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“Not good, those people are in danger!” Chu Long cried out in a low voice, her face full of worry.

Liu Yan, on the other hand, had a calm expression on his face.

He did not seem to care much and said, “Theyre the ones seeking their doom.

Seeing that theyve already reached level three, how can they not understand such a simple principle as not to light a fire and attract fierce beasts at night”

Murong Xue also nodded slightly, “The strong prey on the weak.

They are weak and yet they still act carelessly.

They only have themselves to blame for whatever happens.”

Chu Long knew these principles.

However, she had a kind heart and still couldnt bear to see the other Awakened encounter danger while she herself was powerless to do anything.

However, when she looked at the situation around her and saw that even more fierce beasts were charging in the direction of the flames, Chu Long had no choice but to compromise.

If she were to lend a hand now, not only would she not be able to help the other Awakened, but she might even put herself and her teammates in danger.

This was something that Chu Long would never do.

In the quiet forest, waves of miserable screams were soon heard.

In the direction of the flames, several of Awakened were being attacked by fierce beasts.

Among the team were some Awakened who were quite strong.

However, the fierce beasts that had rushed over were not weak either.

Moreover, there were a large number of them.

Judging from the commotion, there were dozens of fierce beasts that had rushed over the first batch, and behind them, there were even more.

The Awakened were generally only at level three or four.

How could they be a match for the fierce beasts that were at least at level 5 They were completely powerless to resist.

Soon, the miserable cries gradually quietened and the flames gradually died out.

The sounds of gnawing could be heard intermittently.

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Clearly, the Awakened had died and entered the stomachs of the fierce beasts.

Soon after, screams came from all directions.

The other Awakened teams hadnt started a fire, nor had they attracted the attention of the surrounding fierce beasts, but it was just so that the fierce beasts that had rushed over happened to find them when passing by their resting place.

With that, the groups of fierce beasts besieged the Awakened.

The Awakened fled in all directions, which in turn caused a bigger commotion and attracted more fierce beasts.

It even led to more Awakened being discovered.

For a time, screams came from all directions in the surrounding forest.

Almost without exception, the entire process from the fierce beasts being attracted to the screams, then to the Awakeneds death was very short.

In just a few minutes, the Awakened teams were wiped out one by one, dying under the siege of the fierce beasts.

The remaining Awakened teams in the surrounding could only hear the screams go on for a while before disappearing.

They were all extremely nervous, and the entire forest was filled with a tense and dangerous atmosphere.

On Liu Yans side, the three also frowned slightly.

During the day, they hadnt encountered many fierce beasts.

They had at most encountered a few.

The other Awakened teams probably needed three people to deal with one fierce beast during the day, but since Liu Yan and Murong Xue were stronger, each of them could deal with one fierce beast alone.

However, they didnt expect that the fierce beasts they had encountered during the day did not represent the true strength of the level three fierce beasts at all.

Only at night would it be truly dangerous.

Right now, there were a large number of fierce beasts in the surroundings that were constantly wandering around, looking for the Awakened.

These fierce beasts were quite strong.

These beasts were at least at level 5, and there were even some elite and even leader beasts among them that were extremely powerful.

The most troublesome thing about the beasts was their numbers.

There were simply too many of them.

There were even more of them than the beast tide on level one.

On top of that, as soon as an Awakened team was discovered, a large number of fierce beast groups would rush over and attack them until they died.

Currently, the entire forest was incomparably quiet.

However, streams of auras passed by, and the area was filled with hidden Awakened as well as large numbers of fierce beast groups.

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From time to time, some Awakened teams would be discovered.

Immediately after, there would be a burst of activity.

The fierce beasts would rush over to kill them, and then it would return to silence.

This was just like a dark forest.

As long as one was discovered, regardless of how strong one was, there were bound to be stronger and more fierce beasts.

Then, they would just be swiftly killed.

The Awakened were all extremely terrified at this moment, afraid of being discovered.

The strength and number of these fierce beasts far exceeded their expectations.

The former was simply not an existence that they could resist.

By now, the Awakened finally understood what the principal and the others meant when they said that the danger level of the Towers level three would be increased sharply.

No wonder they had said that it was extremely dangerous and insisted on having all the Awakened form teams.

Three Awakened per team was to ensure that they had the strength to resist the fierce beasts.

At the same time, they did not advocate forming a large team because even if all the Awakened gathered together, they would still not be able to resist the many fierce beasts.

Instead, if they gathered together, it would be like putting all the eggs in the same caged basket.

Once they were discovered, they would attract a large number of fierce beasts.

At that time, they would have no place to escape.

Now that only three Awakened were on each team, although many had already been discovered and killed by the fierce beasts, there were still many more that survived.

Chu Long and Murong Xue looked at each other.

At this moment, they felt extremely fortunate.

Thank God they had listened to Liu Yans words and followed him far away from the lake, and even cautiously found such a resting place.

The three of them were on top of a big tree, and their surroundings were relatively quiet.

Fierce beasts passed by one after another, but not many stayed.

Since the three of them kept quiet, they would naturally not attract the attention of the surrounding fierce beasts.

As such, they were relatively safer.

Compared to the other Awakened teams, the situation of Liu Yan and his two teammates was undoubtedly much better.

The yin region didnt seem to be very dangerous during the day.

Let alone Liu Yans powerful squad, even the other Awakened teams didnt seem to have been in much danger.

When they encountered a fierce beast that they werent able to defeat alone, they could just deal with it together.

The whole process was creatively easy

However, the yin region during the night was filled with danger.


The Awakened teams that were lucky enough to survive didnt dare to move recklessly.

They didnt dare to stop and rest.

They could only nervously stay where they were and be on guard.

There were a large number of fierce beasts around them, and no one knew where danger was lying in wait.

In the darkness, no Awakened dared to make even the slightest movement.

The second they attracted the attention of a fierce beast, they would be destined to attract a large number of fierce beasts that would surround and attack them.

No matter how strong they were, they would not be able to withstand it.

At this moment, Liu Yan was also holding his breath.

With Omniscient Insight, he was even clearer than the others about the dangers of the many fierce beasts around him.

The large tree that he had chosen could be considered relatively remote, and the number of fierce beasts that had passed by was relatively few, but according to the Omniscient Insight skill, the number of fierce beasts that had passed by under the tree in this short period had reached a figure of 30.

This also meant that there were at least several hundred fierce beasts in the surroundings.

As long as anyone made any movements, the first thing that would happen would be that there would be at least over a hundred powerful fierce beasts charging over, and there would be even more after that!

Even the powerful Liu Yan had a serious expression on his face at this moment.

Chu Long and Murong Xue were about to speak when Liu Yan covered their mouths

while wearing a solemn expression.

With that, they did not dare to even breathe loudly and were extremely nervous.


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