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Liu Yan finished eating the two golden fruits and absorbed them through cultivation.

Before he could feel the enhancement brought by the two golden fruits, he heard the sounds of fighting from above.

He immediately stopped cultivating, stood up, and came to the top of the cliff.

As soon as he came to the top of the cliff, he heard the cry of the Awakened who had escaped.

Liu Yan frowned slightly.

Even though he wasnt afraid of the “Boss” since his strength was evident, it was better to leave things as they were now and kill the other party first.

According to the words of the other party, they were all from prison and were all in the same group.

If they were to take revenge, there would naturally be some trouble.

Liu Yan took out the Myriad Beast Bow from his interspatial ring and nocked the arrow.

He activated his A-grade skill Electrification and A-grade skill Track, then attached them to the arrow.

The arrow flew, and with the electricity attached to it due to Electrification, its speed was extremely fast.

Liu Yans arrow was made from the hair of fierce beasts, to begin with, so its speed was much faster than ordinary arrows.

But now, with Electrification, its speed was suddenly increased by a huge margin, and its speed doubled.

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Before having the time to react, the Awakened that was running away was directly hit.

The arrow pierced his throat, and the electricity attached was released, instantly killing him!

Seeing this, Liu Yan was a little surprised.

This was the first time he tried to use Electrification and Track as an attempt to test their effects.

He did not expect Electrification to be so powerful.

Not only did it give his arrow a huge boost in speed, but its subsequent power was even more terrifying, causing the arrows lethality to increase by a large margin.

Due to the speed, the opponent could not even react or escape in time.

As a result, Liu Yan Track hadnt been useful this time.

It seemed that he could only find another opportunity to test out the effects of Track and Split.

Like Electrification, these two skills were both A-grade skills as well, so he believed that their effects should not be bad.

When Chu Long saw Liu Yan come up, she was immediately pleasantly surprised, “Liu Yan, have you finished absorbing the fruits Just now, three Awakened came to find trouble with us, but big sister Murong Xue and I cooperated very well.

There was no problem at all!”

“Really Thats pretty good.

Looks like your teamwork has improved,” Liu Yan said happily.

Murong Xue looked at Liu Yan deeply.

If she was not mistaken, Liu Yan had attacked the lightning element to his arrow just now.

She did not expect him to have so many types of elemental power.

For a moment, Murong Xue became even more curious about Liu Yans talent.

Ever since she entered the world of the Tower, Murong Xue had always been extremely confident about the S-grade talent that she had awakened, Berserk Stance.

It was, after all, an S-grade talent.

Although she had occasionally encountered other Awakened with an S-grade talent, most of them were not as powerful as Berserk Stance.

Berserk Stance was a monstrous physical skill.

At the same time, it was compatible with Murong Xues martial arts training since she was young, allowing her to display even more powerful battle prowess.

All along, Murong Xue had always felt that her talent was the strongest.

However, after meeting Liu Yan, she gradually began to doubt herself.

She did not think too much about these things though.

In any case, the true strength of Berserk Stance had yet to be discovered.

Currently, she had only grasped the third layer of the Tyrant Body.

There was still a lot of room for her to grow.

At this moment, when she noticed Liu Yan looking over, Murong Xue also nodded slightly and said, “Thats right.

Chu Longs talent is quite compatible with mine.

Our combat power is quite good when paired together.”

Liu Yan nodded slightly.

He hadnt paid much attention to this aspect.

After all, he was incomparably powerful and was relatively all-rounded.

Currently, he did not have any shortcomings.

As such, he didnt think much of the matters regarding forming a team and cooperating.

What he cared more about was increasing his own strength.

“Whats with the fierce beasts corpse and the three Awakened” Liu Yan looked at the three Awakened corpses and asked again.

“Well, just now…” Chu Long roughly told Liu Yan about the situation just now.

In fact, Liu Yan had guessed most of it.

After listening to the recap, he said, “Alright, you guys pack up and prepare to leave.

Ill come over after burying these corpses.”

Chu Long and Murong Xue didnt think much of it and left to pack up their things.

Meanwhile, Liu Yan went down the cliff and picked the remaining four golden fruits.

He had only eaten two just now.

Although he still didnt know what exactly these golden fruits were and what effects they had, just the two golden fruits that he had eaten just now had greatly increased his strength.

He had a feeling that these golden fruits were of great use to him.

Eating a few more might bring him more benefits.

After putting away the remaining four golden fruits, he returned to the top of the cliff.

where Murong Xue and Chu Long were already waiting for him.

Liu Yan walked to the corpses and used Divine Extraction.

With that, green lights enveloped the bodies of the red-green brown lion and the three Awakened.

Then, notifications appeared one after another in front of Liu Yan.

[Divine Extraction of the red-green brown lions corpse (level 18, C-grade potential) has been successful.

Obtained: Strength 213, Agility 167, Adaptability 108, Beasts Strength (D-grade)!]


[Divine Extraction of the Awakeneds corpse has been successful.

Obtained: Strength Amplification (C-grade)!]

[Divine Extraction of the Awakeneds corpse has been successful.

Obtained: Berserk (C-grade)!]

[Divine Extraction of the Awakeneds corpse has been successful.

Obtained: Speed Amplification (B-grade)!]

[Congratulations: Strength Enhancement (D-grade), Strength Amplification (C-grade), and Berserk (C-grade) have been successfully fused into Power of Desolation (B-grade)!]

[Congratulations: Swiftsteps (B-grade), Helter-skelter (D-grade), and Speed Amplification (B-grade) have been successfully fused into Shadow Steps (A-grade)!]

As the notification appeared, Liu Yan immediately felt a warm current pass through his body.

With that, his body had become much stronger and lighter.

The rewards in terms of skills were somewhat beyond his expectations.

The level of skill obtained from the red-green brown lion was not high, but those obtained from the three Awakened corpses were not bad.

Two were C-grade, and one was B-grade, all quite high levels.

However, when Liu Yan thought about it, he found that this was quite normal.

After all, those who could enter level 3 of the Tower were outstanding individuals.

Those with low-grade talents would not be able to enter at all.

Occasionally, some would e able to enter because they were lucky and had a fortuitous encounter, or because their levels were relatively high.

The three Awakened appeared to be very weak in front of Liu Yans team who consisted of three insanely strong Awakened, but compared to the other Awakened ones, they were not weak at all.

What made Liu Yan even more surprised was that skill fusion had been successfully triggered, producing a B-grade skill and an A-grade skill!

Furthermore, one was in terms of strength and the other was in terms of speed.

Both were areas that Liu Yan needed to strengthen.

In terms of long-range and elemental attacks, Liu Yans skills were already very comprehensive and powerful.

However, in terms of close combat and speed, he was slightly lacking.

Feeling pleasantly surprised, Liu Yan quickly checked the effects of the two newly fused skills.


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