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Hearing Liu Yans analysis, Chu Long nodded slightly.

She did not expect him to even think of such details.

Murong Xue, who was at the side, was somewhat disapproving.

With a relaxed expression, she said, “How many fierce beasts can we attract anyway Our team is so strong.

Even if we attract fierce beasts, we can just exterminate them!”

Liu Yan glanced at her and said, “Sure, then the two of us will rest at night while you dont have to.

Youll be responsible to guard at the side and take care of the fierce beasts that are attracted.”

“Other than that…” Liu Yan pondered for a moment and said, “Im afraid that not only will we attract fierce beasts, but well also attract the human Awakened.

Things like people sneaking in to launch an attack, taking advantage of those that are resting at night, just to get the yin and yang cards should happen quite easily too…”

“Then… Forget it,” Murong Xue shook her head.

Although she was extremely confident in her strength, she also needed to rest.

Especially when she thought about how human Awakened would also be attracted, she found the whole matter even more troublesome.

The human Awakened might not be as numerous and powerful as those fierce beasts, but the former was more intelligent.

They had all kinds of underhanded methods that were hard to guard against and were simply very much more troublesome.

Following that, Liu Yan brought Murong Xue and Chu Long to the lakeside.

After finding some food, they quickly left.

On a large tree some distance away from the lake, the three of them sat down and rested.

Liu Yan had scouted this place.

It was quite far from the lake, but it wasnt particularly far.

If anything happened, they would be able to rush over.

It was also at a convenient distance for them to head to the lake after daybreak the next day.

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After all, they had only left the lakeside and were avoiding the fierce beasts just so that they could have a good nights rest.

During the day, they still needed to encounter the fierce beasts to kill them and get the yin and yang cards.

Only when they obtained enough yin and yang cards could the three of them proceed with class transition and choose a more powerful class.

Since the matter was related to their future strength and growth, they couldnt be careless.

As for the fresh food that they had found by the lake, they put them away.

When the sun rose tomorrow, they would start a fire and eat them.

At night, they would first eat the dried food that they had brought with them.


Although dry food wasnt that delicious, it was convenient and safe.

After eating, the sky gradually darkened, and night fell.

Soon, Liu Yan used Omniscient Insight and sensed the aura of fierce beasts passing by.

Most of them were heading towards the lake, but there were still some wandering around.

The number of fierce beasts at night somewhat exceeded Liu Yans expectations.

At this moment, Murong Xue and Chu Long also gradually noticed the movements in their surroundings.

Although they could not sense the presence of all the fierce beasts within a few hundred meters as Liu Yan could, they could still sense some of them.

“Why does it feel like the number of fierce beasts at night isnt any less Dont these fierce beasts rest” Chu Long asked in a low voice, somewhat puzzled.

Murong Xue also frowned slightly and said, “I walked around during the day and hadnt seemed to have seen many fierce beasts.

There werent that many.”

Liu Yan didnt say anything.

Instead, he flipped through his smart wristband and looked at the detailed information about the fierce beasts on level three.

After looking through the information about the fierce beasts one by one and combining it with the topography of the yin and yang regions of the Taiji Basin that he had drawn today, Liu Yan quickly had his speculations.

He then whispered to the two girls and analyzed, “I think I know the reason.

Do you still remember that we obtained the yin cards when we first came in We are now in the yin region of the Taiji Basin.

There will be fewer fierce beasts here during the day.

Instead, we have more fierce beasts at night.

It should be related to this.

I guess that the fierce beasts in the yin region will basically appear at night.

That is why we encountered so few fierce beasts during the day.

Otherwise, it is impossible for there to be so few fierce beasts.

Back when we were on levels one and two of the Tower, the fierce beasts that we had encountered were much more than the number we have encountered during the day today.”

“By the same logic, the fierce beasts in the yang region will most likely appear during the day and move around less at night.

If thats the case, well have to stay alert throughout the night.

It will be difficult for us to have a good rest.

This resting place is not very suitable.

Well have to find another suitable shelter.

If we stay up all night, the three of us will be sleepy and thus not be able to fight well.

If that happens, our actions tomorrow will be greatly affected.”

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After listening to Liu Yans analysis, Chu Long nodded.

She felt that it made sense, “That must be the case.

There are probably a lot of fierce beasts around us.

Since thats the case, we have to hurry and find a suitable shelter.

Otherwise, if we continue to stay like this, well be very tired and it will be very dangerous later.”

Liu Yan, who had the Omniscient Insight skill, laughed inwardly.

The numbers of fierce beasts around werent just ” a lot”, it could be said to be overwhelming.

On top of that, from the looks of it, the number of fierce beasts in the surroundings seemed to be gradually increasing.

This time, Murong Xue did not object to Liu Yans words.

Her face was full of agreement.

However, there were already quite a number of fierce beasts in the surroundings, making it inconvenient for them to leave.

They could only observe the situation for now.

None of them rested.

They focused their attention on their surroundings.

At the same time, they did not dare to make the slightest movement for fear that they would attract the fierce beasts in the surroundings.

From time to time, some fierce beast would pass by under the big tree.

At those moments, Liu Yan and the other two did not even dare to breathe loudly.

According to the information about the level three fierce beasts in Liu Yans smart wristband, the fierce beasts strength started at around level 5.

They were very powerful, and there were many high-level fierce beasts.

For example, the fire-lizard that Murong Xue had killed today was the most common level 5 fierce beast on level three of the Tower.

Although Murong Xue was very powerful, it still hadnt been easy for her to deal with the fire lizard.

Judging from the bloodstains on her body, she had probably gone through a fierce battle.

That was only a level 5 fierce beast.

On level three of the Tower, there was a large number of fierce beasts that were above level 5.

If Liu Yan and the other two were discovered and were ganged up on by the fierce beasts, let alone with Murong Xue and Chu Longs strength, even Liu Yan would find the situation very difficult to deal with.

If they were to be caught in the battle and were unable to run, it might attract even more fierce beasts, which would make the whole matter even more dangerous.

Liu Yan himself was not afraid.

After all, he had Swiftsteps and Helter-skelter, both speed-enhancing skills.

Coupled with his terrifyingly high agility attribute, he could easily escape.

However, he could do nothing to help Murong Xue and Chu Long in such a situation.

He didnt have enough power to protect them yet.

The three of them were observing their surroundings when they noticed that a few flames lit up in the near distance.

It was another Awakened team.

The Awakened team obviously did not have much experience.

When they saw that the sky had darkened, they immediately lit a fire.

When Liu Yan saw this, he immediately said in a low voice, “Shit.

How dare those people start a fire Do they not want to live”

Murong Xue and Chu Long looked up when they heard this, but at the same time, they noticed that several fierce beasts had passed by under the big tree they were in and left.

The direction of these fierce beasts departure was precisely where the flames had been lit!


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