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Liu Yan came before the corpse of the ghost-face jellyfish king.

At this moment, the ghost-face jellyfish kings clones had all fused back into one, and it was lying dead on the ground, the corpses huge and terrifying ghost-face looking incomparably ferocious.

When Liu Yan saw the ghost-faced jellyfish kings body though, he did not feel the slightest fear.

Instead, he felt joy.

This was a fierce beast with S-grade potential that had already reached level 15.

It was at a level higher than any fierce beast that he had encountered before.

The higher the level of the fierce beast, the more and the better the items he could obtain from its body.

What would the level 15 ghost-faced jellyfish kings corpse bring him

Out of curiosity, Liu Yan hurriedly used Divine Extraction on the ghost-faced jellyfish king.

With that, green light enveloped the ghost-faced jellyfish kings body, and a notification appeared before Liu Yans eyes.

[The Divine Extraction of the ghost-faced jellyfish kings corpse (potential S-level, level 15) has been successful.

Obtained: Agility 58, Spirit 72, Adaptability 61, Split (A-grade), Track (A-grade) , Electrification (A-grade)!]

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As the notification sounded, Liu Yan felt a numbness pass through his body.

Then, his body underwent a significant change.

His originally light body became even much lighter, a feeling brought by the increase in Agility.

Other than that, his mind was much clearer, which should be the change brought by the increase in Spirit.

Looking at the high attribute points, Liu Yan could not help but feel satisfied.

As expected of the ghost-face jellyfish king.

To think it gave him so many attribute points after he used Divine Extraction on it.

If it were an ordinary Awakened, no matter how good their talent was, they wouldnt have been able to increase their attributes by so much without training hard for a few months.

They would have to go through countless hours of hard training and countless battles to obtain these attribute points.

In contrast, Liu Yan could obtain a large number of attribute points in the blink of an eye just by using Divine Extraction on the ghost-face jellyfish kings body.

The power of his SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction, was gradually being displayed.

The further he progressed, the more terrifying this talent would be.

After all, there was a limit to how much an ordinary Awakened could advance.

They had to break through the limit to advance.

As for Liu Yan, thanks to his SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction, he had no limits at all.

As long as he had enough corpses of both the Awakened and the fierce beasts, he would be able to increase his strength rapidly!

To Liu Yans surprise, the Divine Extraction this time had not only brought him a large number of attribute points, but three skills in one go as well.

All three skills were even powerful A-grade skills.

This was simply an unprecedented great harvest!

Just as he was about to see how powerful these three A-grade skills were, Murong Xue walked over with a face full of anger.

“I had only started fighting.

Why did the battle end just like that” Murong Xue questioned.

Hearing this, Liu Yan looked at Murong Xue with a speechless expression.

The other Awakened would die to have someone else make a move in their stead to take care of the fierce beasts.

Murong Xue, on the other hand, was unhappy that if someone else helped her get rid of the fierce beasts, she wouldnt have any opponents.

“I dont have time to argue with you.

There are a large number of little ghost-face jellyfish rushing over.

Once they discover us, the large number of fierce beasts in the surroundings will too.

When that happens, we will be in danger,” Liu Yan said calmly.

Through his A-grade perception-type skill Omniscient Insight, Liu Yan could sense that quite several little ghost-face jellyfish were already rushing over to the perimeter of Fog.

A few little ghost-face jellyfish that were relatively closer were just outside the perimeter of Fog.

If it werent for the fog blocking their vision, they would have already shone a light on Liu Yan and the others.

The little ghost-face jellyfish werent strong at all, so the three didnt think much of them at all.

However, if they were caught by those jellyfish and had lights shone on them, it would attract a large number of fierce beasts, which would put them in danger.

Murong Xue was about to continue arguing when she heard Liu Yans words, making her instantly nervous.

Even though she was belligerent, she was still aware of the situation.

If she were faced with a large number of fierce beasts like they had seen just now, no matter how brave she was, she would not dare to fight them.

After all, it was difficult to fight a hundred fierce beasts with only two fists!

Chu Long, who was not far away, came forward and said in a low voice, “Lets quickly leave this place.”

“Follow me,” Liu Yan nodded slightly and left with the two girls.

The two girls vision was affected by the Fog.

They could not see the situation outside and could not even tell directions.

Liu Yan, on the other hand, was the opposite.

In the Fog, his perception was even stronger.

He relied on the concealment effect of the Fog and brought the two girls up the mountainside, far away from the little ghost-face jellyfish.

After the three left, the Fog dispersed, revealing the situation there.

On the empty land, there was only the body of the ghost-faced jellyfish king.

Seeing this, the Awakened that were not far away were instantly shocked!

They had seen where the ghost-faced jellyfish king had been just now and had been extremely fearful.

Just a little ghost-face jellyfish was already extremely troublesome for them.

If they fought the jellyfish, it would easily cause a commotion and attract the fierce beasts.

If they didnt, the jellyfish would emit a light that would illuminate their location, attracting a large number of fierce beasts in the surrounding area.

Once they were discovered by the many fierce beasts around, no matter how strong they were, they wouldnt be a match for the fierce beasts.

The Awakened were all bewildered and shocked.

Just a moment ago, a wave of inexplicable fog had appeared and blocked their vision.

By the time the fog disappeared, the ghost-faced jellyfish king was already dead

In such a short time, just how did those people manage to kill the ghost-faced jellyfish king so quickly without making a commotion

The Awakened were all puzzled, but could not go forward to investigate.

The many small ghost-face jellyfish in the surroundings were enough to keep them busy.

On the other side, Liu Yan and the other two left the vicinity of the yin lake and came to the mountainside.

Following the aura, they finally found the moon shadow bobcats den.

It was a cave in the middle of a rock in the air.

The three climbed into it.

Inside the cave, there were some hairs that had fallen from the moon shadow bobcat, and the aura of the beast was also spread all over the place.

The aura of such a strong fierce beast made the surrounding fierce beasts not dare to come close.

They kept a distance from the den.

This cave was undoubtedly extremely safe.

However, there was also a problem.

The cave was just too small.

It was just a cave in the middle of a rock, after all.

Looking at its size, it didnt even look like it was big enough for the moon shadow bobcat to live in.

No one knew how it had curled up inside.

The total area was only the size of a bed, which was really quite small.

“What should we do This cave is so small.

Are all three of us going to sleep here” Chu Long looked at Liu Yan with a slightly red face and asked.

Liu Yan looked at the place and nodded helplessly, “It seems that this is the only way.”

Murong Xue did not seem to care at all.

She walked straight in and said without a care, “What are the two of you waiting for Weve been busy all day and were already tired.

Its already so late.

Hurry up and sleep!”

As she said that, she directly laid down inside and prepared to sleep.


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