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Beside yin lake, Liu Yan and the other two were serious as they waited to face the ghost-face jellyfish king.

Fortunately, there were fewer little ghost-face jellyfish and other fierce beasts around.

As long as they killed the ghost-face jellyfish king and left quickly, they should be relatively safe and wouldnt be besieged by the other fierce beasts.

The hiding Awakened in the near surroundings were also paying attention to the scene.

Seeing Liu Yan and the other two being locked on by the ghost-face jellyfish king, the Awakened were extremely surprised.

They immediately felt that the small team was dead for sure.

However, they did not dare to make a sound, afraid of attracting the attention of the ghost-face jellyfish and the surrounding fierce beasts.

On the other side, Liu Yan took the initiative to activate his B-grade skill, Fog.

With that, a thick fog immediately rose in the surroundings, engulfing the three as well as the ghost-face jellyfish king.

Instantly, a debuff was added to the ghost-face jellyfish king due to the fog, and it instantly slowed down, becoming extremely slow.

The skill Fog had many debuff effects, such as delay, poison, and others.

At the same time, Fog could also obscure the opponents line of sight.

Not only could it affect the movements of the ghost-face jellyfish and the ghost-face jellyfish king, but it could also obscure the battle, preventing other fierce beasts from noticing.

Under the night sky, combined with the skill of Fog, their presence was extremely difficult to discover.

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When Chu Long and Murong Xue saw the skill Fog and noticed that the opposing ghost-face jellyfish had been greatly affected by the fog, they were instantly shocked.

They never thought that Liu Yan had such a powerful field control skill!

By now, Liu Yan had already taken out his Myriad Beast Bow and nocked the arrow.

At the same time, he activated the A-rank skill, Frost Control, and covered the bow and arrow with frost elements.

In reality, the damage of Flame Control, which would cover the arrow with fire elements might be more powerful, but unfortunately, the fire elements were too dazzling.

At this moment, there were a large number of fierce beasts not far away.

Liu Yan did not dare to attract their attention.

He shot out a few arrows consecutively.

The small number of ghost-face jellyfish were all instantly killed.

The remaining few arrows flew towards the ghost-face jellyfish king and struck it head-on.

Instantly, the ghost-face jellyfish kings entire body was covered with frost elements.

With that, the ghost-face jellyfish king that was already suffering a delay debuff due to Fog slowed down even more.

However, it was the ghost-face jellyfish king after all.

The few arrows that were covered with frost elements did not cause much damage to it.

Seeing this, Murong Xue was a little speechless.

They had originally agreed that she would be the tank to hold off the ghost-face jellyfish king.

But now, with the combination of Fog and the frost elements, the ghost-face jellyfish kings movements were extremely slow, causing it to not even have gotten close to them.

Having already activated the second layer of the Tyrant Body in preparation for the battle, Murong Xue simply waited leisurely.

The ghost-face jellyfish king was still a few meters away from her.

On the other side, Liu Yan was not in a hurry.

He activated his skill, Strength Enhancement, and his physical strength instantly received a threefold increase.

With that, his already exaggerated strength attribute instantly rose to the max.

He once again drew his bow, drawing it into a full moon shape.

Following that, he activated Frost Control to cover the arrows with the frost element, then activated his B-grade skill, Poison Control, to cover the arrows with poison as well.

Consecutive arrows!

With that, he shot multiple arrows out consecutively, all hitting the ghost-face jellyfish king.

Each arrow hit almost the same spot on the jellyfish.

The first two arrows might not have caused much damage, but after consecutive shots, the arrows that followed easily pierced through the wounds made by the arrows in front, causing quite a bit of damage.

The frost element and poison element spread.

After a few arrows, the ghost-face jellyfish king was heavily injured.

Following that, the ghost-face jellyfish kings body flashed with lightning before it shot out a few bolts of lightning that accurately headed towards Liu Yan and the other two.

Seeing this, Liu Yan was very surprised.

The ghost-face jellyfish king was a three-attribute fierce beast, and one of the three attributes was the lightning attribute.

Liu Yan had long guessed that it could use lightning attribute skills.

That being said, the ghost-face jellyfish king was in the midst of his Fog at this moment.

Logically, it should not be able to see its targets clearly, yet it could still aim accurately.

It seemed that the Fog hadnt affected it too much.

However, this was not the time to think about it.

Liu Yan activated his B-grade skill, Swiftsteps, and his speed instantly received a terrifying increase.

In just a few steps, he easily dodged the lightning.

At the same time, the huge ghost-face jellyfish king split into three.

Immediately after, lightning flashed again, and three lightning bolts respectively headed towards the three once more.

The attacks were still incomparably accurate as if they had a tracking effect.

Liu Yans agility attribute was extremely high, to begin with.

Using Swiftsteps, his speed had increased by several times, so his speed was now extremely terrifying.

He easily dodged in a few steps, pulling Chu Long along with him to dodge as well.

As for Murong Xue, who was far away, he wasnt worried at all.

Murong Xue didnt have the slightest intention of dodging the lightning that was shooting at her.

She just took it head-on.

With the activation of the second layer of the Tyrant Body, Murong Xues physical fitness had received a terrifying increase.

The lightning bolt hit her but did not cause much damage.

Liu Yan looked at Murong Xue in surprise.

Her physical fitness was really good.

To think she was still fine even after taking the level 15 ghost-face jellyfish kings attack head-on.

However, at this moment, the ghost-face jellyfish king that was not far away once again split into nine from three.

Seeing this, Liu Yan immediately understood that they could not drag this on any longer.

If they allowed the ghost-faced jellyfish king to split again and release multiple bolts of lightning, even though he could dodge easily with his terrifying speed, Murong Xue and Chu Long would be in trouble.

Liu Yan could only help one of them at most and would have the heart but no strength to help the other.

Although Murong Xue seemed fine after receiving the first shot of lightning, she probably wouldnt be able to withstand a few more.

Liu Yan hurriedly continued to shoot arrows.

With Rapid Shot, he shot out a few more arrows that were also covered with frost and poison elements.

They hit the ghost-face jellyfish kings many clones.

Having already been severely injured by Liu Yan, after these few arrows, the ghost-face jellyfish kings injuries aggravated.

Its skill unleashing was also interrupted

“Now, destroy them!” Liu Yan shouted.

As he spoke, he shot out a few more arrows consecutively.

Murong Xue reacted immediately and rushed up to the nearest ghost-faced jellyfish king.

Under the second layer of the Tyrant Body, she threw out a few powerful punches.

With that, the ghost-faced jellyfish kings clone that had already been heavily injured was instantly taken care of.

It fell to the ground.

By the time Murong Xue looked at the rest of the ghost-faced jellyfish kings clones, they had already been dealt with by Liu Yan.

Each of Liu Yans arrows was extremely powerful.

At the same time, his speed of shooting was extremely fast, so his attack speed was much faster than Murong Xues.

The nine clones of the ghost-face jellyfish king were thus all dealt with.

With a flash of light, they condensed into the huge corpse of the ghost-faced jellyfish king that fell to the ground.

Not far away, Chu long heaved a sigh of relief.

She quickly went up to Murong Xue and used her S-grade skill, Holy Healing.

A milky-white light enveloped Murong Xue, and the minor injuries she had sustained during the battle were instantly healed.

Murong Xue looked at the corpse of the ghost-faced jellyfish king on the ground and was suddenly a little unhappy.

She hadnt participated much in the entire battle, and it had ended just like that


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