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Liu Yan was a little surprised to see Murong Xue so nonchalant.

The lady really didnt see him as an outsider.

Since Murong Xue didnt think much of it, Liu Yan naturally didnt either, so he followed her in.

Chu Long gritted her teeth.

She was thinking that she and Liu Yan were childhood playmates, after all, so he wasnt an outsider.

With that, she followed him in as well.

Because Murong Xue was the first to enter, and Liu Yan followed behind, after the three of them entered the cave, Liu Yan was in the middle while the two women lay on both sides of Liu Yan.

In the narrow cave, it was difficult to move or even turn over, let alone change positions.

The three of them could only squeeze together in the narrow cave to barely fit.

The two girls were tightly pressed against Liu Yans body.

Liu Yan immediately felt his arms being pressed against by softness, and he was a little surprised.

He knew very well about Murong Xues size.

After all, he had seen “everything” before.

She had been a body cultivator since she was young, and her figure was very good, to begin with.

Her chest size was extremely exaggerated.

What made Liu Yan surprised was that although Chu Long looked like the little girl next door who had not yet grown up, her chest size was not small either…

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As if she noticed Liu Yans expression, Chu Longs face immediately flushed as she said, “What are you thinking about Dont think about it!”

“Yes, yes,” Liu Yan answered perfunctorily.

He glanced at Murong Xue who was beside him and noticed that her eyes were already closed, about to fall asleep.

This woman was really calm!

Seeing that Murong Xue did not care about this at all, Liu Yan, a man, would not be at a disadvantage anyway, so he was even more indifferent.

He said to Chu Long indifferently, “Alright, its getting late.

Hurry up and go to sleep.”

At this moment, Chu Long was a little worried, “Are you sure that the fierce beasts in the surroundings wont come over Also, will the moon shadow bobcat come back If a fierce beast comes, it will be very dangerous for us to be stuck in this cave.”

Liu Yan only smiled relaxedly as he said, “Dont worry.

This cave is filled with the moon shadow bobcats aura.

The moon shadow bobcat is much stronger than the other fierce beasts, and its bloodline is much nobler too.

Those fierce beasts wont dare to come over at all.

As for whether the moon shadow bobcat will return, you dont have to worry about it.

It will be very busy tonight.”

Saying up to this point, Liu Yans lips curled up into a strange smile.

Just now, he had sensed the thoughts that the ice and fire two-headed wolf had conveyed to him.

The general meaning was to tell Liu Yan that it would befighting three hundred rounds with the moon shadow bobcat tonight and would not be returning.


Seeing the strange smile on Liu Yans lips, Chu Long immediately thought of what Liu Yans fierce beast was doing with the moon shadow bobcat and she blushed.

“Alright, you should go to sleep now,” Liu Yan comforted her again, “Well take turns to keep watch.

If a fierce beast comes, well just leave in advance.

There wont be any danger.

Ill keep watch first.

Then Ill wake Murong Xue to keep watch.

Finally, youll keep watch.”

When Chu Long heard this, she was finally relieved.

She nodded and agreed.

Then, she buried her little face into Liu Yans shoulder nervously and carefully fell asleep.

It seemed that due to her nervousness just now, her nerves had been taut.

Now that she had finally relaxed, it did not take long for Chu Long to fall asleep.

The faint sound of breathing could be heard, and Chu Long had already fallen into a deep sleep.

Liu Yan glanced at Chu Long, and a fragrant smell assailed his nostrils.

Looking at her beautiful face, he could not help but feel the urge to do something.

Suppressing the impulse in his heart, Liu Yan hurriedly checked the three powerful A-grade skills that he had just obtained.


[Grade: A]

[Effect: The attacks may be split into five.

The power of the attack will be 100% retained after splitting!]


[Grade: A]

[Effect: The attacks will have a tracking effect.

Current tracking time: 1 minute!]


[Grade: A]

[Effect: The user will be able to gather and materialize the surrounding lightning elements and unleash powerful lightning attacks!]

Seeing the introduction of the three A-grade skills, Liu Yan was instantly filled with joy.

As expected of the A-grade skills, they were just powerful.

Although the introductions of the three skills were very simple, they were undoubtedly extremely powerful.

Firstly, the skill Split.

It allowed him to split an attack, and 100% of the attacks power would be retained after the split.

With this, Liu Yans originally single-target attack methods could attack five targets at once, without a reduction in power at all.

When used on his bow, he could shoot five arrows at once with the same power.

It was a rare and powerful AOE skill.

Even when facing a single target, it was also handy.

After all, the split attack could also attack a single target!

As such, the skill Split had increased Liu Yans attacking abilities by five times in an instant.

Coupled with Liu Yans already incomparably powerful offensive abilities, the amplification effect brought about by Split would make him simply terrifying!

Now that he had Split, if he were to meet a ghost-face jellyfish king again, he felt that he could use it to finish off the beast with two to three shots at his full strength.

After all, with the usage of Split, his two to three arrows would be equivalent to more than a dozen arrows!

This was only considering the current power of Split, which might grow in the future.

Looking at the introduction, it was even possible that the split attack would receive additional bonuses in the future, which would make them even stronger!

The second skill, Track.

The bonus effect the skill added to attacks was not that terrifying, but it was an extremely powerful supporting skill, which could help Liu Yans attacks hit the target.

After all, no matter how powerful the attacks were, they still had to hit the target to be effective.

All skills could be enhanced with Track, including his arrows.

Currently, one minute of tracking time was enough for him to hit almost all targets.

This meant that in the future, Liu Yans attacks would have a near-perfect hit rate, and it was almost impossible for his opponents to dodge.

If he used Track with Split, his attacks would undoubtedly be extremely terrifying.

First, he could split his attack into many, which would all be incomparably powerful.

Then, he could use Track to ensure that the attacks hit the target.

It would be a complete and terrifying set of attack methods!

As for the final A-grade skill, Electrification, it was an attribute-type skill, particularly the lightning attribute.

Liu Yan already had the fire attribute skill Flame Control, the frost attribute skill Frost Control, and the wind attribute skill Wind Control.


With the newly acquired Electrification, he was now able to control four attributes at once, making his attack methods extremely diverse!

If he combined the four attribute-type attacks to a certain extent, they would be able to unleash terrifying power.

As for these four attribute-type skills, other than Wind Control being a C-grade skill, the other three were all A-grade skills, all extremely powerful.

Liu Yan believed that Electrification would definitely be incomparably powerful, but the specifics could only be found out later after he tested it out.

Without a doubt, these three newly obtained A-grade skills had given Liu Yan a huge increase in strength, even doubling his current combat strength.

After looking through the three newly obtained skills, Liu Yan was incomparably satisfied.

He withdrew his mind and suddenly felt a strange sensation in the lower part of his body.

He turned his head to look, only to see that Murong Xues hand had reached to grab him out of nowhere.


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