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Liu Yan was wondering if the strange new skill was useful or not and was thinking of trying it out to understand it when Murong Xue walked over.

She cursed, “Hey, Im talking to you, why are you pretending not to hear me Hurry up and have another match with me.

See If I dont beat you to the ground! To think you didnt use your full strength.

Do you think you can beat me just because youre good at archery”

Liu Yan glanced at Murong Xue and didnt say anything.

Instead, he directly used the D-grade skill, Emptyhanded, on her to test the effect.


With that, a ray of light flashed past, and an item suddenly appeared in his hand.

Even he didnt know when he had stolen it from Murong Xue.

He touched the item and found that it felt rather strange.

He then stole a glance at it and hurriedly put it away.

At this moment, Murong Xue, who was opposite him, did not notice it at all.

Liu Yan was sweating profusely.

The thing that he had just stolen was none other than Murong Xues underwear.

It was pink and there was even a cartoon image on it.

It was very cute.

Liu Yan had never expected that his first casual attempt at using the Emptyhanded skill had ended up with him stealing Murong Xues underwear.


He looked at her with a strange look and secretly laughed in his heart.

Murong Xue looked like a goddess, but her underwear was so cute that it did not match her appearance at all.

Seeing that Liu Yan was still not saying anything, Murong Xue took another step forward.

Just as she was about to continue to pester Liu Yan to fight with her, she suddenly noticed something strange.

Her lower body seemed breezy.

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Although Murong Xue was usually carefree, she was still a girl and had yet to experience sex.

At this moment, when she felt that it was extremely breezy down there, her expression immediately became extremely strange.

She was puzzled in her heart.

When did she lose her underwear Could it be during the battle with the fire-lizard But it shouldnt be, or else why hadnt she noticed it just now

Murong Xue was wearing a short skirt, to begin with.

Without her underwear, her lower body was feeling very breezy, and she felt very uncomfortable.

Seeing Murong Xues strange behavior, Liu Yan immediately knew that she had realized that her underwear was gone.

He pretended to be unaware of it and said, “Are you sure you want to compete now I dont mind!”

Murong Xue, who had been eager to compete just a moment ago, suddenly gave up.

If they were to compete now, wouldnt her lower part be exposed with just a casual kick


Murong Xue was instantly annoyed.

She had finally managed to get Liu Yan to duel with her, but she had to give up because her underwear was suddenly gone.

It was really awkward.

She hurriedly said, “No, its alright, its getting late anyway.

Lets look for any other opportunity to compete next time.

Im going to rest.”

Murong Xue, who had lost her underwear, immediately became obedient.

She walked to a tree and sat down with her legs tightly shut, afraid that she would be exposed.

Seeing this, Liu Yan secretly laughed.

He then used the Flame Control skill to melt the ice on the two young mens bodies and searched them.

However, the result disappointed him.

Other than some food and drinks that were useless to him, there was nothing else on the two.

They did not have any yin and yang cards.

Liu Yan returned to Murong Xue and Chu Longs side and said, “Ive searched, but there are no yin and yang cards on them.

It seems that the cards should be with the boss that they had mentioned.”

Chu Long nodded slightly when she heard this, then asked in puzzlement, “What did the two of them mean when they said that we were ignorant They made it sound as if they had a use for the yin cards.

Dont they already have yin cards Why are they still snatching our yin cards”

Murong Xue, who was at the side, knew more about the inside story.

She explained, “I know about his.

Its actually quite useful for them to snatch yin cards, rather, its very useful.”

Liu Yan didnt know much about this aspect either, so he looked over at Murong Xue and listened carefully.

Noticing that Liu Yan was looking over at her, Murong Xue shut her legs even tighter, afraid that he would discover that she didnt have any underwear on.

If that happened, not only would her lower body be exposed, but she would also be extremely embarrassed.

Then, she continued to explain, “There are two main uses for them in obtaining more yin cards.

The first is naturally to exchange with the Awakened who have extra yang cards.

This way, they will be able to gather both yin and yang cards.

Other than that, there is another use, and that is to use them during the class transition.

Not only will gathering both yin and yang cards allow them to pass level three of the trial, but at the same time, they will also be able to undergo class transition.

In reality, if one only has the basic set of one yin card and one yang card, one can only choose the most basic class transitions that are relatively weak.

Its said that if one wants to choose a strong class, they would need at least three sets of yin and yang cards!”

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Hearing this, Liu Yan and Chu Long finally understood.

So there was such a thing.

In that case, the more yin cards and yang cards one obtained, the better ones class transition would be and the stronger ones strength could get.

Liu Yan analyzed their current situation.

“The three of us only have four yin cards now.

Even if we find one yang card, it will only be enough for one of us to complete the class transition.

Besides, since we can choose better classes during the class transition, we should.

Only then will we have the strength to continue to the higher levels.

We cant just think about surviving the trial on level three.

Instead, we must look further ahead.”

“Thats right,” Murong Xue nodded in agreement, “Each of us will need at least three yang cards and three yin cards.

As such, we still need to find a lot of the cards.”

Liu Yan nodded and continued, “If thats the case, we wont be the only team that thinks this way.

All the other teams that are quite strong and have ambition will also think this way.

They will want to obtain more yin and yang cards so that they can choose a stronger class during their class transition.

Therefore, in the next few days, apart from guarding against the powerful fierce beasts, we also have to guard against any Awakened team that we meet.”

Hearing this, Chu Longs face turned a little pale as she said, “I didnt expect that in level three of the Towers trial, not only would we have to be enemies with the fierce beasts, but we also have to be enemies with the human Awakened.

Its really a world where the strong prey on the weak.

If thats the case, those people who had formed the large team previously will definitely fight over the yin and yang cards later on.

Fortunately, we didnt join.”

Liu Yan nodded slightly.

Among the large team that had been formed, even if everyone in the team had no desire to become stronger, nor did they have any ambitions, it was still extremely difficult even if they only wanted to pass the trial on level three and continue living.

The reality was such that it was impossible.

There would definitely be people with ambitions.

As long as there were people with ambitions, there would be fights.

If there were fights, the fights might even attract a large number of fierce beasts.

If things went wrong, more than half of the group might die.

However, this had nothing to do with Liu Yan and the others.

They just needed to settle their own matters.

Liu Yan looked at the sky.

It was about to get dark.

He immediately brought the two women along the lake to look for some food.

As he picked up some food, Liu Yan analyzed, “We cant make a fire at night since it will attract the fierce beasts.

So, lets just eat some dry food.

Well make a fire during the day to roast these fish and shellfish and store them for food later on.”


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