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At the bottom of the cliff, Liu Yan took a whiff of the fragrant fruit and ate it in one bite.

It was juicy and sweet, tasting extremely unique and delicious.

Not long after, Liu Yan felt a burning sensation in his lower abdomen.

He had never cultivated before because he had an SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction, which allowed him to level up without any obstacles.

However, he knew that the other Awakened all diligently cultivated when they were not facing the fierce beasts.

Liu Yan picked the golden fruits one by one and ate them, then quietly meditated while seriously cultivating.

At the same time, on the cliff, Murong Xue and Chu Long were waiting while staying on guard.

Chu Long couldnt help but be curious.

She glanced at Murong Xue and asked in a low voice, “Big sister Murong Xue, what happened between you and Liu Yan last night”

Murong Xue who had almost forgotten about the matter and was waiting relaxedly immediately had a change of expression when she heard this question.

She had always been carefree but was now blushing a little as she hurriedly said, “Nothing happened.

Dont listen to that fellows nonsense!”

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Seeing this, Chu Long tactfully did not ask any more questions.

However, Murong Xues flushed face made Chu Long even more curious.

She could not help but have some guesses and suddenly felt an inexplicable loss.

At this moment, there was a commotion.

A fierce beast that looked like a lion walked over.

It was much larger than a normal lion, with denser fur that was somewhat greenish.

Seeing that a fierce beast had arrived, Chu Long and Murong Xue immediately became serious and prepared to fight.

At the same time, they checked the fierce beasts information through their smart wristband.

[Red-green Brown Lion]

[Talent: C-grade]

[Level: 18]

This was the yin region where most fierce beasts traveled at night.

During the day, there were fewer fierce beasts, but the strength of those that could travel in the day was generally stronger.

Although the talent of the red-green brown lion before them was relatively average, its level was quite high.

On level three of the tower where most of the fierce beasts were at level 10, this red-green brown lion had reached level 18.

However, Murong Xue and Chu Long were not weak either.

If they worked together to deal with the level 18 red-green brown lion, it was nothing to them.

Murong Xue and Chu Long looked at each other and were ready to fight.

The fragrance was extremely strong, so it must have spread across a wide area.

Since it could attract the red-green brown lion, it would definitely attract some other fierce beasts or even the Awakened.

They had to finish off the red-green brown lion as soon as possible to better deal with the fierce beasts and Awakened that came after.

Otherwise, if the fierce beasts were allowed to gather and fight in groups, they would be in danger.

“Ill go and take care of it.

You provide assistance to me according to the situation,” As Murong Xue spoke, she activated the first layer of the Tyrant Body and charged forward.

Although the red-green brown lion only had a C-grade talent, it had already reached level 18.

Its strength was already extremely powerful.

In addition, it was a strength-type fierce beast that specialized in physical strength, so Murong Xue didnt dare to be careless.

After charging forward, Murong Xue launched an attack.

She fiercely punched at the red-green brown lions lower jaw.

She didnt expect that the red-green brown lion didnt retreat but advanced instead.

It charged over and clashed head-on with Murong Xue.

After a round, Murong Xue suffered a loss and sustained some light injuries.

Seeing this, Chu Long panicked.

In the previous battles, Chu Long either had a heap of Awakened or the powerful figure of Liu Yan standing in front of her.

This was the first time that Murong Xue was the only one in front of her, so Chu Long couldnt help but feel nervous.

Seeing that Chu Long was rooted and dumbfounded to the spot, at a loss for what to do, Murong Xue hurriedly shouted, “Chu Long, hurry up and heal me so that I can continue the battle!”

Only then did Chu Long come back to her senses.

She hurriedly used her S-grade talent, Holy Healing, on Murong Xue.

A milky white light descended, and Murong Xues injuries instantly healed.

Murong Xue could not help but feel a little surprised.

She had long known that Chu Longs talent was an S-grade healing-type talent, but she had not expected that the effects would be so good.

With just casual healing, her injuries had completely healed.

She even felt that her body was even more powerful.

As expected of an S-grade talent.

Even if it was a healing-type talent, it was still very powerful.

From the clash, Murong Xue had a clear understanding of the red-green brown lions combat strength.

It was slightly stronger than when she activated the first layer of the Tyrant Body, but not by much.

Although she had suffered some minor injuries in while clashing head-on with the lion, she had also caused some damage to the beast.

Meanwhile, she had Chu Long behind her.

With the latters S-grade healing-type talent, Holy Healing, she had nothing to be afraid of.

Murong Xue charged forward once again and started fighting with the red-green brown lion.

Relying on the first layer of the Tyrant Body, Murong Xue and the red-green brown lion fought back and forth.

However, with Chu Longs help, Murong Xue gradually gained the upper hand.

Under the repeated healing of the Holy Healing, Murong Xue maintained her best fighting strength.

Not long after, the red-green brown lion could not hold on and fell under Murong Xues fist.

After the battle, Murong Xue was a little tired, but not injured.

Although she did not care much about these things in the past, Murong Xue now realized the benefits of having a heater on the team.

In the past, although she could also fight against the red-green brown lion and have won, she would definitely suffer some injuries, which would affect the later battles.

“Not bad, Chu Long.

I didnt expect your healing ability to be so strong,” Murong Xue praised with a smile, somewhat surprised.

“Youre the one whos the main combat force in the fight.

I can only provide some support to you,” Chu Long smiled.

The S-grade Holy Healing had a very strong supporting ability, but weak combat ability that was lost to zero.

Only the staff sword that Liu Yan had given Chu Long had allowed her to have some combat ability, mainly to protect herself in an emergency.

Murong Xue was extremely satisfied at this moment.

Previously, she had asked to join Liu Yas team mainly because she saw how powerful he was.

On one hand, he could be a reliable teammate since she didnt really think much of the other Awakened.

On the other hand, she wanted to follow Liu Yan and find an opportunity to surpass and defeat him, so that she could avenge her past humiliation.

Regarding Chu Long, Murong Xue only felt that she was quite adorable and more comfortable to get along with.

She didnt have any expectations for the girl when it came to fighting.

However, this battle allowed Murong Xue to personally experience Chu Longs strength.

In particular, Murong Xues combat style made her a tank-type warrior.

To be coupled with a powerful healer like Chu Long would be the perfect match.

Murong Xue stood in front.

In any case, her physical body was strong enough to withstand the fierce beasts and Awakened.

With Chu Longs support, she could continue to fight while maintaining her fighting strength.

If Liu Yan was here, with his powerful long-range attacks, the three of them would be extremely powerful.

Murong Xue and Chu Long had just rested for a while when they heard some movements in the distance.

Three men with ugly faces appeared before the two.

An Awakened team had arrived this time.


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