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When Liu Yan and the others returned to the moon shadow bobcats den, they saw a silver figure curled up inside, resting.

It was the moon shadow bobcat.

After they went closer, the moon shadow bobcat still slept soundly, showing no signs of waking up at all.

“Why is the moon shadow bobcat still sleeping so soundly If its discovered by the other Awakened, wont it be dead for sure” Chu Long asked, somewhat puzzled.

Hearing this, Liu Yan looked at the shadow wolf beside him with a strange expression.

The shadow wolf immediately raised its head with a proud look on its face.

It seemed to be saying that it had been very strong last night, which was why the moon shadow bobcat was so tired.

When Murong Xue saw this, she felt quite awkward.

Seeing that both of them were ignoring her, Chu Long was puzzled and asked again, “Why arent you two talking”

“Ahem, children shouldnt inquire about adults matters,” Liu Yan said with a smile.

Then, he put down his backpack and started preparing the ingredients for lunch.

Seeing that Liu Yan was unwilling to talk, Chu Long went to Murong Xues side and asked about the reason again.

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Murong Xues expression became even more embarrassed.

Every time this topic was mentioned, she would think of what happened with Liu Yan last night.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt that she had suffered a loss.

She decided that she had to find an opportunity to settle the score with Liu Yan.

She could not stand Chu Longs persistent questioning, so Murong Xue simply said helplessly, “Alright, alright.

Just rest or cultivate now.

Dont ask anymore!”

Seeing this, Chu Long finally gave up.

She suppressed the doubts in her heart and did not ask any more questions.

The moon shadow bobcats nest was very small.

After it had entered, it almost filled up the nest.

As such, Liu Yan and the others naturally could not enter the nest to rest.

Fortunately, the range of the moon shadow bobcats aura was relatively large.

The three then set up a tent outside the cave.

It would be relatively safe as long as they took turns to keep watch at night.

As for the shadow wolf, it went to the entrance of the moon shadow bobcats nest to lie down and rest, as if it wanted to be closer to the moon shadow bobcat.

Seeing this, Liu Yan did not keep the shadow wolf and allowed it to live happily for the next few days.

In any case, there would probably not be much fighting these few days, so there was no need for the shadow wolf.

After the three of them had lunch, they went back to their own training.

Murong Xue practiced her physical skills on the open ground, while Chu Long familiarized herself with her talent, Holy Healing.

Although the level and strength of talent were determined during the awakening, one could improve it after that through owns mastery of the talent and hard work.

Other than familiarizing oneself with ones own talent to increase ones combat strength in battle, there was also a chance to discover the hidden effects of the talent in the process, which could greatly increase ones strength.

It was even rumored that a small number of people, through hard work and some fortuitous encounters, had achieved the evolution of their talents and even increased the ranks of the talents, causing their power to undergo an earth-shaking change.

Therefore, other than the talent itself, the Awakeneds hard work was also extremely important on the path to becoming a full-fledged Awakened.

Other than cultivating and killing fierce beasts to raise ones level, one could also familiarize oneself with ones talent, thus strengthening and excavating the strength of the talent.

Seeing that Murong Xue and Chu Long were busy with their own training, Liu Yan started fiddling with the golden fruit.

He had already eaten two and had completely absorbed them, but other than an increase in level, he did not experience any other changes.

Although till now, he did not know what this golden fruit was, since it could help the moon shadow bobcat evolve to be an S-grade beast, it was definitely no ordinary item.

It was impossible for it to just increase ones level.

Liu Yan felt that it was probably because he hadnt eaten enough golden fruits that there were no significant changes, so he tried to eat two more.

After that, he hurriedly sat down to cultivate and absorb the two golden fruits.

A cool feeling spread throughout his entire body, making him feel extremely comfortable.

He could even feel that his body was undergoing some changes.

After a long time, he had finally completely absorbed the two golden fruits.

He opened his eyes and looked at the changes in his body.

As expected, there were no changes to his attributes.

Liu Yan looked at his pile of skills again, but he found that it was exactly the same as before.

There were no changes at all.

Something was not right.

He had clearly felt that there were changes and a big change at that.

Liu Yan felt quite puzzled.

Then, out of the corner of his eye, he noticed that there seemed to be some changes to his SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction.

He quickly checked.

[Divine Extraction (Tier 2)]

[Grade: SSS]

[Effects: Successfully upgraded.

Extraction range: 30 meters! The number of extractable items has increased.

Anything with a gene fragment may be extracted.

The extraction of impurities can increase the strength of the equipment.

The extraction of fierce beasts will allow the user to obtain resources to level up.

Please explore the rest of the specific effects yourself!]

Liu Yan was surprised.

He had not expected that the four golden fruits would upgrade his greatest reliance, the SSS-grade talent Divine Extraction.

From the introduction, other than two major changes, the rest remained.

The first was the range of Divine Extraction.

Previously, it could only cover a radius of two to three meters.

As such, every time he wanted to use it on the corpses of fierce beasts or the Awakened, he had to get close to the target before he could do so, which was sometimes dangerous.

Now, it was different.

The range of Divine Extraction had increased to a radius of thirty meters, which meant the range had suddenly increased by dozens of times, making it much more convenient for Liu Yan.

In the future, he would no longer need to go near the corpses when he used Divine Extraction.

It would be more convenient and safer.

Other than that, the range of the items that Divine Extraction could work on had also increased.

Previously, the corpses of the Awakened or fierce beasts had to be complete to obtain a better effect.

Liu Yan had tried using Divine Extraction on the broken limbs before.

However, other than obtaining a small number of attribute points, he hadnt obtained anything else.

It was simply a waste of the number of times he could use his talent.

But now, it was much simpler.

Anything with a gene fragment could be extracted!

Liu Yan immediately wanted to try the effect of the upgraded Divine Extraction.

Lowering his head, he saw the moon shadow bobcats hair in the shadow wolfs arms.

According to the shadow wolf, the hair was a token of love given to it by the moon shadow bobcat.

It was no ordinary hair on the moon shadow bobcats body, but the most precious feather on its chest.

Liu Yan pondered.

Since the hair was so special, it must contain the moon shadow bobcats gene fragment.

As such, he should be able to obtain something good from it after using Divine Extraction on it, right

He then quickly approached the shadow wolf carefully, not making any sounds.

Due to it being the first time that the shadow wolf had experienced those things last night, it was quite tired.

With Liu Yan by its side, it felt much safer too, so the shadow wolf hadnt been on guard and had already fallen asleep.

Even though it had fallen asleep, the shadow wolf was still hugging the moon shadow bobcats love hair.

Liu Yan approached it and carefully picked up the moon shadow bobcats hair before leaving.


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