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Murong Xue and Chu Long heard the commotion and looked over.

“Whats going on Isnt the shadow wolf Liu Yans pet Why does it seem like it wants to attack him now” Chu Long asked with some confusion.

Murong Xue saw the moon shadow bobcats withered fur on the ground and immediately guessed what had happened.

She teased, “Looks like the shadow wolf is angry due to its lost lovers token.”

At this moment, the moon shadow bobcat heard the commotion and woke up.

It looked curiously at the shadow wolf and Liu Yan who were about to fight.

The bloodline of the shadow wolf was extremely powerful, especially when it transformed into its ice and fire two-headed wolf form.

The moon shadow bobcat was also curious about how powerful the shadow wolf was.

Liu Yan faced the shadow wolf and also had the intention to test the improvement of his strength over this period, as well as the effects of the newly obtained fusion skill, Power of Desolation (A-grade).

At the same time, he could test the shadow wolfs combat strength while he was at it.

“Come on, show me how strong you are then,” Liu Yan stood up with a relaxed expression.

The shadow wolf pounced at Liu Yan.

However, it did not use any offensive skills or its claws.

It only used its physical body.

Although it was angry, Liu Yan was its owner whom it had signed a contract with.

The shadow wolf did not want to hurt him.

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Once the contract was signed, the shadow wolf would even be willing to die just to block the damage for Liu Yan.

It did not want him to be hurt at all.

Seeing this, Liu Yan naturally used his physical strength only to fight head-on with the shadow wolf.

The two figures collided, but the difference was immediately obvious.

After the previous few times of Divine Extraction, he had obtained a large number of attribute points, enabling his strength attribute to reach more than a thousand points, and he was not inferior to the shadow wolf at all.

Under normal circumstances, the physical attributes of a fierce beast of the same level would be much stronger than a humans.

However, Liu Yan was an exception.

Following the collision, the shadow wolf was instantly pushed back several meters.

On the other hand, Liu Yan stayed where he was.

It was quite apparent he was much better than the shadow wolf.

The shadow wolf seemed to feel that it had embarrassed itself in front of the moon shadow bobcat and grew even more annoyed.

With that, it immediately transformed back into its ice and fire two-headed wolf form.

The shadow wolf that was two persons tall instantly transformed back into the ice and fire two-headed wolf that was several meters tall.

In front of the ice and fire two-headed wolf, Liu Yan seemed tiny.

The ice and fire two-headed wolf let out a long howl and charged toward Liu Yan once again.

Seeing this, Chu Long, who was watching from the side, said worriedly, “Will Liu Yan be alright The ice and fire two-headed wolf looks so powerful.”

Murong Xue nodded slightly, she said, “The ice and fire two-headed wolf is indeed powerful.

Liu Yan shouldnt be a match for it just by relying on his physical body.

That being said, his physical body is also very strong, so even if he isnt a match for it, he shouldnt be injured.

Besides, the ice and fire two-headed wolf is his pet, it wont hurt him.”

Hearing this, Chu Long finally felt relieved.

In front of them, the ice and fire two-headed wolf and Liu Yan, two figures, one big and one small, instantly collided.

However, after the collision, the ice and fire two-headed wolf was at a slight disadvantage, though not a big one.

It only took two steps back before stopping, then continued to clash head-on with Liu Yan.

However, Liu Yan noticed that the ice and fire two-headed wolf hadnt used its full strength of worry that it might hurt him.

“Dont worry, you cant hurt me yet.

Go all out,” Liu Yan said with a confident smile.

Hearing this, the ice and fire two-headed wolf immediately used all of its strength and clashed with Liu Yan.

The scene was extremely shocking.

To think the incomparably huge ice and fire two-headed wolf had a physical strength similar to that of the seemingly insignificant Liu Yan.

However, gradually, Liu Yan was at a disadvantage.

Seeing this, Liu Yan was not worried.

Instead, he was somewhat happy.

He did not expect the ice and fire two-headed wolf to be so powerful.

His strength and constitution attributes had been improved many times after his many Divine Extractions, far surpassing that of the Awakened at the same level dozens of times.

Even so, the physical strength of the ice and fire two-headed wolf was not inferior to his.

As expected of a fierce beast with S-grade potential, its strength was truly formidable!

Liu Yan was naturally happy that the ice and fire two-headed wolf was so powerful.

Its combat strength was precisely Liu Yans own combat strength.

Not far away, the moon shadow bobcat saw that the ice and fire two-headed wolf was gradually gaining the upper hand, and it immediately let out an excited cry.

Hearing the moon shadow bobcats cry, the ice and fire two-headed wolf seemed to grow more excited as it began to fight with all its might.

Not far away, Chu Long and Murong Xue watched the fight.

Although Liu Yan was at a disadvantage, they were both extremely surprised.

One had to know that humans were not comparable to fierce beasts.

Moreover, the ice and fire two-headed wolf had a high-grade potential.

Yet, under such circumstances, Liu Yans physical body was not much weaker than the ice and fire two-headed wolf.

Murong Xue frowned slightly and said, “Why do I have the feeling that this fellow has become much stronger in the past two days When I fought with him a few days ago, his physical strength was not this strong.”

Seeing this, Murong Xue began to doubt her life.

Ever since she was young, she had always been a favored child of the heavens.

She had occasionally lost in competitions, but in terms of physical strength, she had never lost.

But this time, she had lost to Liu Yan, who was about the same age as her.

Just as she was trying to catch up, she suddenly realized that Liu Yan, who was already stronger than her, had improved at a terrifying speed, leaving her far behind.

Chu Long, on the other hand, did not think too much.

When she saw that Liu Yans physical strength was already so strong, she could not help but be happy for him.

“Its just a pity that big brother Liu Yan is still a bit weaker than the ice and fire two-headed wolf.

However, this is his pet.

Losing to his pet isnt a big deal,” Chu Long muttered.

At this moment, Liu Yan, who was in the middle of the battle, looked at the ice and fire two-headed wolf with a smirk, “Ill use you to test the effect of the Power of Desolation.

Get ready to get beaten up.”

As he spoke, he activated the newly acquired A-grade fusion skill, Power of Desolation.


Instantly, his aura changed.

His blood qi burned, and his physical strength received a terrifying ten-fold increase.

With a light punch, the ice and fire two-headed wolf, which had just gained the upper hand, instantly flew tens of meters away.

The scene looked extremely exaggerated.

The ice and fire two-headed wolf, which was ten times bigger than Liu Yan, had been sent flying by his punch…

The ice and fire two-headed wolf got up in a sorry state and looked at Liu Yan with fear.

It did not expect its Masters physical strength to be so terrifying.

At the same time, the eyes of the fire and ice two-headed wolf were full of admiration and joy.

This was its Master.

To think its master was so powerful!

Liu Yan was also a little surprised.

He did not expect the effect of the skill to be so exaggerated.

However, when he thought about it, the skill would increase his strength by ten times, so it was not strange at all that the effects were exaggerated.

He then immediately deactivated the Power of Desolation and went forward to the ice and fire two-headed wolf.

He asked with concern, “How is it Are you okay”

When the ice and fire two-headed wolf saw Liu Yan approaching, it was instinctively afraid.

“What are you afraid of I am your Master,” Liu Yan smiled and helped the ice and fire two-headed wolf up.

At the same time, he grabbed a strand of fur with genetic fragments from its chest.

He had used Divine Extraction on the shadow wolfs gene fragment fur, but not on the ice and fire two-headed wolf.

Liu Yan would not miss any opportunity to become stronger.


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