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Seeing Liu Yans solemn expression, Chu Long and Murong Xue didnt dare to make a sound.

At this time, in the vast forest, the dark night had become the protection of the many Awakened.

Relying on the darkness of the night, they could avoid being discovered by the powerful and numerous fierce beasts as long as they didnt make any movements.

So long as they did not attract the attention of the fierce beasts and werent discovered, they would be relatively safe.

The second they were discovered, their ending would be extremely miserable since they would be surrounded and killed by many fierce beasts.

In the face of the powerful and numerous fierce beasts in their surroundings, no matter how powerful one was, one simply wouldnt have the slightest chance of surviving.

The entire forest was now pitch-black and incomparably quiet, but there were also many fierce beasts hidden within, which meant that there were dangers hiding everywhere.

At this moment, at the yin lake not far away, a bit of light suddenly appeared in the pitch-black darkness.

The light wasnt very bright, but it was extremely eye-catching in the pitch-black darkness.

The Awakened that were hidden all looked over in confusion.

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Liu Yan and his teammates looked over as well.

The light was too far that most of the Awakened couldnt see clearly at all.

Since Liu Yans Omniscient Insight skill included visual enhancement, he could clearly see what the light was about at a glance.

The faint light was being emitted by a bloom of jellyfish.

According to the information about the level three fierce beasts, Liu Yan recognized them.

Those were the ghost-face jellyfish.

Their levels werent very high at level two or three, and they werent quite strong either.

Any Awakened who could enter level three of the Tower could easily deal with them.

At that time, Liu Yan had been wondering why the Towers level three would have such weak fierce beasts.

Now, the ghost-faced jellyfishs appearance was somewhat similar to an ordinary jellyfish, except for its ferocious-looking ghost-face.

At this time, these ghost-face jellyfish were strangely floating in the air.

Then, they suddenly scattered like dandelions.

The faint light suddenly burst into dazzling light.

Like strengthened street lamps, every ghost-face jellyfish illuminated a large area.

Seeing this, Liu Yan immediately knew that things were bad.

These ghost-face jellyfish were not very strong, but they shone brightly as such.

With this, the Awakened who were relying on the darkness to hide in the surroundings had undoubtedly lost their protective umbrella, making their circumstances extremely dangerous.

Soon, the Awakened that was closest to the bloom of jellyfish were discovered.

The three had been crouching in the bushes where a few fierce beasts were passing by.

They hadnt been discovered and were about to leave, but under the bright light, their whereabouts were exposed and the fierce beasts immediately charged forward.

The three Awakened cried out in alarm when they saw this, and they quickly stood up to resist, barely holding off the fierce beasts attacks.

But at this moment, the large number of fierce beasts in the surroundings had come over and attacked as well.

In the face of the powerful and numerous fierce beasts, the Awakened team had no way of resisting at all.

In a short while, they were dead from the besieging of the fierce beasts.

Seeing this, the Awakened teams that had just gradually calmed down immediately became nervous.

Their situation hadnt been very good, to begin with.

There were a large number of fierce beasts in the surroundings, but they could still hide and manage to survive by relying on the darkness.

Now, the Awakened could no longer rely on the darkness to hide since the ghost-face jellyfish had arrived.

More and more specks of light were approaching from the direction of the yin lake, which meant there were an increasing number of ghost-face jellyfish heading in their direction.

From time to time, a random ghost-face jellyfish would bloom and release a dazzling light.

Some Awakened teams were lucky enough to not be shone upon by the light, and they managed to escape.

However, some Awakened teams were not so lucky and were directly hit by the light.

The second that happened, the surrounding fierce beasts would swarm forward, and not long after, there would cease to be any movement in those places.

Behind them, more ghost-face jellyfish were approaching.

Their numbers were so large that they could cover the whole area.

This also meant that the Awakened could not avoid the fierce beasts even if they continued to hide.

If they continued, they would still be discovered sooner or later.

As long as they were discovered, they simply didnt have a chance against the many fierce beasts.

The Awakened teams that were still in hiding were temporarily safe.

However, the second they were discovered, they would be surrounded by a large number of fierce beasts.

They would not even have the chance to escape.

Awakened teams were now discovered from time to time.

They would be killed by the fierce beasts, and their screams rang through the night.

Liu Yan frowned slightly.

It was definitely not a good idea to continue hiding now.

Even if they continued to hide, they would be discovered sooner or later.

When that time came, they would have to face a large number of fierce beasts.

The most Liu Yan could do was to escape unscathed.

However, it was almost impossible for him to bring Murong Xue and Chu Long away with him as well.

What was worse was that some of the floating ghost-face jellyfish were already heading in his direction.

Chu Long and Murong Xue also noticed this.

Both of them were extremely nervous.

Even Murong Xue, who was usually overconfident, had a nervous expression on her face at this moment.

She could defeat the surrounding fierce beasts one-on-one, but there were just too many of them that she would have no way to hold off against their attacks all at once.

If they were discovered, they would definitely die.

Seeing the ghost-face jellyfish approaching, Liu Yan quickly took out his bow and arrows from his interspatial ring.

Then, he shot them out one by one.

He carefully controlled his actions of shooting so that the sound was extremely soft.

Thanks to being high in the air, they didnt attract the attention of the surrounding fierce beasts.

One by one, the jellyfish were shot to death by Liu Yan.

Seeing this, Liu Yan and his teammates heaved a sigh of relief.

They had escaped a disaster.

However, this was not a long-term plan.

There were still a large number of ghost-face jellyfish that were shining brightly as ever behind.

To avoid being exposed to the jellyfishs light was a try of luck.

There was only a minimal chance that they could survive if they did so.

At this moment, the best way was to think of a way to leave.

Although there was a risk of being discovered by the fierce beasts by leaving now, it was better than waiting for the ghost-face jellyfish to come shining on their faces and thus be discovered by a large number of fierce beasts.

However, where to go after leaving was another problem.

Now, they were in the yin region where the night was full of fierce beasts.

There was no safe place at all.

Only in the yang region would there be a possibility of less fierce beasts at night, making it relatively safe.

But they were very far away from the yang region, so it was impossible for them to head there now.

“What should we do We have to leave now, but we cant be discovered by these fierce beast.

The key is that we have nowhere to go, and there is no safe place in this region,” Chu Long has also realized how troublesome the situation is.

She frowned and analyzed the situation in a low voice.

“If there simply is no other way, lets head to the yang region.

If we encounter the fierce beasts and they discover us, well just risk it all!” Murong Xue gritted her teeth and said.

Liu Yan glanced at Murong Xue in annoyance.

She was quite strong, but also a tad too reckless.

“No, if we follow your method, well die,” He flat-out refused.

“Then what do you think we should do” Murong Xue looked at Liu Yan.

Liu Yan thought for a while and an idea suddenly hit him.

His eyes lit up as he said, “Got it!”


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