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Liu Yan looked at the large number of ghost-face jellyfish that were approaching from afar and analyzed calmly, “If we continue to stay here, we can temporarily rely on my arrows to kill the small number of ghost-face jellyfish that are approaching.

But there are still many behind those, and well be discovered sooner or later.

As such, if we continue to stay here, although it is temporarily safe, it is not a long-term solution.

On the other hand, if we fight head-on, it will definitely fail because there are simply too many fierce beasts around us.

Were largely outnumbered.”

“So, if we want to settle down, the best way is to find a powerful fierce beast! We will work together and kill it as fast as we can.

Then, we can seize and occupy its nest! The fierce beasts usually dont attack each other, especially those with powerful auras.

Ordinary fierce beasts would not dare to even approach them.

If we stay in the nest of a powerful fierce beast, we can rely on its remnant aura to avoid the other ordinary and weak fierce beasts that are in large numbers.

This way, we can have a good sleep at night.”

After listening to Liu Yans analysis, Murong Xue and Chu Longs eyes immediately lit up.

They knew this point as well.

The ordinary and weak fierce beasts didnt dare to approach the powerful fierce beasts at all.

As long as they found a powerful fierce beast and killed it, they would be able to safely stay in its nest and rest until dawn.

Now, the most important thing was to find a suitable fierce beast to kill.

This fierce beast had to be strong enough, so strong that other ordinary fierce beasts would not dare to approach it.

But on the other hand, the target could not be too strong either.

If the three of them could not quickly finish it off even when they worked together, they would be finished if their movements were too loud and they attracted the other fierce beasts.

“Lets split up and observe to see if theres a suitable fierce beast!” Murong Xue said decisively.

Following this, the three of them split up and looked in three different directions.

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However, in this dark night, Murong Xue and Chu Long couldnt even clearly see the normal fierce beasts, let alone find a suitable fierce beast.

They could only vaguely see the outlines of the fierce beasts, but they couldnt tell specifically what those fierce beasts were.

Liu Yan, on the other hand, possessed the A-grade perception-type skill Omniscient Insight.

With his enhanced vision, he could see everything clearly and he carefully searched for a target.

Not long after, his gaze fell on a creature that had just descended from the distant mountain range.

It looked like a Persian cat, but its body size was much larger than a normal Persian cat.

It was at least three to four times the size of a human, making it incomparably huge, just like a magnified version of a Persian cat.

Its fur looked extremely smooth and was emitting a silver color, making it look extremely noble.

Liu Yan looked at the smart wristband and quickly found the information about this fierce beast.

[Moon Shadow Bobcat]

[Level: 15]

[Potential: A-grade]

The bobcat was at level 15, and its potential was at the A-grade.

As such, its strength was already far ahead of the common level 10 fierce beasts with C-grade potential on level three of the Tower.

At this moment, the moon shadow bobcat was drinking water at the edge of yin lake after coming down from the mountain range.

Its head was lowered slightly as it slowly drank the water.

The water ripples did not touch its fur at all.

As for the large number of ghost-face jellyfish and the various fierce beasts in the surroundings, they seemed to have nothing to do with it.

As if completely out of the picture, the cat appeared to be extremely elegant.

The moon shadow bobcats silver fur reflected the faint moonlight which made it somewhat dazzling, thus attracting the attention of many Awakened.

Liu Yan called out softly to Murong Xue and Chu Long.

The two girls immediately looked over.

When they saw the moon shadow bobcat, they were stunned.

“What fierce beast is this Its so beautiful.

This is the first time Ive seen such a good-looking fierce beast!” Murong Xue said with some surprise.

“Its the moon shadow bobcat.

Its at level 15 now,” Liu Yan said.

“Level 15 So high!” Murong Xue said with some surprise.

The Awakened who were here on level three of the Tower were usually only at level 3 or 4.

Even she and Liu Yan were only at level 5, albeit relatively strong.

To think the moon shadow bobcat was at level 15 now.

It was 10 levels ahead of them!

Chu Long was also quite surprised.

At the same time, she noticed that there was a large number of ghost-face jellyfish not far away from the cat.

Those ghost-face jellyfish had been flying in all directions, yet not a single jellyfish dared to approach the moon shadow bobcat.

It was apparent that the moon shadow bobcat must be the king around the yin lake, which was why the many fierce beasts didnt dare to approach it.

“Is this the target” Murong Xue looked at Liu Yan and asked.

Although the moon shadow bobcats level wasnt low at level 15, making it higher than her by 10 levels, she didnt seem to be very afraid.

She wasnt strong enough to deal with the cat with her strength alone, but if the three of them worked together, it shouldnt be a big problem.

Liu Yan nodded slightly and was about to arrange a strategy.

He planned to have the three of them follow the moon shadow bobcat back to its nest.

Then, they would attack together and quickly finish it off.

However, at this moment, Liu Yan sensed that the ice and fire two-headed wolf seemed to be restless and very eager to come out.

“Could it be that it wanted to come out and fight together” Liu Yan thought to himself.

Usually, the ice and fire two-headed wolf was extremely obedient and acted according to his orders.

If it had its own thoughts, it usually meant that the creature in question was quite important to it.

It had been the same the previous few times.

Each time it was released, its strength had increased greatly after it had eaten the corpse of the fierce beasts it had killed.

It had also evolved continuously.

From the shadow wolf back then, it had evolved twice now and became the ice and fire two-headed wolf.

Although the ice and fire two-headed wolfs potential was already at the S-grade, which was an even higher grade than the moon shadow bobcats potential, there was still a big gap between their levels.

The former was only level 7 at the moment, and it wouldnt have been a problem for it to fight against a level 10 or even level 12 fierce beast, but it would probably be a tough fight against the level 15 moon shadow bobcat.

Liu Yan hesitated for a moment, then decided to release the wolf anyway.

They would coordinate and fight together.

In any case, if he released it, he would have one more helper.

With one more helping hand, they would be able to finish off the moon shadow bobcat faster.

With that, Liu Yan immediately summoned the ice and fire two-headed wolf.

The huge ice and fire two-headed wolf, which was as tall as two or three people, instantly appeared under the tree.

Its fur which was half flame-colored and half purplish-blue ice-colored was incomparably dazzling, making it somewhat eye-catching in the darkness.

As for its two heads that were one flame and one frost, they were incomparably intimidating.

It caused many of the surrounding fierce beasts to instinctively feel some fear and distance themselves a little.

The Awakened who saw this were even more terrified.

The situation was already extremely dangerous, and there were already so many fierce beasts around.

Now, another powerful fierce beast had suddenly appeared.

Just how could they survive

When Liu Yan saw the reactions of the surrounding fierce beasts to seeing the ice and fire two-headed wolf, he was slightly surprised.

The ice and fire two-headed wolf was only level 7 while the surrounding fierce beasts were all above level 10.

He didnt expect that these fierce beasts would be so afraid of the former.

Perhaps it was because the wolfs potential grade was far too superior, thus bringing a bloodline suppression effect.

He suddenly wondered whether there was even a need to kill a powerful fierce beast.

Perhaps the few of them could be safe and sound just by relying on the powerful bloodline aura of the ice and fire two-headed wolf.


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