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In a corner of the forest, after confirming that there were no other beasts around and that there was no danger, Liu Yan stopped and climbed up a tree.

After obtaining the attributes just now, Liu Yan clearly felt that his body had become much stronger in all aspects.

After running for so long, he wasnt even panting.

Liu Yan first took out the detoxifying purple herb from his backpack.

According to the information displayed on his wristband, after using a special method to refine it and then ingesting it, the detoxifying purple herb could improve his attributes.

Wasnt Liu Yans Divine Extraction the best way to refine it After all, what other method could be stronger than the SSS-grade talent Divine Extraction


Liu Yan kept a small portion of the detoxifying purple herb for backup, in case he was injured or poisoned later.

Then, he used Divine Extraction on the remaining majority of the detoxifying purple herb.


A white light enveloped the detoxifying purple herb, and a notification appeared in front of Liu Yan.

[Divine Extraction of the detoxifying purple herb has been successful.

Obtained: agility 6, spirit 5, adaptability 9!]

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Instantly, Liu Yan felt that his body had become much lighter, and he had become much more agile.

At the same time, his mind had also become much clearer, which felt very comfortable.

Liu Yan was quite surprised.

He hadnt expected that he would be able to obtain so many attributes after extracting the detoxifying purple herb.

The attribute improvement he had obtained from the herb was equivalent to the attributes of two or three level one beast corpses.

The key was that each extraction of a level one beast would use up a turn of Divine Extraction, while extracting the detoxifying purple herb had only taken one chance.

It was truly much more worth it.


Previously, the situation had been too urgent and dangerous, so Liu Yan had not had the time to check his harvest.

Now that he finally had the time, he hurriedly opened his attribute panel through his smart wristband.

[Liu Yan]

[Level: 2(5/300)]

[HP: 550/550]

[MP: 280/350]

[Strength (attack): 42]


[Vitality (defense): 38]

[Agility (speed): 51]

[Spirit (mana): 23]

[Adaptability (magic resistance): 28]

[Luck (probability): 43]

[Allocatable attribute points: 8]


[Talent: Divine Extraction (SSS-grade) Usage times limit: 2/10 (CD refreshes once every hour)]


[Skills: Strength Enhancing (D-grade), Ghoststeps (D-grade), Spirit Vision (E-grade)

[Equipment: Federation Defense Equipment Set (E-grade), Federation Special Dagger (E-grade)]


[Grade: D]

[Effect: Upon usage, your agility will increase by three times.]


Looking at his attribute panel, Liu Yan was extremely excited.

First, he had gained enough EXP from hunting five level one green pythons, allowing him to level up to level two, and his various attributes had received a certain increase.

Next, he had used Divine Extraction on the corpses of the five green pythons as well as the detoxifying purple herb, and his attributes had received another huge increase.

Because the attributes obtained from extracting the green pythons were strength, vitality, and agility, while the attributes provided by the detoxifying purple herb were agility, spirit, and adaptability, Liu Yans agility attributes were currently extremely exaggerated, and his strength and vitality attributes were also very high.

His other attributes were slightly inferior, but they were still much stronger than the average level 2 Awakened.

Liu Yan pondered for a moment.

Although his spirit and adaptability attributes were quite low, they were enough for the time being, since he didnt need them as much.

Of the eight allocatable attribute points he had obtained from leveling up, Liu Yan directly distributed them evenly between his strength and vitality.


After distributing them, Liu Yans strength reached a terrifying 46 points and his vitality reached 42 points.

Liu Yan roughly estimated that although he was now only a level 2 Awakened, his attributes were already much stronger than a level 3 Awakened.


Other than that, the biggest gain from his operation this time was undoubtedly the agility-type skills that he obtained after using Divine Extraction on the two corpses of the Awakened.

In addition to the agility-type skill that Liu Yan already had, the three skills had actually been fused into a higher grade agility-type skill!

The number of skills may have decreased from three to one, but this one skill was even more powerful than the previous three combined!


With the power of Ghoststeps, coupled with Liu Yans ridiculously high agility attribute, he estimated that even a level 5 Awakened couldnt compare to his current speed.

When he learned that the SSS-grade Divine Extraction was able to fise the skills obtained from extraction, he was instantly extremely excited.


This way, the lower grade skills he would obtain in the future would still be useful since he could fuse them.

As such, even if he wanted to obtain powerful skills of higher grades, he didnt have to take the risk of using Divine Extraction on high-level beasts or corpses of the Awakened.

He could just slowly extract skills from low-level corpses and fuse those skills together to become stronger!

As for the issue with the number of times he could use Divine Extraction, Liu Yan had a rough idea in his heart.

As his level advanced, the number of times he could use Divine Extraction would seem to reset in an instant while also increasing by a lot.


Before killing the green pythons, Liu Yan only had two times left.


However, after killing the green pythons and leveling up, Liu Yan had used Divine Extraction a total of eight times, but he still had two more chances.

Learning this, Liu Yan was relieved.

With this, as his level increased, he could use Divine Extraction more frequently and become stronger faster.

As expected of the top-tier SSS-grade talent.

The stronger he was, the faster he could improve.

There was no upper limit to his potential!

After understanding his strength, Liu Yan started planning his future path.

Although the beginner mission required them to hunt beasts within seven days to increase their strength and enter level two of the Tower, only a day had passed at this point, and Liu Yans strength was already more than enough.

If he continued to stay on level one, his gains wouldnt be too great.

It would be a waste to use the remaining times he had left of his talent on level one beasts.


For now, Liu Yan needed to head to level two of the Tower and hunt higher-level beasts to level up and strengthen himself with Divine Extraction.


In addition, level two would have more abundant resources.


On level one, most of the beasts were at level one, and only a few had resources to guard.

For example, the beasts that Liu Yan had encountered so far werent guarding any resources at all except for the green pythons.

The harvest after hunting was indeed quite unsatisfying to the current Liu Yan.


After thinking about it, Liu Yan decided to head closer to the entrance of level one and prepare to enter level two.

With this, Liu Yan did not dawdle as he straight away set off.

Shuttling through the forest and approaching the level one entrance, Liu Yan was also thinking about his current strength.

In terms of skills, he had the D-grade Strength Enhancement, D-grade Ghoststeps, and F-grade Spirit Vision.


A strength enhancement skill, an agility enhancement skill, and a passive perception-type skill.

At the time being, he did not have any active offensive skills that he could use.

In the previous battle, he could only rely on his strength and agility to stab directly with his dagger.

He didnt have another way to attack.

As Liu Yan thought about it, he decided he had to pay attention to this aspect.

He had to find an opportunity to get an active offensive skill to improve his weakness.

After all, without a powerful offensive skill and only great strength, he could not fully display his strength.

As he was walking, Liu Yan suddenly heard the sounds of a battle not far away.

The sounds were somewhat chaotic as if there were quite a number of Awakened and beasts.

Wherever there was a battle, there would be the corpses of beasts or the Awakened, which meant there would be an opportunity to use Divine Extraction and become stronger.

Liu Yan smiled and hurried over.


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