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Liu Yan buried the corpses of three Awakened and the fierce beast.

At the same time, he looked at the two newly acquired fusion skills.

[Power of Desolation]

[Grade: B]

[Passive Effect: Constantly activates the potential in the users body, slowly but continuously increasing the users strength! (Upgradable)]

[Active Effect: After activating the skill, by expending a certain amount of blood qi, the users potential will be greatly stimulated, increasing the users strength by 10 times! (upgradable)]

[Shadow Steps]

[Grade: A]

[Effect: Upon usage, the users speed will increase by 30 times making the user as fast as a ghost!]

After reading through the effects of the two fusion skills, Liu Yan was shocked.

How were these B-grade and A-grade skills They were clearly S-grade skills.

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Recalling the fusion skill he had obtained previously, Liu Yan had a rough guess.

Skills that were obtained through fusion of the skills he got from using Divine Extraction were more powerful than the skills at the same grade.

For example, the two fusion skills that Liu Yan obtained this time.

Although one was a B-grade skill and the other was an A-grade skill, in reality, their effects were almost the same as an S-grade skill, both incomparably powerful.

Having guessed this, Liu Yans face was instantly filled with pleasant surprise, once again feeling the might of the SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction.

As expected of the talent with the highest SSS grade.

To think its effects were so powerful, and its potential was so unimaginable.

Those who could enter level three of the Tower were all Awakened and fierce beasts that had a higher level, which in turn allowed Liu Yan to quickly increase his strength through Divine Extraction.

The rest of the Awakened would find it harder for them to improve the higher their levels were, but for Liu Yan, the higher the level, the easier it was to increase his strength.

It was just insane.

He then quickly checked his terrifying attributes through his smart wristband.

[Liu Yan]

[Level: 6 (134/3000)]

[Class: Hunter (first transition)]

[HP: 1,500/1,500]

[MP: 1,010/1,030]

[Strength (attack): 1,328]

[Vitality (defense): 1,246]

[Agility (speed): 1,278]

[Spirit (mana): 789]

[Adaptability (magic resistance): 450]

[Luck (probability): 43]

[Bow: Myriad Beast Bow]

[Trap: None]


[Familiar: Ice and fire two-headed wolf[

[Allocatable Attribute Points: 0]

[Talent: Divine Extraction (SSS), usage times limit: 77/80 (recovers once every hour)]

[Skills: Omniscient Insight (A-grade), Fog (B-grade), Ultimate Aim (B-grade), Poison Control (B-grade), Aura Concealment (C-grade), Poison Immunity (D-grade), Animal Affinity (B-grade), Flame Control (A-grade), Frost Control (A-grade), Wind Control (C-grade), Blazing Tyrant Fist (S-grade), Emptyhanded (D-grade), Split (A-grade), Track (A-grade), Electrification (A-grade), Power of Desolation (B-grade), Shadow Steps (A-grade)]

After looking at his attributes panel, Liu Yan was extremely satisfied.

After obtaining Power of Desolation and Shadow Steps, his close combat ability had received an abrupt improvement.

He no longer had any shortcomings, and was now an all-rounded warrior!

Currently, he was very well-rounded in terms of long-range attacks, close combat, strength, agility, elemental skills, and control.

When he had just entered level three of the Tower, he had only reached level 4 and was about to level up to level 5.

After eating two golden fruits, his level instantly rose to level 6.

However, what puzzled Liu Yan was that other than the increase in level, the two golden fruits did not seem to bring him any other changes.

Although advancing two levels was a huge enough harvest, he had a feeling that the golden fruits were far more than that.

Since he couldnt figure it out, he could only think about it later.

Liu Yan packed up his things and left with the ice and fire two-headed wolf, heading to the front to meet up with Murong Xue and Chu Long.

After the three of them met up, they discussed the next step of their plan.

According to what they knew so far, the Awakened had suffered heavy casualties last night.

Beside the yin lake, many fierce beasts would appear at night.

The Awakened had no time to retreat and could only hide on the spot.

However, after the appearance of the ghost-face jellyfish, they couldnt even continue to hide.

Only a small number of people like Liu Yan and the other two had managed to escape.

It could be said that at least 80% of the Awakened beside yin lake had died.

At the same time, although the Awakened in the other regions had encountered fierce beasts last night as well, they hadnt met that many of them, so the Awakened in the other regions had still been able to resist.

Other than those who were either weaker or unlucky that were wiped out, most of the Awakened in the yin region survived.

As such, there were still quite a few Awakened in the yin region.

During the day, there werent many fierce beasts to hunt for the yin cards, so internal conflict between the Awakened occurred often.

After all, an Awakened team would only have a small chance of obtaining yin cards if they worked together to kill a powerful fierce beast.

To kill another Awakened team, on the other hand, was different.

They would definitely obtain yin cards or yang cards, even three at a time.

Comparing both options, it was apparent that killing other Awakened teams was more beneficial.

Even if they obtained a duplicate yin card that couldnt help them pass level three of the Tower and enter level four, the more yin cards they obtained, the more powerful their class transition class could be.

As such, the Awakened naturally fought to collect more yin cards.

Therefore, in the yin region during the day, many of the Awakened focused their energy on dealing with the other Awakened team.

Liu Yan analyzed the current situation and said, “Our partys strength is relatively strong.

As such, our success rate in defeating the other Awakened teams is naturally higher.

However, its also easy for us to be targeted because of our strength.

The other Awakened teams might cooperate to deal with us.

Putting that aside, there is no need for us to take the initiative to hunt down too many Awakened teams.

We should just let those Awakened teams hunt each other, and their numbers will also decrease when faced with fierce beasts.

After a few days, we can come out then and harvest.

When that time comes, not only will it be safer, but we can also reap greater benefits.”

Murong Xue and Chu Long listened to Liu Yans analysis and immediately felt that it was very reasonable.

Chu Longs face was full of agreement as she said, “Then we should hide well for the next few days and recuperate.

Well come out in a few days and just harvest.

Well make a huge profit in one go.”

However, Murong Xue said with some disdain, “Were so powerful, its fine if we dont hide.

Well just kill them all.”

Hearing this, Liu Yan laughed and teased, “Then why didnt you kill them all last night”

Murong Xue was suddenly a little defeated.

She curled her lips helplessly and said, “Isnt that because there were too many fierce beasts If there werent so many fierce beasts, I wouldve been able to deal with them if they came one by one.”

“Well isnt that it Its the same principle.

If we were to attack now, we would be easily targeted.

Theres no need for that at all,” Liu Yan laughed.

Murong Xue thought carefully for a moment and felt that it made some sense.

She had always been a martial arts genius since she was young.

As such, she had always chosen to fight and had never really thought about these things.

After the discussion was settled, the three went to collect some food, then returned to the moon shadow bobcats nest.

The moon shadow bobcats nest was undoubtedly the most suitable place for them to rest and recuperate for the next few days.

This was because the bobcats powerful aura made the other fierce beasts fearful of coming close, which made the place extremely safe at night.

Even if some Awakened would occasionally come, with the strength of the three, they could easily deal with them.

It was undoubtedly extremely safe.


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