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The ice and fire two-headed wolf realized that Liu Yan had plucked the fur from its chest again.

It immediately looked at him with some resentment.

However, after witnessing Liu Yans terrifying strength, even though it was dissatisfied, it did not dare to show it at all.

It transformed into the shadow wolf form and went to look for the moon shadow bobcat for consolation and hugs.

After witnessing Liu Yans terrifying strength, Murong Xue no longer said a word about fighting with him.

She simply looked deeply at Liu Yan and made up her mind to train hard and surpass him.

Murong Xue could accept that there were Awakened at the same age who were stronger than her, but she could not accept losing to others in terms of physical strength.

This was especially so because Liu Yan was good at long-range attacks such as using bow and arrows, as well as elemental attacks, while she was an Awakened who focused on physical skills.

Murong Xue could not accept losing to Liu Yan in terms of physical skills.

Liu Yan came to Murong Xue and Chu Longs side and took out the remaining two golden fruits from his interspatial ring.

There were a total of six golden fruits on the cliff.

He had already eaten four of them and his level had risen quite a bit.

Most importantly, his talent had been upgraded, which was very helpful.

However, the remaining two fruits were no longer of any help to Liu Yan.

Even if he ate them, he would probably only gain some EXP to level up.

He couldnt continue to level up his SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction, with this.

If he wanted to upgrade the Divine Extraction that had been upgraded to tier 2, he would need even more precious treasures or fortuitous encounters.

The golden fruit was no longer enough.

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Since the fruit was no longer of much help to him, he might as well just give one each to Murong Xue and Chu Long.

Chu Long was his close friend, so it was very necessary to help her raise her strength.

As for Murong Xue, although they had only known each other for a few days, she was still his teammate.

They had managed to get along with each other for the past few days, and he had even taken advantage of her last night, so it was only natural for him to give her some compensation.

When they saw the golden fruit, Murong Xue and Chu Longs eyes were immediately attracted to them.

The crystal-clear fruit that was emitting golden light looked extraordinary.

Liu Yan explained with a smile, “This is the golden fruit that I obtained from the bottom of the cliff.

Each of you should eat one and absorb it through cultivation.

Ill protect the two of you during the process.”


Chu Long and Murong Xue were filled with joy.

They took the fruit and ate it.

Then, they sat on the ground and began to cultivate, absorbing and refining the energy of the golden fruit.

Liu Yan immediately used his A-grade skill, Omniscient Insight, and his perception instantly expanded to a radius of more than a hundred meters.

Within a radius of a hundred meters, even the slightest movement could not be hidden from him.

While protecting the two girls, Liu Yan used Divine Extraction on the fur of the ice and fire two-headed wolf that he had just obtained.

With that, a white light enveloped the fur, and notifications appeared in front of him.

[Divine Extraction of the ice and fire two-headed wolfs fur (S-grade potential, level 9) has been successful.

Obtained: Raging Flame (A-grade), Hailstone (A-grade)!]

[Raging Flame (A-grade) has successfully fused with Flame Control (A-grade), enhancing Flame Control (A-grade) by 30%!]

[Hailstone (A-grade) has successfully fused with Frost Control (A-grade), enhancing Frost Control (A-grade) by 30%!]

Seeing that he had successfully extracted two powerful A-grade skills through Divine Extraction, Liu Yans face was instantly filled with joy.

The two skills that he had successfully extracted were a fire-element attack skill and an ice-element attack skill, both of which had successfully fused with his existing skills, Flame Control and Frost Control, increasing their power by 30%.

Flame Control and Frost Control were both A-grade skills and were already very powerful.

An increase of 30% was like adding wings to a tiger.

However, what slightly disappointed Liu Yan was that they had not fused into S-grade skills.

Up until now, he had encountered several S-grade fierce beasts and had already extracted quite a number of A-grade skills, but had yet to extract an S-grade skill.

Although Liu Yan was a little disappointed, he could understand.

After all, starting from the S-grade, every grade was a huge chasm that was extremely difficult to cross.

It seemed that to obtain an S-grade skill, he would have to encounter a more powerful fierce beast or fuse many similar A-grade skills.

It didnt work like the low-grade skills before, where two or three skills of the same grade could fuse into a high-grade skill.

After understanding this point, Liu Yan let it go.

He stopped worrying about it and continued to wait for the two girls.

Not long after, Chu Long and Murong Xue woke up from their cultivation state.

Their eyes were full of joy.

“This golden fruit is so powerful.

I actually improved by two levels!” Chu Long said in surprise.

Murong Xues face was also full of joy.

She even hugged Liu Yan excitedly and said, “Liu Yan, youve helped me a lot.

This golden fruit allowed my talent to advance!”

Liu Yan felt that his chest was being pressured so hard by the girls huge breasts that he could hardly breathe.

For a moment, he was a little embarrassed.

This girl was really fierce.

Murong Xue was so excited that she did not notice this at all.

She hugged him for a long while before letting go.

When Chu Long heard this, she immediately asked with surprise, “The talent can be advanced Sounds great.

Why didnt my talent advance though”

“Its probably not enough.

There will be opportunities in the future,” Liu Yan smiled and comforted her.

Then, he looked at Murong Xue and asked, “Hows the effect after the upgrade”

Murong Xue checked and felt it for a while, then raised her head and said with a face full of joy, “In the past, the Berserk Stance could only be used to greatly boost my stamina in all aspects.

Now, after the upgrade, the boosting effect is even greater.

On top of that, when Im not using the Berserk Stance, it will still continue to increase my strength.

Oh right, I can use the third layer of the Tyrant Body at will now, so my combat strength has increased a lot.

Hearing this, Liu Yan nodded slightly and roughly understood.

After the Berserk Stance was upgraded, its effects improved a lot.

It was, after all, an S-grade skill.

Although it couldnt compare to Liu Yans SSS-grade talent, it was already very powerful compared to the talents of the other Awakened.

The upgraded Berserker Stance could increase Murong Xues stamina every second.

Although it was not much, the advantage was that it worked in the background every second.

Through time and accumulation, the effects would be extremely terrifying.

Apart from that, the upgrade also allowed Murong Xue to use the third layer of the Tyrant Body at will.

Previously, although Murong Xue had successfully activated the third layer of the Tyrant Body during her fight with Liu Yan, she could not flexibly use it such that she might not be able to activate it every time.

Therefore, most of the time, she could only use the second layer of the Tyrant Body to fight.

Now that she could use the third layer of Tyrant Body flexibly, her combat strength had doubled.

As for Chu Long, although her talent had not advanced, it was already very powerful.

Fortunately, her level had increased a lot, and her strength had also increased a lot.

The six golden fruits had increased the strength of Liu Yan and the other two by a great margin.

The combat strength of the entire team had thus obtained a terrifying increase!


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