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Both big brother Hai and Shouhou raised their weapons as they charged toward Liu Yan.

The two of them had no care for any morals as they planned to attack Liu Yan together with their full strength to finish him off as quickly as possible.

They were, after all, people who had come out of prison.

As such, their attacks were incomparably ruthless.

Although from what they saw, Liu Yan was quite weak and was easy to bully, they didnt plan to hold back at all.

They were prepared to kill just kill him directly.

Liu Yan looked at the two who were charging toward him and felt quite speechless.

He said coldly, “So I look like a lackey and seem easy to bully”


As he said that, Liu Yan stood fast, then raised his fist.

Following this, the A-grade skill, Blazing Tyrant Fist, was activated! Two punches were directly thrown out!

Seeing this, big brother Hai and Shouhou secretly laughed.

It was one thing for the kid to be weak, but why was he also so stupid To think he was using his bare fists to take on their blades

In an instant, Liu Yans two fists collided with their blades respectively.

They had imagined that Liu Yans fists would split apart, but the scene did not appear.

Instead, they instantly felt the terrifying power that was being transmitted through their blades.

Although Liu Yan hadnt used the Strength Enhancement skill to increase his strength, nor did he use the Flame Control skill to increase the Blazing Tyrant Fists power, just by relying on the A-grade soft blade boxing gloves, he could already take on the blades bare-handedly.

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Coupled with his terrifying strength and the Blazing Tyrant Fists powerful explosive force, the two punches he threw instantly shattered the opponents blades.

Big brother Hai and Shouhou were also pushed back by the residual force, retreating several meters.

They almost fell from the tremendous force.

The two looked at the part between their thumbs and index fingers with shock.

The part was bleeding.

With only the residual force that had been transmitted through the blades, Liu Yan had injured them!

Big brother Hai and Shouhou looked at each other, their eyes filled with shock.


Although the weapons they had just used were not anything of high grades, they were F-grade weapons, which could be considered decent.

But now, to think they had been shattered with just a single punch from this guy What kind of terrifying strength was this!

The two of them looked at their numb and bleeding hands again and were so shocked that they were at a loss for words.

“F*ck, this kid was pretending to be weak.

Hes an expert.

Lets hurry up and leave, or else well die here!” As big brother Hai spoke, he didnt hesitate at all as he got up and quickly turned around to escape.

They had just exchanged hands, but he already knew that the two of them were no match for that seemingly weak young man.

If they continued to fight, perhaps both of them would die here today.

Shouhou hurriedly followed, but he wasnt very worried.

He said proudly, “Its fine, big brother Hai.

This fellows probably only strong in the strength attribute and is a mere melee fighter.

He wont be able to catch up to us.

When we get far away enough, well go look for the Boss.

Then, well come together again and gang up on him.

So what if hes strong When that time comes, we…”

However, before he could finish his words, Liu Yan, who was not far away, had already taken out his Myriad Beast Bow from his interspatial ring.

He drew the bow and nocked the arrow, then activated the A-grade skill, Frost Control.

With that, the two arrows were instantly covered with terrifying frost elements.

The two arrows whistled out, accurately hitting big brother Hai and Shouhou.

Under the terrifying frost elements, the two were instantly frozen into an ice statue.

To prevent any bloodstains from attracting the surrounding fierce beasts and thus causing trouble, Liu Yan used Frost Control.

This way, he could just freeze the two to death without making any bloodstains.

Murong Xue, who was not far away, was completely stunned when she saw all this.

Previously, she had heard from some of the Awakened who had come out from the same Tower as Liu Yan that Liu Yan was not good at close combat and that his weakest point was close combat.

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In the beginning, Murong Xue had not taken it seriously.

After all, Liu Yan was already on par with her in close combat.

How could his weakest point be close combat

However, seeing the scene today, she was immediately shocked.

He had incomparably exquisite archery skills.

It had only taken him less than half a second to take out the bow and shoot the arrows.

The process was extremely short.

For him to be able to accurately hit both opponents with his arrows in such a short time, it was quite apparent that his archery skills were incomparably amazing.

In addition, the arrows were actually covered with a terrifying frost element.

To think he possessed the terrifying elemental power.

At this moment, Murong Xue believed in the saying that Liu Yans weakest point was his close combat and that archery was his forte.

She had thought that she had fought Liu Yan to a standstill previously when she had used her full strength.

However, she only realized at this moment that not only had Liu Yan not used his full strength, it seemed that he had even deliberately held back a lot.

He had only relied on his close combat skills and his physical body to fight against her.

Murong Xue refused to admit defeat and hurriedly came to Liu Yan.

She said aggressively, “You didnt use all of your strength when you fought with me before This cant do, today, you must use all of your strength to fight with me.

I dont believe that I cant beat you!”

Until now, she still had no inkling about the huge gap between herself and Liu Yan, and still wanted to fight him.

Liu Yan looked at Murong Xue speechlessly.

He ignored her and went to the side of the two corpses.

Then, he used his SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction.

[Divine Extraction of the Awakeneds corpse has been successful.

Obtained: Emptyhanded (D-grade)!]

[Divine Extraction of the Awakeneds corpse has been successful.

Obtained: Clairaudient (C-grade).

The skill has been automatically fused with Spirit Vision (B-grade) and Beasts Sense of Smell (D-grade).

Obtained: Omniscient Insight (A-grade)!]

Liu Yan was a little surprised.

Although the grades of the skills obtained from these two were not high, one of the skills was a perception-type skill and had fused with his other two skills.

He quickly checked the newly acquired skill.


[Grade: C]

[Description: A passive perception-type skill.

Greatly enhances ones hearing o that one can hear the surrounding sounds in detail.

Furthermore, one can distinguish the location of the sound and the shape of the object making the sound!]

[Omniscient Insight]

[Grade: A]

[Description: a powerful passive perception-type skill.

Greatly enhances the users vision, smell, and hearing.

The three senses are in sync, giving the user the ability o perceive everything in the surroundings, sense auras, and so on!]

Seeing the description, Liu Yan was extremely surprised.

Although it was only an A-grade skill after fusion, it was still a perception-type skill.

On top of that, it had fused hearing, smell, and vision in synchronization, making the skill even stronger.

In fact, it was even stronger than an S-grade skill!

Liu Yan used the skill to perceive the surroundings for a while.

He could clearly sense everything in his surroundings.

From Chu Long and Murong Xues heartbeats and the sound of their blood flowing through their veins, the sounds and shapes of the insects that were tens of meters away, the smell of flowers and blood in his surroundings, the smell of metal from the broken blades, to Murong Xues tits…


The three senses were in sync.

After the fusion, his perception had obtained an extremely terrifying improvement!

After trying it out for a while, Liu Yan felt as if he had opened the door to a new world.

It was extremely magical.

Following that, he looked at the skill that he had obtained.

Although its grade was relatively low at D-grade, it seemed strange.


[Grade: D]

[Description: When used on nearby creatures, the user may randomly steal an item from them.

Normally, it would not be discovered that the user was the one who stole the item.]


After reading the description, Liu Yan had a strange look on his face.

The skill didnt have any combat power bonus, but was instead a strange-ass skill to steal things

Although the items that would be stolen when this skill was used were random, the advantage was that its concealing abilities were high.

Though, at the moment, Liu Yan couldnt tell whether this skill was good or bad.


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