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Inside the Tower, Liu Yan relied on Spirit Vision to travel through the forest alone.

At present, he was already quite strong.

Let alone level one beasts, he could probably even easily deal with level two beasts.


However, he did lack combat experience and had only fought once so far.

Therefore, he was still somewhat cautious to choose a beast that he was confident in killing as a target.

While he was searching for beasts, a few notifications appeared on his smart wristband.

[An Awakened has died in battle, located 300 meters southwest of you!]


[An Awakened has died in battle, located 300 meters southwest of you!]

Several notifications sounded consecutively.

It turned out that many Awakened had died in one go, and all of them were in the same location.

At the same time, screams and sounds of escape could be heard from the southwest.

It seemed that they had encountered a group of beasts or a powerful beast.

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Liu Yan naturally wouldnt miss out on such an opportunity, so he hurriedly went over.

It didnt take long for him to arrive at the scene of the incident.

There were traces of a battle, and the remaining Awakened had long fled.

What was left on the spot were several beasts, all in the shape of pythons.

They were as thick as a person and looked extremely terrifying.

Liu Yan hurriedly used his smart wristband to check the beasts information.

[Green Python]

[Level: 1]

[HP: 200/300]

[MP: 100/300]


[Strength: 32]

[Vitality: 35]

[Agility: 26]

[Spirit: 18]

[Adaptability: 29]

[Talent: None]

[Skills: Constrict, Poison]

These beasts were all level 1 green pythons.

There were a total of five of them.


Among them, three had been seriously injured, and from the looks of it, they seemed to have eaten their fill.

Although the green pythons were very big, to begin with, to have eaten a whole person, it was apparent that they had had too much to eat as they seemed to have slower movements.

As such, their combat power had definitely dropped.

Five level one beasts with an overall combat power that had dropped by quite a bit.

Liu Yan assessed his own strength.

The chances of winning were great, but there was also a certain amount of risk.

However, he was very tempted.

The key was that if he won, he would get a rich harvest.

Moreover, seeing how these five green pythons were unwilling to leave, it seemed that they were protecting something here.

Before entering the Tower, the instructors had said that many beasts in the Tower would be protecting something.

If one could defeat those beasts, one would then be able to obtain the precious resources.

The den of green pythons before him seemed to be in line with this.

Faced with such a huge temptation, Liu Yan decided to take a risk.

Even if he was truly no match for them, he could only use Rapid Step to escape anyway.

These green pythons were either too full or injured, and simply wouldnt be able to catch up to him at all.


Having made his decision, Liu Yan no longer hesitated.

He gripped the dagger in his hand tightly and slowly approached them.

Two green pythons had already eaten their fill and were resting with their eyes closed.

The remaining three green pythons had suffered serious injuries and were also resting.

Liu Yan decided to start with the weak ones.

He would first target the injured green pythons and finish off the three injured ones as soon as possible.

This way, he would be able to face the remaining two green pythons with all his strength and reduce the risk of being besieged.

As he got closer, although Liu Yan had not made any sound, the green pythons were cold-blooded animals, after all, and they were very sensitive to heat.

At this moment, they had already extended their tongues and looked in Liu Yans direction.


Seeing that he had been exposed, Liu Yan did not hide anymore.

With the activation of [Rapid Step], Liu Yans speed doubled, and his body became much lighter, allowing him to be extremely agile.

Holding his dagger, Liu Yan instantly appeared in front of the nearest green python that was injured.

With the activation of [Strength Enhancement], Liu Yans strength instantly increased by three times.

He then used all the strength in his body and stabbed down at the weak point of the green python.

After all, he did have the common sense that the weakest point of a snake was a point seven inches from its head.


Under Liu Yans full-strength attack, the dagger accurately pierced through the pythons weakest point, and along with it, his wrist also went into the body of the green python.

With a twist, he pulled his wrist out.

With that, the green python before him that had its tongue out and was about to attack directly fell to the ground.


In the first instant of the battle, he had settled one green python!

At this moment, two green pythons that were around him also charged over.

This time, Liu Yan did not choose to face them head-on.

Instead, he relied on the speed of Rapid Step to charge over and dodge the attacks of the two green pythons.

Then, he came to the side of a lone green python not far away and similarly launched an attack.

Following this, another green python was killed with a single strike.

Liu Yans confidence immediately soared, and he continued to fight.


A few minutes later, Liu Yan was breathing heavily while resting, his entire body covered in the green pythons blood.

As for the five green pythons, they had all fallen.

He had defeated five beasts alone!

[Congratulations on winning the battle.

Obtained 15 EXP!]


[Congratulations on winning the battle.

Obtained 18 EXP!]

[Congratulations on winning the battle.

Obtained 16 EXP!]

[Congratulations on your level increase.

You have reached level 2.

You have gained 8 attribute points that are free to be allocated!]


Hearing the notification, Liu Yan was extremely surprised.

To think he had leveled up all of a sudden.

For him to have leveled up on the first day he had entered the Tower, his improvement speed was truly terrifying.

However, Liu Yan knew that he was tired after having just experienced a great battle, thus, he shouldnt stay here for long.

Green pythons were ultimately like snakes.

As such, they were very vengeful.

If other green pythons were to discover the situation here, they would definitely come to take revenge on Liu Yan.

Liu Yan hurriedly went to the green pythons corpses and began using Divine Extraction.

[Divine Extraction of green pythons corpse has been successful.

Obtained: strength 3, stamina 2, agility 3!]


[Divine Extraction of green pythons corpse has been successful.

Obtained: strength 3, stamina 2, agility 3!]


What surprised Liu Yan was that he had clearly only been left with one chance to use Divine Extraction just now.

It had only been an hour, and he should only e able to use it twice at most.


But now, he could directly use it five times.


Liu Yan couldnt care less about that at the time being.

He should just quickly cast Divine Extraction for now and study the reason later.

There were two green pythons with bulging stomachs.

It was obvious that they had eaten the corpses of the Awakened.

Liu Yan covered his nose and endured the strong smell of blood as he used his dagger to cut open the bellies of the two green pythons.

He found the corpses of the two Awakened and used his Divine Extraction.

[Divine Extraction of the Awakened corpse has been successful.

Obtained: agility 0.1, E-grade skill “Extreme Speed”!]

[Divine Extraction of the Awakened corpse has been successful.

Obtained: agility 0.1, E-grade skill “Fast Step”!]

[Congratulations, skills “Rapid Step”, “Extreme Speed”, and “Fast Step” have been successfully merged.

Obtained: D-grade skill “Ghoststeps”!]


Seeing the notification before his eyes, Liu Yan was extremely surprised.

He did not expect that the skills he had obtained from extraction could be merged into skills of a higher grade.

As expected of the legendary highest SSS-grade heaven-defying talent.

To think it had such a wonderful use!


Liu Yan was extremely happy, but he didnt have the time to carefully study it, because thanks to Spirit Vision, he could already sense that a few beasts were rushing over from a direction.

It was very likely that the other green pythons had smelled the scent of blood were rushing over.


Liu Yan hurriedly held his dagger as he headed in the direction behind the green pythons corpses.

Before the battle, Liu Yan had already noticed that the five green pythons seemed to be protecting the patch of flowers as if there was something precious behind them.

Pushing aside the messy flowers, Liu Yans eyes lit up when he saw what greeted him.

It was actually a purple herb that looked very extraordinary.

Liu Yan hurriedly used his smart wristband to check its information.

[Detoxifying Purple Herb]

[Grade: E]

[Effect: If directly applied to the wound, it can quickly heal the wound.

If ingested, it can detoxify most poisons.

If refined using a specific method then ingested, it can improve a certain attribute.]


Liu Yan did not even think about it before he raised his dagger, quickly dug out the detoxifying purple herb, and put it into his backpack.

With a full harvest, Liu Yan left in the opposite direction according to what he had sensed with Spirit Vision.


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