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“What fierce beast is this!” The minute Chu Long noticed the huge fierce beast that had suddenly appeared under the tree, her face was instantly filled with fear.

Although the ice and fire two-headed wolfs level was not high, its appearance and aura were incomparably fierce, and its body was also huge.

Murong Xue even rolled up her sleeves, prepared to fight.

Seeing this, Liu Yan hurriedly pulled her back and said in a low voice, “Dont be nervous.

This is the fierce beast that I subdued.

I just let it out so that it can deal with the moon shadow bobcat together with us later.”

“This is the fierce beast that you subdued” Hearing this, Murong Xue looked at Liu Yan with a face full of surprise.

As a member of the Murong Family, Murong Xue knew quite some insider information that ordinary people didnt know.

For example, subduing a fierce beast was a very good way to raise an Awakeneds fighting strength.

However, it was extremely difficult to subdue a fierce beast.

Not only did one need to be strong, but one also needed to have succeeded in class transition.

On top of that, it required luck.

It was simply unaccomplishable just by relying on ones strength.

Under normal circumstances, even if one was lucky, the Awakened would have to reach level 10 or above to have a chance to subdue a fierce beast, and that was just a slight chance.

Yet Liu Yan had already subdued a fierce beast in the first two levels

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Even if this news were to spread, no one would believe it.

If Murong Xue didnt know Liu Yans strength and she knew that he wouldnt tell such a lie, she wouldnt have believed it either.

She looked at him in surprise.

Just how much of his abilities was he hiding

Chu Long, on the other hand, was not surprised.

Back when they had been on level two, she already knew that Liu Yan had subdued a fierce beast.

It was just that she had not seen it with her own eyes at that time.


Now that she saw the ice and fire two-headed wolf, she was only slightly surprised.

To think he had subdued such a powerful fierce beast.

“In a while, well follow the moon shadow bobcat back to its nest.

Then, we will attack together.

We must finish it as soon as possible to avoid making any noise and attracting other fierce beasts!” Liu Yan whispered.

When Murong Xue and Chu Long heard this, both nodded slightly.

Liu Yan was just about to commence the plan when the ice and fire two-headed wolf headed straight towards the moon shadow bobcat.

Seeing this, Liu Yan frowned slightly.

The feelings that the ice and fire two-headed wolf had conveyed to him seemed a little strange…

At this moment, the moon shadow bobcat also noticed the ice and fire two-headed wolf.

It let out a strange cry and headed towards the ice and fire two-headed wolf as well.

Just as Liu Yan and the others thought that the ice and fire two-headed wolf was going to fight the moon shadow bobcat, the two fierce beasts got intimate with each other and stuck close to each other.

Following that, the ice and fire two-headed wolf brought the moon shadow bobcat into the quiet forest in the distance.

It seemed like they were going to do something r18.

It was only at this moment that Liu Yan finally understood the intentions that the ice and fire two-headed wolf had just conveyed to him.

No wonder it had said that this was the first time it had met the bobcat.

So that was what it meant…

The confused Chu Long had a blank look on her face at this moment.

She asked with some doubt, “Big brother Liu Yan, why is this moon shadow bobcat following your fierce beast It doesnt seem like theyre fighting.

Could it be that they know each other”

Murong Xue, who was at the side, had long understood.

Her face was slightly red as she said, “The two of them will get to know each other very soon.”

“Ahem…” Liu Yans expression was a little awkward.

He did not expect things to develop in such a direction.

However, this way, it was more convenient for them anyway.

It would be very easy for them to find the moon shadow bobcats den based on the direction that it had come from.

Right now, the moon shadow bobcat and the ice and fire two-headed wolf were busy, so they could just go over and take over the formers den for the time being.

They could have a good rest.

Following this, Liu Yan led the two women down from the tree.

They restrained their movements as they carefully walked past the moon shadow bobcat and headed towards its den.

Under the night sky, the three of them were extremely careful, not daring to make a single sound.

Not far away were many fierce beasts in the surroundings.

If they made a single sound and attracted the attention of the fierce beasts, the three of them would immediately be surrounded by many fierce beasts, and that would be extremely dangerous.

The three walked carefully along the yin lake for a while.

The fierce beasts in the surroundings gradually decreased in numbers.

However, there were still quite many ghost-face jellyfish.

Fortunately, the three of them had been very careful and did not attract the attention of the ghost-face jellyfish at all.

Although the ghost-face jellyfish werent that strong, they were largely numbered.

Especially if they were to fight, it would attract the attention of the other fierce beasts which would be even more troublesome.

As such, Liu Yan and the other two continued to move forward carefully.

However, they had only taken a few steps when a dazzling light suddenly came from the yin lake beside them.

In the lake, a ghost-face jellyfish the size of two people appeared.

Its terrifying ghost face made people shudder.

Most importantly, the ghost-face jellyfish was emitting an extremely dazzling light.

The light instantly shone on Liu Yan and the other two, and they were immediately discovered.

With that, the surrounding small jellyfish approached one after another.

Liu Yan immediately recognized it and said with a face full of fear, “This is the ghost-face jellyfish king.

Its at least level 15, and the most important thing is that this is a fierce beast that has a combination of the lightning, poison, and water attribute.

Its extremely powerful!”

Most fierce beasts and human Awakened usually only had one attribute.

The different attributes would repel each other and could not coexist.

However, as long as they could coexist, the being would be extremely powerful.

This was the case for the current Liu Yan.

He had the A-grade skill Flame Control as well as the A-grade skill Frost Control.

When he used both attributes together, the attack would be very powerful.

Now, the ghost-face jellyfish king before them was a three-attribute fierce beast that had a combination of three attributes.

Its strength was extremely terrifying.

The strength of the level 15 ghost-face jellyfish king was no weaker than an ordinary level 20 fierce beast.

At this moment, the ghost-face jellyfish king had already set its eyes on Liu Yan and the other two.

It let out a series of strange and ear-piercing cries that made their hearts turn cold.

Seeing that they were already exposed and had no way to retreat, Liu Yan and the other two could only try to cooperate and battle with it.

“Murong Xue, you go forward and hold off the ghost-face jellyfish.

I will be responsible for the arrow output with my bow, and Chu Long, you will be responsible for healing and supporting us.

Pay extra attention to helping Murong Xue and help her relieve the pressure!” Liu Yan decisively ordered.

Although this was the first time they were cooperating in a battle, he already had a battle plan in his mind.

Although his close combat ability was not weak, he was even stronger in long-range attacks that relied on his bow and arrows.

As such, it was best to let Murong Xue, who was good at close combat and had excellent physical attributes, be in front and act as a tank.

At the same time, Liu Yan himself would shoot arrows and attack from the back.

This was undoubtedly the most suitable way for them to fight.

Although Murong Xue was only level 5, she had the S-grade talent Berserk Stance, and her bodys attributes were over the roof.

With the help of Chu Longs S-rank talent Holy Healing, she should be able to hold off the level 15 ghost-face jellyfish king.

What Liu Yan needed to do was to shoot his arrows as fast as possible and defeat the ghost-face jellyfish king as soon as possible.

The longer they dragged this out, the more fierce beasts they would attract, which would be even more disadvantageous to them.

“Alright!” Murong Xue heard Liu Yans order and responded.

Then, she rushed forward without any fear.

“Tyrant Body second layer!” Murong Xue stomped on the ground, and a terrifying aura burst out from her body.

With that, her physical body received a terrifying boost.

Facing the ghost-face jellyfish king, Murong Xue didnt dare to let her guard down.

She directly activated the second layer of the Tyrant Body.


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