However, a majority of the Awakened focused on the other squads of the Awakened, waiting for an opportunity to attack.

An Awakened squad would have used up most of their energy and would even get injured after tackling a Fierce Beast.

Another Awakened squad would launch out in an ambush.

Kinder squads would just take away some Yin Cards, but more ruthless squads would just kill the squad under attack.

It was better to silence them once and for all, in order to avoid any vengeful actions in the future.

Nighttime would be peaceful over the last three days, but in the day, the infighting between the Awakened would be even fiercer than their attacks on the Fierce Beasts.

Therefore, the Fierce Beasts were generally unscathed over the last three days, but many of the Awakened were tired and out of energy.

Other than those who had no energy left, many of the Awakened had already left for the Yang Region.

After all, it was useless to obtain more than one Yin Card.

One had to have at least one Yin and one Yang Card in order to pass the trial on the third level of the tower, and advance to the fourth level.

Liu Yan saw that the time was right.

It was time to strike.

If they waited any longer, the remaining Awakened would all leave.

Liu Yan and the others would not be able to reap a significant number of Yin Cards.

At dawn of the fourth day, the trio had packed their luggage and were ready to leave.

Liu Yan and Murong Xue both had spatial rings.

It was more convenient for the trio to put their luggage in the spatial rings.

Liu Yan obtained his spatial ring by killing the elite monsters on the first level of the tower, while Murong Xues spatial ring was a gift from her family.

She already had the spatial ring when she entered the tower.

Murong Xue did belong to the established Murong family, after all.

With their background, could give out spatial rings as they liked.

The trio waited for a while, and then they saw the Shadow Wolf return with the Moon Shadow Bobcat.

Because they were about to leave, it was also the last night for the Shadow Wolf and the Moon Shadow Bobcat.

The two Fierce Beasts lingered around each other the whole night.

“Alright, lets get ready to leave.” Liu Yan said when he saw the Shadow Wolf return.

The Shadow Wolf Licked the Moon Shadow Bobcat rather reluctantly, and then followed Liu Yan and the others to leave.

Although the Moon Shadow Bobcat was quite talented, it still fell short of Liu Yans requirements.

Moreover, the Moon Shadow Bobcat had grown up here, and was reluctant to leave.

Naturally, there was no need for Liu Yan and the others to take the Moon Shadow Bobcat away.

They just needed to let it stay.

“Okay, well return to visit if theres a chance in the future.” Liu Yan stroked the Shadow Wolfs Head, comforting it.

But in Liu Yans heart, he was quite certain that they were unlikely to return.

Following that, the three people and a Fierce Beast set off.

Because Liu Yan and Murong Xues combat strength were relatively strong, Liu Yan had already discussed with Murong Xue the previous night.

When they set off today, they would move separately.

Liu Yan moved alone.

Murong Xue and Chu Long moved together, while the Shadow Wolf was in the middle.

If one side encountered a strong squad of Awakened, or a strong Fierce Beast, the Shadow Wolf would just come over for reinforcement.

Fighting would be much more efficient this way.

Liu Yan planned to spend one day completely harvesting Yin Cards in the nearby region.

After that, he would no longer stay in the Yin Region and would directly head to the Yang Region.

After all, Liu Yan knew that he wouldnt be able to head to the fourth level of the tower if he didnt have a Yang Card, regardless of how many Yin Cards he obtained.

The third level of the tower had a time limit, a total of seven days.

If one could not collect a Yin and a Yang Card within seven days, they would not be able to catch up with the time of the teleportation array and leave the third level of the tower.

If that was the case, they could only wait for the next batch of the Awakened.

In this period of time, the Awakened would have to face a large number of Fierce Beasts in this long period of time, and their survival was uncertain.

Three days had already passed for the trio.

Today, they had to finish their tasks in the Yin Region in one day.

Allowing for three days in the Yang Region gave them ample time to prevent accidents.

There was another benefit for the three of them to move in two directions.

Other than increasing efficiency, it was more convenient for Liu Yan to carry out divine extraction on corpses of Fierce Beasts and the Awakened.

This helped Liu Yan gain different attributes and different skills.

greatly increasing his combat strength.

Although Liu Yan was already familiar with Chu Long and Murong Xue, and they gradually gained his trust, Liu Yan did not want his talent to be known by anyone else for the time being.

After all, it was a legendary SSS-grade talent, and it was too distinctive.

If this information were to be leaked, it might very well bring unnecessary trouble and danger to Liu Yan.

Although SSS-grade talent was exceptionally powerful, Liu Yan still needed time to grow.

Moreover, Liu Yan was clear that with this divine extraction, the further he progressed, the more terrifying the speed of improvement would be.

As long as Liu Yan gave himself enough time, he would be able to grow into an expert.

And when that day comes, Liu Yan would have sufficient ability.

Naturally, he would not be afraid of all kinds of troubles and dangers.

Very soon, the three of them set off on two different routes.

Although there were two routes, Liu Yan would not be too far away from the two women.

As for the Shadow Wolf, it was moving between Liu Yan and the two women.

Liu Yan instructed the Shadow Wolf to be slightly closer to Chu Long and Murong Xue.

From time to time, Liu Yan would check on them to prevent any accidents from happening and to make sure that he could help them in time.

However, Liu Yan still had quite a bit of faith in Murong Xues strength.

With Chu Longs help, the three of them would be able to defeat two or three ordinary Fierce Beasts, and they would be able to easily deal with one or two squads of the Awakened.

Even if they encountered an opponent that was too powerful, they should still be able to hold their positions and wait for Liu Yans support to arrive.

Because Liu Yan was stronger and had more advanced skills, he was bold enough to act alone.

Liu Yan activated an A-grade skill, Omniscient Insight.

Immediately, he was aware of everything going on within a 100-meter radius.

Not long after setting off, Liu Yan discovered the corpses of several Awakened and two Fierce Beast corpses.

Liu Yans face was instantly filled with joy as he rushed over.


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