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After obtaining the moon shadow bobcats fur, Liu Yan returned to his original position.

He glanced at the shadow wolf that was still in a deep sleep.

It did not realize that Liu Yan had taken its treasure.

Then, Liu Yan used Divine Extraction on the moon shadow bobcats fur.

With that, a ball of white light enveloped the silver fur, and it instantly withered from its initial state of vitality.

A notification then appeared in front of Liu Yan.

[Divine Extraction of the moon shadow bobcats gene fur (S-grade potential, level 15) has been successful.

Obtained: Shadow Cloak (A-grade)!]

Seeing that the extraction was successful, Liu Yans face was instantly filled with joy.

Just a single fur from the moon shadow bobcat had enabled him to obtain a powerful A-grade skill through Divine Extraction!

Though, Liu Yan also noticed that he couldnt obtain a large number of attribute points by using Divine Extraction on the fur, unlike that of a fierce beasts corpse.

It was, after all, only a fur with a gene fragment.

Even so, he was already extremely satisfied.

After all, he only needed objects with a gene fragment to obtain something.

Without the need for the whole corpse of a fierce beast, his extraction range would be much larger.

He quickly checked the effect of the newly acquired skill.

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[Shadow Cloak]

[Grade: A]

[Effect: Upon usage, the player can make themself and the existences in a small area around themself enter a state of absolute invisibility.

The invisibility will be maintained even when the player makes a move.

Current duration: 10 seconds!]

After seeing the effect, Liu Yan was surprised.

To think it was an extremely rare invisibility skill.

Moreover, it provided absolute invisibility.

This meant that after activating Shadow Cloak and entering the invisibility state, even if he attacked the opponent or was attacked by the opponent, the state of invisibility would not perish.

He would remain in the invisible state and could continue to attack.

Liu Yan already had extremely terrifying speed and strength.

Coupled with this powerful invisibility skill, he could easily launch an attack when the opponent was not expecting it.

With that, he could cast a powerful explosive and immediate attack, catching the opponent off guard.

Shadow Cloak undoubtedly made his combat style more comprehensive, further enhancing his combat strength.

Ten seconds seemed very short, but in reality, it was already very long.

In battle, one second was enough to affect the outcome, let alone ten seconds.

Other than that, Liu Yan noticed that this was the current duration of the skill.

In the future, as his strength improved or as he further explored the skill, the duration of the skill would definitely increase and become even stronger in the future.

Just the Divine Extraction of a fur had given Liu Yan such a powerful skill and increased his combat power by so much.

He pondered.

Now that the Divine Extraction had advanced and could be used as such, he naturally had to use it more.

Thus, he came to the side of the moon shadow bobcats den.

The moon shadow bobcat had shed some fur in the nest.

Liu Yan carefully picked up a few pieces and used Divine Extraction them.

However, he naturally did not obtain any attribute points from the rounds of Divine Extraction.

He also did not obtain any new skills.

The only thing he obtained from the pieces of fur were some skill fragments that slightly enhanced the effect of Shadow Steps, though not by much.

Instead, he wasted a few times of Divine Extraction.

Fortunately, he had reached level 6, so the number of times he could use the Divine Extraction was relatively sufficient, so he did not care about these few usages of the talent.

Liu Yan guessed that these pieces of fur did not carry any gene fragments, so he could not obtain any skills through Divine Extraction.

Other than that, he had already extracted the gene fragment of the moon shadow bobcat and had already obtained a skill, so he could not obtain any new and powerful skills.

After understanding this point, Liu Yan no longer paid attention to the moon shadow bobcat.

Since he had already extracted its gene fragment and could not obtain anything else from it, it was no longer of any use.

Instead, he turned his gaze to the sleeping shadow wolf.

The shadow wolfs potential grade had been average, but it had completed its evolution and was now already a powerful ice and fire two-headed wolf.

Its potential grade had thus reached the terrifying S-grade, making it no inferior to the moon shadow bobcat.

If not for the fact that the ice and fire two-headed wolf had S-grade potential, the moon shadow bobcat would not have taken a fancy to it.

Although the appearance of the ice and fire two-headed wolf was very cool, fierce beasts cared more about the bloodline.

Liu Yan squatted in front of the shadow wolf, reaching out his hand to the hair at the core of its chest.

The shadow wolf immediately woke up at this time, with a face full of vigilance.

But when it saw that it was its master, Liu Yan, it immediately let down its guard.

With sleepy eyes, it opened its wolf mouth and yawned, with a face full of laziness.

Following that, the shadow wolf lowered its head and saw the hand that Liu Yan had placed on its chest.

It raised its head and looked at Liu Yan with a puzzled look, not understanding what he was doing.

“Give it to me!” Liu Yan pulled off the fur on the shadow wolfs chest.

The shadow wolf immediately wailed.

The message it conveyed seemed to be that it wanted to give the fur to the moon shadow bobcat as well, and not Liu Yan.

“Go play somewhere else.

Im busy, dont disturb me!” Liu Yan simply dismissed the shadow wolf and ignored its dissatisfaction.

Then, he went to the side and used Divine Extraction on the shadow wolfs fur.

White light enveloped the fur and they immediately withered.

A notification appeared in front of Liu Yan.

[Divine extraction of the shadow wolfs fur (A-grade) has been successful.

Obtained: Concealment (C-grade).

The skill has been successfully fused with Aura Concealment (C-grade).

Obtained: Traceless Silence (B-grade)]

Seeing this, Liu Yans face lit up with joy.

As expected, he had obtained a new skill that had even fused with his other skill and thus produced a skill of a higher grade.

He hurriedly checked the newly acquired skill.

[Traceless Silence]

[Grade: B]

[Effect: Upon usage, ones aura and voice will be completely hidden.

Through a special rhythmic method, the heartbeats and sound of blood will fuse with the surrounding environment and completely disappear!]

Seeing the effect of the new skill, Liu Yan was delighted.

If Traceless Silence and Shadow Cloak, the skill that he had just obtained, were used together, he would be able to completely hide his body from sight, hearing, and aura.

With this, it would undoubtedly be extremely convenient for him to do anything like killing, stealing, or running!

Liu Yan had also noticed that the skill that he had just extracted was from the shadow wolf as stated clearly in the prompt.

Did this mean that after the shadow wolf transformed back into the ice and fire two-headed wolfs form, he would be able to extract another skill from it

The shadow wolf was only a beast with A-grade potential, while the ice and fire two-headed wolf had S-grade potential.

Although there was only a difference of one grade, it was like the difference between heaven and earth.

If he could use Divine Extraction on the fur of the ice and fire two-headed wolf that had gene fragments, he would definitely be able to increase his strength by a large margin again!

Thinking of this, Liu Yan immediately prepared to take action.

In any case, he had enough chances to use his Divine Extraction.

There were still close to seventy times left.

However, when he raised his head, he saw the shadow wolf walking over on its initiative.

At this moment, the shadow wolfs expression was somewhat unfriendly.

Liu Yan took a look and immediately came to his senses.

The shadow wolf would at most be a little displeased that he had removed the fur on its chest, but it had probably discovered that the love token given to it by its precious moon shadow bobcat, the flawless silver-white fur, had disappeared.

It was immediately angry and was ready to seek revenge on Liu Yan.

Liu Yan looked at the fierce-looking shadow wolf and rubbed his head helplessly.

It was really strange to have his pet seel revenge on him.


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